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How to Get Yourself to Stick to Exercise Program

Work out your diary

Planning is a huge key to success in anything and especially in exercise where you have to maintain a certain standard for a period of time before you get the results. Have a think about what you do in the week and how your exercise sessions can fit around it. For example, do you get tempted away by after work drinks or are just too tired to train at the end of the day? Then get up early and go in the morning, or on your lunch hour if you have the opportunity.

Work out the things you like…

I always say that if you hate to run…don’t! I am a firm believer that there is an enjoyable form of exercise for everyone, whether its Kickboxing, bodypump, running, circuit training. Weigh up what you want to achieve and pick an exercise that will get you there. Bear in mind though that running lots of miles will not build you muscle mass like lifting weights will, so make that decision

…and the things you don’t

Avoid the things you don’t enjoy like the plague! There are always other alternatives. For example, if you hate the gym and prefer exercising outdoors, you can set up a very effective circuit in your local park using the environment and portable equipment such as resistance bands and agility ladders. You are much more likely to stick to it

List all your favorite excuses

Everyone makes excuses for themselves if they don’t exercise and I do mean everyone! To give yourself the best chance, make a list of the ones you are most likely to make. You know yourself so be honest with yourself (Mine are: I can’t be bothered, I’m ill and I’m too tired). Put these in one column and put another column in at the side with a solution to the excuses. So for example: In can’t be bothered: Don’t you want your body to be in shape, your technique to be sharp and to feel great? Besides, you are always glad you went. I’m ill (I’m never really ill, don’t train if you are) – train around the injury, if its in my shoulder, train the legs, if I have a cough, do less cardio etc. and I’m tired – You know that training gives you more energy, stop being lazy!

List out your goals

If you do not have goals, you have nothing to aim for and will be de-motivated and disappointed probably sooner rather than later. Goals should be SMART as in Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. So “Some day, I’ll get into shape” is not SMART because it isn’t specific enough and there is no timescales. However, “by March the 1st, I will have added 2 inches to my chest” is specific, is measurable and is timed. Whether or not it was realistic would very much depend on the individual.

Have a day off

You can’t train all day everyday, its not sustainable nor healthy, overtraining side effects can be just as bad as being overly sedentary. Choose a day in the week that you forget the rules and just chill out and eat what you want. Best thing about this is that you can move the day if you have a social occasion coming up where you may not be able to control what you eat/drink

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