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Great Ab Workouts for Women

These are great ab workouts that perfectly suits women aging 18 years old and above. These exercises will help developing the abdominal part of the body with the use of bands or an exercise ball.

•  Wood Chops – Tie a stretchable band onto a pole or something hard and immovable object and wrap the other end around the hands. Hold the band with both hands with the body reaching towards the place where the band is attached. Slowly rotate the arms to the left without bending the elbow. Return to the starting position and rotate to the other side. Repeat this exercise up to 12 times.

•  Ball Traps – This is one of the great ab workouts that must be done while sitting on a huge exercise ball. Sit up straight, contract the abs and place the hands behind the head. Place one foot over the medicine ball on the floor and then lower the foot and place the other one. Maintain the balance by the contraction of abs.

•  Hip Extension – Lie on the floor. Place the heels of the feet over the ball. Lay the hands flat on both sides. Keep the abs tight and slowly lift the hips off the floor until the body is straight. Hold to the position up to 5 seconds and lower back the hips. Repeat up to 12 times.

•  Arm Sweep – Sit on a flat surface with bended knees. Stretch the arms in front of the body. Lean back until the abs is contracting without straining the back or hunching. Rotate the arms in a circular motion. Sit back up and then move the arms to the other side. Repeat these ab workouts for 12 times.

•  Side Plank – Lie on the side, lifting the body with one arm, palm down. Lower the hips to the floor for a few seconds while holding up the torso steadily. Lift back the hip again. Repeat this up to 12 times then do it on the other side.

•  Reverse Crunch – Lie down on the floor with arms on both sides. Cross the feet together while the knees are bended to 90%. Curl the hips with contracted abs until the legs are positioned into reaching the ceiling. Repeat this up to 16 times.

•  Crunches – Lie on the floor with bended knees. Insert the medicine ball between the knees. Hold the ball with squeezed thighs. Place the hands at the back of the head. Slowly lift the shoulder blades and the hips off the floor. Lower back again and repeat.

Things to remember:

•  These suggested exercises are effective when done 3 times a week, non-consecutively.
•  Do 1-3 sets for each exercises with 12-16 repetitions each.
•  Make sure that the exercises are done properly to avoid straining the muscles and overdoing the exercises.
•  Exercises that aren’t properly done will have a poor result or may lead to extreme body pain.
•  Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated.
•  Lastly, as advised by any physical instructors, before performing any kind of these ab workouts, it is important consult the physician first to know the limits of the body.

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Ab Workouts: The Fundamentals

There may be various reasons that can help in motivating you to perform certain ab workouts. Some of these are (1) addressing your abdominal concerns such as apparent muscle weakness; (2) decreasing the instances of having mechanical low back pain; and (3) improving the appearance of your abdominal region. Whatever your reasons may be, there are various types of abdominal workouts that you may try. It is rather noteworthy to try all of the forms of the abdominal exercises if you can to see an enhanced effect.

One of the most common exercises that you can try out is the sit ups. In order to perform this exercise correctly, you should start the exercise by having a good starting position. For this exercise, it is advisable for you to assume the hook lying position. This is because the hook lying position will aid in keeping your entire body stable while doing the exercise. Aside from your trunk, your feet also serve as bases of support for your entire body. Increased stability of your entire body will lead to a more targeted exercise when you perform each repetition.

To perform the typical sit up, you should cross your arms over your chest. This allows your body to have an alteration in the amount of torque that it has. As a result, you will find it relatively easier and more efficient to use your trunk muscles to lift your back off the support surface. You can observe this with each repetition of your ab workouts. Aside from that, you will have less chance of stressing out your back and neck muscles.

Another important thing to remember while performing the sit ups is to keep looking at the ceiling while doing each repetition. This will help in reducing the degree of unnecessary strain that you place on your neck muscles. If you have done the correct movement for your sit ups, you will feel the tension of the each repetition working out your abdominal region.

You do not need to lift your entire trunk all the way, contrary to the popular belief on performing sit ups. Instead, make your shoulder blades your reference points. If you can feel that both of your shoulder blades are not touching the support surface anymore, then you have exerted enough effort in lifting off your trunk from the mat.

A variation of the typical sit up exercise is the diagonal crunches. As the name implies, you are required to twist your trunk while performing each repetition. This is done while performing the lifting maneuver of your trunk.

It is helpful if you can provide a firm surface where you may rest your entire body while doing these exercises. A rubber exercise mat is highly recommended. The texture of the support surface where you will be resting will be highly helpful in keeping you stable. Chances are, if your mat or other resting surface is not stable, you will continuously slip along the floor. This will lead to an ineffective performance of the sit up repetitions. In essence, your ab workouts will simply go to waste.

