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Great Ab Workouts for Women

These are great ab workouts that perfectly suits women aging 18 years old and above. These exercises will help developing the abdominal part of the body with the use of bands or an exercise ball.

•  Wood Chops – Tie a stretchable band onto a pole or something hard and immovable object and wrap the other end around the hands. Hold the band with both hands with the body reaching towards the place where the band is attached. Slowly rotate the arms to the left without bending the elbow. Return to the starting position and rotate to the other side. Repeat this exercise up to 12 times.

•  Ball Traps – This is one of the great ab workouts that must be done while sitting on a huge exercise ball. Sit up straight, contract the abs and place the hands behind the head. Place one foot over the medicine ball on the floor and then lower the foot and place the other one. Maintain the balance by the contraction of abs.

•  Hip Extension – Lie on the floor. Place the heels of the feet over the ball. Lay the hands flat on both sides. Keep the abs tight and slowly lift the hips off the floor until the body is straight. Hold to the position up to 5 seconds and lower back the hips. Repeat up to 12 times.

•  Arm Sweep – Sit on a flat surface with bended knees. Stretch the arms in front of the body. Lean back until the abs is contracting without straining the back or hunching. Rotate the arms in a circular motion. Sit back up and then move the arms to the other side. Repeat these ab workouts for 12 times.

•  Side Plank – Lie on the side, lifting the body with one arm, palm down. Lower the hips to the floor for a few seconds while holding up the torso steadily. Lift back the hip again. Repeat this up to 12 times then do it on the other side.

•  Reverse Crunch – Lie down on the floor with arms on both sides. Cross the feet together while the knees are bended to 90%. Curl the hips with contracted abs until the legs are positioned into reaching the ceiling. Repeat this up to 16 times.

•  Crunches – Lie on the floor with bended knees. Insert the medicine ball between the knees. Hold the ball with squeezed thighs. Place the hands at the back of the head. Slowly lift the shoulder blades and the hips off the floor. Lower back again and repeat.

Things to remember:

•  These suggested exercises are effective when done 3 times a week, non-consecutively.
•  Do 1-3 sets for each exercises with 12-16 repetitions each.
•  Make sure that the exercises are done properly to avoid straining the muscles and overdoing the exercises.
•  Exercises that aren’t properly done will have a poor result or may lead to extreme body pain.
•  Drink lots of water to keep the body hydrated.
•  Lastly, as advised by any physical instructors, before performing any kind of these ab workouts, it is important consult the physician first to know the limits of the body.

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Circuit Training Workouts for Women

The popularity of circuit training is growing thanks to the amazing results it can achieve. Besides halving the progress time (as compared with steady state cardio) and placing your body into a fat-burning stage for as long as forty-eight hours, the fact that they can be performed anywhere with very little equipment, makes them a very attractive form of fat-burning routine. Aside from the benefit of being able to perform them anywhere, your circuit training workouts can also claim optimum results in less than twenty minutes.

Circuit training workouts are therefore suitable for:

1. Single moms at home with the kids
2. The aspiring business executive who has little spare time
3. Travelers who live out of a suitcase
4. Those women who can’t manage to afford a gym membership

Circuit training workouts for women, mean there is no longer any reasonable excuse not to exercise.

Are you at home with your kids?

You don’t need a lot of space to carry out your routine.

Short of time?

These circuit training workouts for women can be completed in less than half an hour.

Do you struggle with the budget, to afford a gym membership?

There is no money needed to perform circuit training workouts for women.

So what exactly are the circuit training workouts for women?

The typical circuit training workout will be of high intensity, and you will not have a lot of rest time between exercises. Typically there are six light weight or bodyweight exercises, that are all performed in a circuit style.

The following are a few circuit training workouts for women:

Beginning with the first exercise, make sure you perform it with high level of intensity for no more than fifteen seconds. As soon as you have completed your fifteen seconds, rest for fifteen seconds and then start exercise two. Work this exercise for a further fifteen seconds, rest for fifteen seconds when it is completed, and move to the next exercise. Continue this pattern until all six exercises have been completed. When all six exercises have been completed, take a break for a couple of minutes, and then start the whole routine again from the top. Your goal is to see how many times this circuit can be completed each time.

