This is For YOU…

Remember what it was like in your 20’ and 30’s?

Pre4mPackages-shotsportfit5You were strong, vital,


You would have described yourself as…



An Alpha Male

You weren’t some poser who thought Alpha Male meant being too aggressive, too self-centered, too much!

You were the REAL DEAL,



YOU are an ALPHA

sportsfit10What’s changed? Not you. Sure you’re a little older. But you are like premium whiskey- the one aged to perfection, smooth and sophisticated, rugged and refined, unusually tasteful and incredibly well preserved. You get better every year.

You’re still the man you were in your 20’s and 30’s. You’re still an Alpha. But now in your 40’s and 50’s, you’re even better. You’re a class act and you’re proud of that. You’ve lived and learned. You have appreciation and understanding. You’re so much smarter. You recognize the value of taking care of yourself. You know a boost to your mental and physical health keeps you in top Alpha shape.

Alphas are smart enough to know the value of investing in themselves. They demand the greatest return on their investment but they are willing to put in the commitment and devotion to a daily workout and fitness routine. Alpha men get it. They know they may need a little help.

They get what they need from our daily custom-made dietary supplement stack.

But man to man:

You know you have to be there. Bring the commitment.

Sure there’s a few gray hairs. So what? Who are the top A-listers today?

  • George Clooney = Gray Hairs
  • Brad Pitt = Gray Hairs
  • Harrison Ford = Gray Hairs

Need I say more?

Sure, we’re not kids anymore. But we’re not washed up. We’re Alpha’s and we know we’re in our prime- the best time of our lives.

And we want it to stay that way.

sportsfit6We want to:

➔     Feel fit and healthy

➔     Have the edge you need to keep up

➔     Have tons of energy

➔     Be at your Peak

40’s are the new 30’s. You’ve been taking care of yourself all these years. You eat right. You keep fit and trim. You work on your life and make it a success.

And now you need just a little edge.

You DESERVE a little edge.

You’re an Alpha and you want it to stay that way.

sportsfitn7Powerful. Energetic. Dynamic.

You want to keep up with the 20 year olds even though they can’t hold a candle to you. You want that extra power up.

Time doesn’t have to be your enemy!

  • You CAN have that boost
  • You CAN harness the power of your years
  • You CAN use your Alpha advantage
  • You CAN turn back the clock

sportsfit5You just need that ONE secret weapon:

A consistent nutrient infusion that will bring you back to your peak. You can find your lost vim and vigor. You can bring back the look and feel of your 20’s and 30’s. You can restore that internal youth.

You need a special micro-nutrient cocktail that’s specifically designed for you with your Alpha needs.

And that’s where Sports Fit Nutrition comes in. We are totally dedicated to helping men like you maintain your physicality and even increase your overall conditioning. You WILL be able to continue doing what you love as well and even better than before.

The upcoming complete Sports Fit line is a cocktail of specially formulated products that collectively work together and ultimately lead you to become the ideal Alpha Male specimen.

This carefully crafted matrix of limited products will

  • Put you within a few pounds of your ideal weight
  • Have you looking and performing better than ever

It’s not fluff, it’s fact. It’s all customized for you, the Alpha.

Whatever the Physical Outcome you’re after…

Sports Fit is your Solution

The nutritional support you get from Sports Fit products are unlike anything offered before.


Because we’re a company that believes in providing ONLY what you need and ALL of what you need in a potent blend that will astonish you with its net results!

This is for SERIOUS men ONLY

This is for Alphas

Our limited Sports Fit supplement line will deliver ALL of the Body RE-Building material – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins enzymes, herbs, antioxidants that WILL restore your body to its youthful focus.

You WILL recapture what you’ve lost over time.

Time will run backwards

when you start taking this POWERFUL mix of products

  • You’ll start to see changes in the mirror.
  • Your clothes will fit better.
  • The scale will DELIGHT you.
  • You’ll notice the difference in the gym.
  • Your strength will increase.
  • Your skin will be clearer and virtually wrinkle free.
  • Your muscle tone will be that of a youngster.

sportsfit15How would you like to be out in public, dressed to kill and seem classy, wise, seductive, powerful, intelligent and alluring?

How would you like to have women suddenly find you even more charming?

How would you like to turn heads when you walk into a room?

How would you like people in any setting to notice there’s something special about you?

How would you like to exude confidence, strength and success?

How would you like to have that air of mystery where men admire you and women want you?

All this awaits you when you get that Sports Fit edge and get your body back to optimum levels of the health and vitality that you had 10 or 5 years ago.

sportsfitn1212You CAN do it!

You HAVE it in you!

Give your body what it NEEDS!

GIVE your body SPORTS FIT nutrition!

This is real.

People pay thousands of dollars for growth hormone or testosterone injections. Now you get the same effect at a fraction of the cost and delivered right to your door.

We know you’ll be delighted with your Sports Fit nutrition results so we offer a money back satisfaction guarantee.

Give yourself the chance to succeed!

In a world that idolizes YOUTH but needs WISDOM,

sportsfitn12311YOU can have both.


combined with the




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