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Tricep Workouts Using Dumbells


Tricep Workouts Using Dumbells
Triceps Workouts working with Dumbbells is most likely the most effective exercise that assists develop and strengthen ones triceps. The triceps include some necessary parts which are a long head which originates on the scapula, a lateral head originating at the back of the arm (humerus) plus the short head which originates on the humerus, quite lower than the lateral head. The triceps are responsible for extending the elbow.
If you’re working your biceps, you shouldn’t neglect the opposite side of your arm which is the triceps. Your triceps work hard the whole day long. Whatever requires pushing, you’re going to be using your triceps so,
the stronger they can be, the much easier these pushing workouts will be.
Your triceps muscles are pretty modest, it is important that you take into account that you will not be capable to use as much weight that you can for your chest muscles or your back. Most of these exercise routines perform an important part in strength training programs. They’re useful in increasing a variety of aspects of strength such as maximal strength, explosive power, endurance and muscle mass. They trigger your less massive stabilizing group of muscles. This type of work out equipment match well around your body assisting you to execute this kind of routines the right way. If you need to re-shape your body you need to have a scientifically verified training strategy. Probabilities are you do not have that currently. With that, you won’t achive the outcome that you really desired.
Many athletes and those that love to exercise have a preference for these kinds of exercises because they are able to replicate sports- specific movements accurately than machines do. These don’t separate muscles, and “cheating” can be extremely tempting. Cheating is a method which involves using body movements that assist you accomplish a workout easier. One best example of cheating can be to sway your upper body onward and back while carrying out biceps curl. Even though the earlier exercise will likely be simpler to perform that way, you are merely lying to your self. As a consequence of these you will not have the ability to exercise your targeted muscle group so you won’t achieve the specified outcome you are focusing on. Triceps Workouts using dumbbells, you can create a healthy physique and body.
Benefits of Tricep Workouts
There are many of benefits that you can get from triceps workouts. Primary, they make you more powerful. While you carry out tricep workouts, it needs you to conduct many actions for instance extending your arms, or pushing an item away from your body. With these activities, your triceps will probably be strengthened and tend to become flexible assisting you to execute with force and speed. These kinds of exercises also allow you to train along with the most natural movement patterns, work through a wider selection of movement rather than resistance machines, build extremely unique sports fitness programs, and enhance your cardiovascular fitness as well as your strength. Tricep workouts, particularly using weight loads are able to develop your minor muscles on the upper arms, thus boost your metabolism. In case you have more muscles, you should have fewer fats. If you use weights on your day-to-day tricep workouts, your arms might be toned up and tensed making them seem slimmer. You should do these workouts to balance out your arm.
Many people that do workouts work their biceps and lose focus on about to workout their triceps. These exercises allow complicit muscles to grow in strength together while stopping muscle groups from growing individually and away from sync. In case you have a nicely developed triceps, you are able to different exercises far better. Tricep workouts will enhance your triceps which helps for some other sports activities that needs you to work with your arms.
Different Kinds of Dumbbells Exercises:
You will find different types regarding tricep workouts using dumbbells.
First, we’ve got Chest Exercises which includes Flat Chest Presses, Incline Chest Presses, Flat Chest Flies, and Incline Chest Flies. Shoulder Exercises which are Seated Shoulder Presses, Lateral, Raises Reverse Flies and Front Raises.
Various other tricep workouts using this instrument are Back Workouts:
Under this are Dead Lifts, Single Arm Row and Lying Bent over Rows. Trapezius Exercises namely, Upright Rows and Shrug. Aside fromto take caution when performing exercise that requires using equipment. That is to prevent the potential risks of injury. Furthermore, always preserve a decent posture throughout the exercise that you do. Within these workouts, our body is not set in place unlike the exercises that uses machines like the ones we usually see on gyms.
Allow me to give you a easy tip when performing these workouts. First, always maintain good posture. Second, never use “cheating” simply because regardless of how easy your exercise would be, these will never provide you with good results. And lastly, have your training plan. If you have this, you’re going to get your desire result at the end of your tricep workouts using dumbbells.
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Hello, my name is Rodny Mil and I’m an expert when it comes to fitness.

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Summer Workouts: Exercise & Heat


The summer is barreling down upon us and we’re going to have to be smart if we want to avoid being scorched to a cinder as we seek our exercise fix. Where before we could simply head out for a late morning jog with impunity, now we have to worry about rising temperatures and the dangers that come with hours spent in the rays of the sun. From skin cancer to sun stroke, strenuous activity becomes a concern when the heat rises, and for that reason you have to be strategic about your summer moves. In today’s article we’re going to take a look at the different ways you can still find a way to exercise while avoiding the worst of the brunt of summer.