Beginners Level
1. Run On The Spot
2. Squats
3. Jumping Jacks
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Push Ups
6. Laying leg lifts or crunches

Intermediate level
1. Squats
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Half Burpees
4. High Knees
5. Push Ups
6. Lunges

Advanced level
1. Lunges
2. High Knees
3. Burpees
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Push ups
6. Jump Squats

Let’s Take Circuit Training Workouts for Women One Step Further

With some light dumbbells and a jump rope, you can seriously increase the intensity of the workouts. For this you need to integrate the equipment into the circuit you are performing. All you need to do is replace one of the listed exercises with one that uses your jump rope. Another simple but fantastic piece of equipment you can add is a pair of ankle weights. Just a little extra weight on the legs, creates a much more intense workout.


Burning fat at a fast rate will be possible, if you maintain a good healthy diet, and perform the circuit training workouts for women, a few times a week. Not only will you drop inches off your waistline, your physique will be transformed into a more toned, and sexy body. Always allow a full day between workouts so your body can rest and recover from the circuit training.

Mike Miller is a CPT whose goal is to help others like himself to achieve their physical fitness goals.

Learn about Women Fitness Workout

Maintaining good health is essential and any womens Fitness workout ought to mirror this fact. Though there are a number of exercises typically for people to choose, Girls need separate workouts that match their lifestyles and personality.

If there are latest gizmos accessible on one hand for women to keep their body fit, then there on-line videos and evaluations alternatively, which provide a comprehensive data a few explicit train for women. Figuring out in regards to the sort of workouts to be executed and the benefits ladies can get from them ought to be recognized beforehand. Burning of fats is feasible while you’re trying to lose weight.

Any sort of a women?s fitness workout needs to be chosen in line with the day by day requirements of a woman. A primary recommendation is that girls need to comply with a routine that’s not too exhaustive. Throughout initial phases of starting a workout, simple exercises ought to be chosen like movement of palms and legs in numerous directions for a selected number of sets. As soon as you might be comfortable with such exercises, you need to intensify your schedule by beginning stretches and easy exercises with weight. Consulting an experienced health expert is critical to know in regards to the care to be taken while exercises are being practiced.

Women fitness workoutsought to replicate various elements like losing weight, sustaining good well being and reaching excellent synchronization between thoughts and body. Bringing in variations within the current exercise keeps one interested. Imagine that you’ve chosen a selected exercise and carry on working towards it regularly. You might lose interest because of identical sort of bodily movements. This can be prevented by deciding on a few workout routines and working towards them on an everyday basis.

There are several benefits of figuring out daily. Realizing weight loss for women is possible in one of the simplest ways with each day workouts. Staying fit and practising fitness are two different situations primarily based on the identical concept. Even if there are any conditions that require women to train in an exclusive manner, nothing should be started all of a sudden. Any ladies?s fitness workout will show to be beneficial only when it is practiced as per the directions. There are a number of on-line reviews out there that concentrate on varied workouts together with their advantages. Taking balanced food plan that covers up your schedule will likely be one of the best ways to take care of well being issues.

The significance of group sports activities can’t be disregarded so far as ladies workout is considered. Women will have the ability to hold themselves fit moreover practising varied exercises with out making an attempt too hard. For example, taking part in soccer will present enough energy to decrease part of the body, particularly, thighs and calves. Such form of ladies?s fitness workout might be frequently practiced for simpler for every passing day. Participating in different group activities like operating, swimming or hockey will ease off psychological stress as well. There are certain on-line web sites out there that concentrate on the side of mentoring women who’re novices. Never forget to use the best method to get optimized outcomes from any sporting event.

Women Fitness Workout information is a minefield of misinformation. What you need is an honest, straight forward webite that gives you all of the advice on Womens Fitness Workout without the waffle.

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Women in Diversified Services adds Peak Corporate Networks Donna Kreisler as panelist to Default Servicing Panel as part of its 6th Annual National Conference

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2015

Donna Kreisler, EVP of Marketing, Sales, and Operations of the Peak Corporate Network ( will join the “New Face of Default Servicing” panel at the Women in Diversified Services (WinDS) “Grow Prosper Sustain” Annual Conference on May 3 – 5th at the Marriott Newport Beach Hotel and Spa. Kreisler’s participation marks the beginning of a partnership between Peak and WinDS. “As an organization dedicated not only to the success of women but to all professionals seeking the next level of success in real estate, mortgage, and finance, I’m pleased to represent Peak at this special event.”