A great way to start your summer activities and avoid becoming burnt is to simply begin your exercises earlier in the day. Where before you might have gone for long runs around ten in the morning, you can now opt for eight or earlier. This will help you avoid the worst of the heat, and the rising humidity that often accompanies the rays of the sun. However, this might prove difficult for some if their exercise routines are longer than an hour; if you plan to run for a couple of hours say in training for a marathon, then you need to either be sure that you are hydrating properly as the day gets warmer or get up even earlier to avoid the worst of the heat.

Another simple and effective way to deal with the heat of summer is to do what millions do as a matter of course, and take your exercise inside. Countless gyms exist across this great land offering every kind of physical activity for you to partake in, from treadmills to zumba classes, and this can allow you to exercise as much as you desire without facing the dangers of UV rays.

If however you have no choice but to exercise outside during the heated hours, then be sure to protect yourself adequately. This can range from using SPF sunblock of at least 45, to long sleeved shirts and track pants with adequate UV protection sewn into them. Be sure to use sunglasses to protect your eyes, and to hydrate adequately and often as you will sweat tremendously in the summer sun. If you take these precautions, be prepared for a good but tough work out!


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Learn 3 Unique Ab Workouts

Though you cannot spot reduce when losing weight, you can work on toning certain areas after your overall body workouts. Among the most popular exercises are ab workouts, in which the abdominals get a workout in the hopes of getting something resembling a six-pack on the stomach. If this is your goal, you should consider some of the most effective ab workouts.

One of the most popular exercises is the bicycle, which you start by lying on the floor with the legs bent at the knees, and hands behind the head. Contracting your abs, bring your left knee up to your chest while pulling up your head slightly upward so that your right elbow touches the left knee. Your shoulder blades should be lifting just up off the floor. Straighten that leg, and then turn to the right, bringing that knee up to your chest and your head slightly up. Your left elbow should touch your right knee, at which point you should straighten that leg and start again. You should continue this bicycling motion about 15 times, working out both the obliques on the sides of the torso, and the six-pack muscles on the front of the abdomen.

If you do not like the idea of the traditional crunch, you should check out modified versions, such as the exercise ball crunch. This move involves the legs, and can be considered gentler on the back than regular crunches. To begin, press your lower back against the exercise ball, putting your arms up above your head. Contract the abdominal muscles while lifting the torso upward, and then return to the starting position, repeating about 15 times. You may be surprised that though this movement is considered slightly more effective than most other ab workouts, it is still relatively simple, and is not rough on the joints.

Another different take on the typical crunch is the vertical leg crunch, during which you lie on your back with your legs straight in the air above you at a right angle. The legs should be crossed at the ankles, with the hands behind the head. The next step is to contract the abs so that the shoulder blades just come off the floor, similar to a regular crunch but with the legs straight and in the air. Do these ab workouts about 15 times, working both the obliques and the rectus abdominis.

Practicing these unique ab workouts a few times per week will put you on the track to having great abs, whether you eventually get a six-pack or just a stomach that is more toned than you are used to. Of course, you still need to lose any fat on top of the muscles by doing cardiovascular workouts, such as running or swimming a few times per week. Supplementing such activities with these ab workouts should allow you to see results within months.

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Turbulence Training Workouts

Turbulence Training is a comprehensive fitness program that offers its users with the opportunity to bring in some remarkable transformations to their body. Counted among leading fitness programs in vogue today, the Turbulence Training Program provides its users with some excellent workout regimens and diet plans to assist in their plans for a healthier body.

Turbulence Training was created by Craig Ballantyne. Ballantyne is a body builder and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). The man knows what he’s talking about when it comes to muscle building techniques: he has written articles for Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, and other magazines. And his experience is respected by his competitors too: Ballantyne’s eBook on Turbulence Training with dumbbells and your own bodyweight is included with many other muscle building plans.

Advantages of Turbulence Training

Training can be performed at home as there is no need for any special equipment
The program can be followed by women as well as men. Turbulence Training has been found to be very popular with women
The workouts are quick so are great if you are short on time. You are only required to exercise 3 time a week also
They do not just burn body fat and build strong muscle, but they make you super fit
Turbulence Training is a proven program created by Craig Ballantyne, a top strength training specialist
Turbulence Training workouts can be tailored to your goal. The Turbulence Training program includes workouts for fat loss, muscle gain and improved strength and conditioning.

You also get…Turbulence Training Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines by Chris Mohr, Ph. D. -This nutrition guideline shows you which foods to choose and how often to eat. You definitely need to eat right to lose fat and this guide teaches you how to do it. It also reveals a shocking list of food you Absolutely need to stay away from to lose fat and improve your health.

According to many turbulence training reviews, it can be done by anybody between the ages of 14 and 75. It works for both the overweight and the obese, including those over 300 kg. The program is very safe to practice and there is no risk of injury during the exercise. It is, therefore, well suited for even the young and the old. All in all, I believe that if you are serious about weight loss, but don’t want to do the ‘hard work’, then Turbulence Training is the perfect fitness program for you. Go ahead and get started, because the sooner you join the program, the faster you would be able to get rid of your fat belly.

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Circuit Training Workouts for Women

The popularity of circuit training is growing thanks to the amazing results it can achieve. Besides halving the progress time (as compared with steady state cardio) and placing your body into a fat-burning stage for as long as forty-eight hours, the fact that they can be performed anywhere with very little equipment, makes them a very attractive form of fat-burning routine. Aside from the benefit of being able to perform them anywhere, your circuit training workouts can also claim optimum results in less than twenty minutes.

Circuit training workouts are therefore suitable for:

1. Single moms at home with the kids
2. The aspiring business executive who has little spare time
3. Travelers who live out of a suitcase
4. Those women who can’t manage to afford a gym membership

Circuit training workouts for women, mean there is no longer any reasonable excuse not to exercise.

Are you at home with your kids?

You don’t need a lot of space to carry out your routine.

Short of time?

These circuit training workouts for women can be completed in less than half an hour.

Do you struggle with the budget, to afford a gym membership?

There is no money needed to perform circuit training workouts for women.

So what exactly are the circuit training workouts for women?

The typical circuit training workout will be of high intensity, and you will not have a lot of rest time between exercises. Typically there are six light weight or bodyweight exercises, that are all performed in a circuit style.

The following are a few circuit training workouts for women:

Beginning with the first exercise, make sure you perform it with high level of intensity for no more than fifteen seconds. As soon as you have completed your fifteen seconds, rest for fifteen seconds and then start exercise two. Work this exercise for a further fifteen seconds, rest for fifteen seconds when it is completed, and move to the next exercise. Continue this pattern until all six exercises have been completed. When all six exercises have been completed, take a break for a couple of minutes, and then start the whole routine again from the top. Your goal is to see how many times this circuit can be completed each time.

Beginners Level
1. Run On The Spot
2. Squats
3. Jumping Jacks
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Push Ups
6. Laying leg lifts or crunches

Intermediate level
1. Squats
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Half Burpees
4. High Knees
5. Push Ups
6. Lunges

Advanced level
1. Lunges
2. High Knees
3. Burpees
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Push ups
6. Jump Squats

Let’s Take Circuit Training Workouts for Women One Step Further

With some light dumbbells and a jump rope, you can seriously increase the intensity of the workouts. For this you need to integrate the equipment into the circuit you are performing. All you need to do is replace one of the listed exercises with one that uses your jump rope. Another simple but fantastic piece of equipment you can add is a pair of ankle weights. Just a little extra weight on the legs, creates a much more intense workout.


Burning fat at a fast rate will be possible, if you maintain a good healthy diet, and perform the circuit training workouts for women, a few times a week. Not only will you drop inches off your waistline, your physique will be transformed into a more toned, and sexy body. Always allow a full day between workouts so your body can rest and recover from the circuit training.

Mike Miller is a CPT whose goal is to help others like himself to achieve their physical fitness goals.

Stay Up With Volleyball Workouts!

Its never far too late to get involved with volleyball workouts. You really need to have some intense volleyballworkout to becomeassured to get yourself rear onto court every season!

Volleyball workoutsare incredible for trimming up and slimming down for that beach season. They are furthermore a must in case you are presently enthusiastic about turning into a volleyball champion. One factor is for certain, workoutsare satisfying in the foreseeable future. And when you succeed to stick with them, they will definitely assist you to get your body of your lounge chair and onto the beach looking extra trim and fit in no time.