The WinDS conference will be a three-day informational session with a focus on business development through social media and RFPs, showing participants how to grow their business through community engagement, and leveraging diversity, and how to sustain success by understanding economic trends, foreclosure activity and regulatory factors impacting the real estate industry. WinDS co-founding member Shelley Kaye characterizes the conference as an event that “brings vital topics, inspiration, and networking opportunities, which will empower our attendees to succeed. I anticipate Donna’s contribution will provide some unique perspectives on the long-term impact of default on the housing industry.” Donna Kreisler serves as Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Operations for the Peak Corporate Network, bringing over 20 years of sales experience in retail, consumer, and commercial real estate to the organization. Kreisler joined Peak in December, 2013 as Director of Strategic Operations before assuming the role of EVP of Sales, Marketing, and Operations. “Empowering women through fostering diversity and sharing of ideas is a compelling value proposition that Peak shares with WinDS,” adds Kreisler, “and we look forward to our ongoing collaboration to help this great organization reach this goal.”

The Default Servicing panel is scheduled the final morning of the conference on May 5th. Other industry specialists including Rick Sharga, EVP of, analysts from the U.S. Census Bureau and chief economists representing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are scheduled in additional sessions during the conference. Tanya Brown, the youngest sister of Nicole Brown Simpson recognized as an international speaker and author, has been tapped as the keynote speaker for the event.

The conference is open to anyone who wishes to learn about trends within real estate, mortgage, finance or legal sectors. To register, go to or for more information contact ShelleyKaye(at)WomeninDS(dot)com.

About WinDS:

WinDS helps advance the careers of women working in real estate, mortgage, finance and legal industries, while enhancing their sense of personal and professional success. WinDS offers training, mentoring, and leadership opportunities for women to learn, lead, grow, become better connected, and share their experiences with other like-minded women across the country.

About the Peak Corporate Network:

Peak Corporate Network is headquartered in Woodland Hills, California. The Peak Corporate Network group of companies provide loss mitigation and workout services, residential and commercial real estate brokerage services, escrow services, 1031 exchange services, real estate financing, short sale services, foreclosure services and loan servicing. For more information, visit

The Peak Corporate Network is a brand that represents a group of related separate legal entities, each providing its unique set of real estate services.

The Main Differences Between Exercise Programs For Women And Men

Having the perfect body for women isn’t an uncommon dream. People that really are committed to getting this body know how important it is to have a good diet and proper exercise. Men seem to focus on getting muscle mass and showing off a stronger body, but women, on the other hand, will usually aim for proper form, not just strength. Exercising and dieting properly make a woman become a healthier, more attractive person. Focusing on these two components classify women as real bodybuilders.

The Different Focus of Men’s and Woman’s Workouts

Most female exercise plans have the same concepts as the exercise programs for men. Many of the exercises done and the muscles that are developed are the same. The only main differences are the results obtained. Due to the difference in physiology of the female and male body, their bodies develop differently when they do the same exercises.

Men secrete testosterone, but women do too. The only thing is, women make much less of it. The bodys testosterone secretion has to be considered when choosing the proper exercise program. This is the hormone that lets you build lots of muscle mass and increase your bone density as well as strength. Women have a harder time acquiring muscle mass due to the fact that men secrete more testosterone than women.

Women are still able to get ideally sculpted bodies. The aforementioned only means that the muscle and strength will change a womans body in different methods.

What Exercises does a Female Workout Include?

Both men and women will have the same exercise regimens: workouts for the chest and shoulders that include exercises such as presses, chest and shoulders isolation, and shoulders and triceps isolation; exercises for the lower body to work the hamstrings, quads, gluteus, calves, and lower back; workouts for the biceps and back to develop back thickness, back width, shoulders, and central back muscles;.

Womens exercise regimens aren’t usually complete without fat loss exercises. To make a schedule for bodybuilding, you’ll need the help of a coach or professional trainer to get best results. Start by exercising using simpler techniques and get into the harder workouts so that you avoid getting injuries that are usually caused by enthusiasm in beginners.

Program Suggestions

Women tend to naturally gain and store fat easier than men do. For this reason, women will need some extra cardiovascular exercise than me need. Doing cardiovascular exercises lets your heart rate be really high which lets you lose more calories.

For the muscles to develop, they require resistance. This is the reason women will need resistance training to get muscles. The more the weight, the more the resistance the muscles witness, and finally, the muscles grow. The increase in mass of weights has to be done gradually and progressively.

Both males and females have to warm up before they work out. This will let your blood to flow, your performance to improve, and will finally, prevent injuries. Lots of programs that are good will have some running time on a treadmill before the actual workout. This is a good way to warm before an exercise session.

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The Difference Between Exercise Programs for Women and Men

The main goals for female workout programs are almost the same as the ones that are designed for men. Most of the main muscle groups worked and exercises done are identical. The real difference lies in the results. Mens and womens bodies change differently after doing exercises. This is because of a characteristic called physiology.

Men and women produce testosterone. The real difference is the amount both produce. Men make lots more testosterone. When choosing a womans exercise program, the anabolic effect that testosterone has on the body must be recognized. Muscle strength, muscle mass development, as well as bone strength and density are enabled by testosterone. The fact that men secrete more testosterone goes to show that they have an easier time developing muscle mass than women.

Women are still able to gain well toned bodies though. They will just get different looking bodies and many competitions feature this as well.

What Exercises does a Female Workout Include?

Women and men will often have identical workout routines: workouts for the chest and shoulders that include exercises such as presses, chest and shoulders isolation, and shoulders and triceps isolation; exercises for the lower body to work the quads, gluteus, hamstrings, calves, and lower back; workouts for the biceps and back to develop back thickness, back width, shoulders, and central back muscles.

Weight loss is one of the main components of an exercise program for women. A trainer or a professional is very helpful to make a bodybuilding schedule. Begin exercising with simple exercises and get into more difficult ones as you progress slowly.

Program Suggestions

Females usually tend to store more fat in their body naturally than men do. Females usually have more cardio exercises in their regimen for this exact reason. Cardio exercises keep the heart rate up which enables the use of more energy, which in turn burns more calories.

Resistance training is very important for women and muscle needs resistance to grow. The more the weight used for exercises, the more the resistance and thus, the more muscle growth. An increase in weights must be done gradually and progressively, however.

Everyone must always do warm up exercises correctly before doing a workout. This allows a boost in performance, avoiding injuries as well as to get the blood flowing. Lots of good programs for women start off with some running on the treadmill. This is a great way to get warmed up prior to the workouts.

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Workout Clothes For Women

Exercising and fitness training top the priority list of most people these days. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. If you fall into this category and have signed up with a gym or hired a personal trainer, you need to know the right kind of outfit that you need to wear during your workout sessions. It is important that you are comfortable and at the same time your body movements are flexible in the clothes that you wear while exercising. True that there are several sports wear brands that come up with trendy designs and styles every other day; but when you choose your workout outfit, especially if you are a woman, all you need to take care of are your individual requirements and not the modern trend.

Workout clothes for women need to be exclusively aimed at support, security and comfort. When you exercise your body undergoes an exhausting process. The clothes you wear should provide the necessary comfort to it so that its flexible, nimble and agile. Contrary to popular belief that you should wear only track pants and t-shirts while exercising, you can try out other fabrics like cotton as well. Here are a few guidelines that will help you make an informed choice:

Bra: This is the one of the most important parts of your workout gear. There are three things that you need to keep in mind when you are choosing the right bra. They are:



-Ability to absorb moisture

For the first, you need to check whether it is biting into your skin or is too tight for you. If yes, then you have to look further. Dont think that you got to have a lose fitting one. In fact the bra you choose has to keep your body stable while you move. Therefore it has to be of perfect fit. This will take care of the second aspect. To ensure that you are making the right choice, you can jump in position or walk fast when trying the bra. If you see that it can keep you flexible without being too loose, its the right one for you! Additionally if the bra can absorb your sweat to some extent, theres nothing like it!

Shoes: Your footwear is something that you need to spend some money on. There are several shoes that are designed for specific exercises. Depending on your workout regimen you can go for the one that will suit you best and at the same time be comfortable.