The capable supporters over at are specialists at providing higher and engaged volleyball workouts for any volleyball summer playing amusement. Volleyball1on1 presents several instruction videos and assistance by volleyball pros and coaches that will help you get in shape. I advocate anyone to take a look at their website and find out for how badass their volleyball workout suggestions

There are a number of distinct methods that one must utilize as a way to remain competitive on the volleyball court. Stretching, vertical jump workouts and strength training are all a part of staying fit for game. When staying in shape for volleyball season, be aware that massive energy is a function of both capacity and velocity of your muscle mass. Volleyball workouts will help ailment your neuromuscular body to monitor a greater level of pressure for a short time period. Nevertheless, in the event you lack important strength, their efficiency can be restrained and that is why you will need some detailed and engaged volleyball workouts so you can get set for the seashore.

So start off now, examine some inspiration and get yourself out there! Who doesnt want to move faster, reach higher and feel more powerful? There is only one way to do it, practice! Initiate your volleyball workouts at this moment, visit

Volleyball workouts

Performing Good Stomach Workouts

Have you been doing all sorts of stomach workouts all your life and still haven’t gotten any results? Well, I’m sure by now you are frustrated and have a lot of questions that need answering!

Your stomach workouts aren’t working for you due to a couple of factors. There are a couple of factors that play a huge role as to whether stomach workouts are successful or not. Now, many of these factors are things that most people either do not know about or have been misled into thinking that they didn’t have to take it into account.

I won’t highlight all the factors because I don’t want this article to be too long, however, I will talk about the more common facts that could be the major cause of your workouts being a waste of time.

Doing Nothing but Workouts for the Stomach

Now if you are a person who does all sorts of crunches in the morning and then later in the evening for every single day then you may have just found your problem. Exercising your stomach alone won’t help you in any way other than strengthening your ab muscles.

Even though your abs would be fully developed, it still wouldn’t be visible or as visible as you want it to be. Since exercises for the stomach weren’t meant to burn all the fat around your core region. Keep in mind that strengthening your core and burning belly fat are two different things.

Are You Burning Enough Fat?

You may be a person who trains every single day doing all sorts of running/cardio and resistance training and so far you still don’t have the abs you worked so hard for! You’re doing every fat burning exercise routine that exists but nothing seems to work?

If you thought you could out-exercise a bad diet then think again. You can be burning loads of calories everyday through your workouts but if you are still consuming more calories than you are burning, you may never see perfect results.

The main emphasis here is that your food/diet plays the most important role in adding or burning fat. There are many diets out there that do work and there heaps that don’t.

To Conclude

Always take into account that you need to do more than just stomach/ab exercises if you are aiming to get a visible six pack. As far as developing and strengthening goes, ab workouts are your best bet!

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Best Chest workouts for men

5 Chest workouts for men

Below, is a quick breakdown of my favorite chest workouts for men in the gym. The following pec workouts for men should be used for a 4 – 6 wk period. I like to do reps anywhere from 6 -12 for 3 – 4 sets. If you’re looking for a more lean toned look stick with higher reps (12-15) and sets (4-5) with less weight. If your after the bulk or big look then stack on the weight with less reps (4-6) and less sets (3).

1. Bench press – Lay down on a flat bench — ensuring to not arch your back — and grasp the barbell placing your hands shoulder-width a part, palms facing your feet, and push the weights straight up and down again. If you do this while on an incline, you’ll position more focus on your upper chest muscles, in contrast to the decline places more focus on your lower chest.

2. Flat flies – Lying down on the flat bench, take one dumbbell in each hand and flex your elbows so your hands are by your shoulders along with your palms facing in. Push your arms straight up and lower the dumbbells by your sides, maintaining a small flex in your elbows, and return to the beginning position. This approach works both your inner and upper chest.

3. Dumbbell press – Lay down on a flat bench, get one dumbbell in each hand, flex your elbows so your hands tend to be by your shoulders with your palms facing your feet, and use your pectoral muscles to push the dumbbells upward and down again. , you can try these having a slight incline with the bench, which will place extra focus on your upper chest, or with a decline, that places more focus on your lower chest muscles.

4. Push-ups – Go into push-up position, with all your weight distributed between your toes and your hands with your legs, hips and back in a straight line. Lower and lift up your body by bending your elbows, ensuring your arm position is 90° at the bottom of the motion.

If you prefer a greater challenge, attempt doing decline push-ups with your feet elevated using a bench or a balance ball, which will place increased strain in your upper body muscles. For even more intense of a workout put your hands in a diamond shape on the floor to do diamond push-ups.

5. Chest dips – Support your body up on the dip bar ensuring to keep your head down and your legs directly beneath you. Lower yourself by bending your elbows, and come back up to the starting position. I love the burn on this one and be sure to focus your movement on your chest muscles vs. your triceps. You can bend your knees and have a spotter help you on your last couple dips.

Stay after it and happy lifting to you all! Pete


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