Tops: Comfort is the first thing that you should look for while selecting your workout top. Cotton tops can be a good choice. These are light and easy to carry added to the fact that these allow the maximum range and ease of motion.

Shorts and Pants: Basic cotton can work here as well. But if you are going outdoors to exercise and its cold, you can try layering your bottoms. This traps air which can act as a good insulator.

So, instead of spending your money on expensive sports wear keep these points in mind and choose the clothes that will keep you comfortable and flexible during your workouts. If you have a personal trainer, you can ask for advice from him/her or can simply notice what he/she wears while training you. That way you are sure to make the best choice!

Workout clothes are very important, as is having a trainer so look at this boot camp Chino program if you’re interested. Also for more trainer locations try this personal trainer directory.

Fitness In Pregnant Women

Fit in pregnancy is great for you, not only help you keep your body weakened but may also help when it came time to push the baby comes. Every pregnant woman wants to return to pre-pregnancy weight after childbirth, but the only way to do this, make sure you can. By reducing or work every day, make sure you do not add fat to your body. Although it would be much easier to work, baby, if it is pushed to strengthen your legs and abdominal muscles. Who knows, maybe he is working a little less. Is not that what we want anyway?

And if you’re tired and just feel a little blue, just exercise really increase your energy.

Here are some things that you can quickly do to keep fit during pregnancy, not really breaking sweat too. Im sure you’ve heard of yoga, this is very good for practice, especially if you follow always in excellent condition. Do not worry, there are higher levels, should go to the human pretzel right away. Try to buy a set of small weights that can be used throughout the house, how can the weights and hand weights, wrist and foot. And not just on the sofa while you relax lift small weights.

Take a chair and try to make some cracks 5 to 10, the beginning of the route. Do not worry, you can always add, like going to a week.

Try running, walking or running outside. This will not only increase your energy, but also help get you the moral, especially throughout the day.

Remember, if you never take a walk to always have a drink. You do not want to drain out there. Always be sure to wear comfortable shoes before leaving home. If you really do not, ask your doctor if you can. Sometimes a doctor may recommend that you walk around the block at first and increase from there, if you do all that before getting pregnant.

If you do, you may want to try to go and try to go swimming or bicycling. If, however, note that may be victims of accidents, you want to stay away from the bike.

A motorcycle accident is something that can easily happen, even if you’ve always road a bike. Swimming can relax and stay cool. Take a dip in the pool, you can even swim class for pregnant women in your area. That would be a good way to meet other mothers.

Each time you do, exercise, make sure Arent exaggerate. If you think you could stop and take a break. That’s sad that’ll pregnant.

George S. is a freelance writer, you can read more of his jobs about Recaro Car Seat and Herve Leger Dress

Healthy Vitamins Joins with MegaFood to Announce New Mens and Womens Boosters with Maca for Men and Women

(PRWEB) March 31, 2015

Gail Bowman, owner of Healthy Vitamins, an online health food store, stated today, “The MegaFood company has recently come out with a line of booster powders to add to smoothies. These very popular powders allow you to use your regular smoothie ingredients, but add a pop of something special like; Turmeric, Vitamin C or a Daily Purifier. This week, MegaFood has announced their latest addition to this line with a new Daily Maca formula for Men and Women over 40!”

Maca, a root that belongs to the radish family, is most commonly available in powder form. Grown in the mountains of Peru, it has been called “Peruvian ginseng.” For centuries, Maca has been prized for its vitamin-rich nutrients and hormone-balancing properties by the people of Peru. Recently, Maca has been gaining in popularity in the United States for its health benefits.

Acoording to Nava Atlas of, Some of the health benefits of Maca are:

1. Vitamins

Maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids.

2. Sexual function

Maca is widely used to promote sexual function of both men and women. It serves as a boost to libido and increases endurance. At the same time it balances hormones and increases fertility.

3. Women’s health and mood

Maca relieves menstrual issues and menopause. It alleviates cramps, body pain, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, and depression.

4. Energy

Within days of using maca, energy levels may increase. It is also known for increasing stamina. Many athletes take maca for peak performance.

5. General health

Maca helps overall health in a number of ways. It supplies iron and helps restore red blood cells, which aids anemia and cardiovascular diseases. Maca keeps bones and teeth healthy and promotes wound healing. When used in conjunction with a good workout regime, Maca may help increase muscle mass.

6. Skin

Many people take maca for skin issues, as for some people it helps to clear acne and blemishes. Another benefit for skin is that it may decrease sensitivity. In hot or cold weather, maca may help your skin withstand extreme temperatures.

7. Mood balance

Maca may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression or mood swings, though evidence is anecdotal. Some have reported an increase in mental energy and focus.

MegaFood’s new Nutrient Booster Powders have been specially formulated with Maca and synergistic herbs including black cohosh for woman and saw palmetto for men to help support changes that come with aging.

With the Daily Maca Booster Powders, Megafood has harnessed all the benefits of Maca, which isn’t always easy to find at the store, and has conveniently made it into an unsweetened whole food powder, so customers can easily add it to smoothies, fresh juices, protein shakes and more.

According to Megafood spokeswoman Stacey Gillespie, FoodState Director of New Products, “Although Maca’s popularity amongst healthy consumers has recently grown, there have been limited available products that combine organic maca with other vitalizing, body-rejuvenating herbs, until now. At MegaFood, we are committed to crafting nourishing supplements that not only stay true to the intention of food, but also make it easy and convenient for consumers to incorporate a variety of eclectic foods into their diet, without all of the challenges of trying to find and prepare these elusive ingredients. These new nutrient powders are hands-down the easiest, most convenient way to include Maca and other amazing anti-aging herbs into your daily routine.”

Daily Maca Plus Women Over 40 helps women who are experiencing hormonal imbalances and conditions related to perimenopause and menopause, as it provides relief from occasional conditions related to menopause including hot flashes, moodiness, sleep disturbances and cramping, while simultaneously promoting vitality, heart health and a positive outlook.

For men, Daily Maca Plus Men Over 40 is designed to support energy, stamina and vitality, while MegaFood’s Eleuthero root plus Rhodiola root promotes healthy endurance, mental performance and core inner energy.

Healthy Vitamins will have these brand new products in stock and on special sale this month, April 2015 (Starting March 31, 2015). Adding the products to your cart on this Sale Page, will automatically load the sale discount. Gail Bowman has owned and operated Healthy vitamins since 2003, and has specialized in whole food, organic and Non GMO supplements from the very first.

More Workout Press Releases

Workouts For Women

In general, workouts designed specifically for men are all about bulk and muscle definition, while women more often want to lose body fat and tone their existing muscle. These women’s workouts are designed specifically for girls because their goals are typically very different. Their main goal is to help women get the toned, slim, athletic-looking body they’ve always wanted. Women who exercise during pregnancy report less instances of pregnancy related discomfort, while improving their self-esteem and body image. The exercises are put together so that you can tone your body and get the smooth, lean muscle that all females dream of. The toning workouts will focus on your arms, legs, and abs while simultaneously trimming down your waist and lowering your body fat.

The women’s workouts are designed with a woman’s needs in mind. If you want a slim waist, a flat stomach, and toned abs, arms, and legs, then you certainly have come to the right place. Women can shift estrogen metabolism by eating fat burning foods. Excess estrogen causes gathering fat around waist line, storing abdominal fat and love handles. Modern food industry produces foods that contain Xenoestrogens that increase estrogen in your body and make you store belly fat. The women body toning workout is aimed at women who are new to exercise or have little experience. It uses only a few pieces of equipment, so if you have a set of dumbbells and an exercise ball then you could perform it at home instead of going to the gym. The aim of this workout is to help you develop a lean physique through fat loss and muscle toning.

It hits all the main body muscle groups in 2 workouts performed alternately 3 times a week. It’s designed specifically for busy people, so it shouldn’t take you any more than 60 minutes to complete on any one day.  Compound sets make your workout more efficient by allowing you to get more work done in less time and with greater results. A compound set is performing a set of one movement, followed immediately by another set of a different movement that targets a completely different muscle group than the previous one did. Once both of these sets are complete, your compound set is finished, and you will be able to take your planned rest period.

The”;>Richmond aerobic classes is a high intensity action packed”;>aerobic classes Richmond / Kickboxing. Circuit workout designed just for women. Fast paced, challenging and empowering, this one of a kind workout appeals to all levels of fitness in a friendly non-intimidating, exciting environment.