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Exercise helps beat the Winter Blahs

 Spring just won’t get here!  Sunrise is deceiving as the gloriously warm sunshine fades into a gloomy, cold, clinging-to-the-doldrums-of-winter day.  Now is the time of year when a fitness program like a women’s boot camp can really pay off.  Studies have shown that when Winter comes around, one in four of us will experience some form of Winter doldrums.  Even those of us who make it through Winter okay start to feel a bit gloomy as Spring doesn’t seem to take dominion of the calendar.  Winter is fading, and as Spring begins popping its blooms through the thawing soil, the sun rises earlier every day.  5:30 doesn’t seem so dark, dreary, and painful.  The idea of exercise is more and more attractive, and one reason that jog looks so good: exercise delivers the best natural solution to the Winter Blahs: endorphins.

Endorphins are the brain chemicals that decrease stress hormones like cortisol and boost your mood.  They’re the “feel good hormones.”  Regular exercise is an excellent way to release endorphins and beat the Winter Blahs.  You can get a jump start on an exercise regimen with a ramped-up program like a fitness boot camp.  When you give your body the care and attention it needs, it rewards you for it.  A thirty-minute jog can increase your heart rate and step up your metabolism.  It fights the fat that can accumulate during the holiday season.  More importantly, exercise also releases endorphins in your brain.  


If the secret to fitness success is mind over matter, then maybe endorphins can be used to make Spring get here faster.  Start that workout regimen you’ve been considering.  Start feeling the endorphin rush.  Feel good and radiate those “feel-good” vibes.  Before you know it, the sun shines a bit brighter.  The air is a bit fresher.  Your clothes from last spring are a bit looser.  Before you know it, you’ll be hooked on this feeling good thing.  


Challenge yourself to one month of feeling good.  Maybe a boot camp doesn’t fit into your schedule this month.  Take a walk.  A brisk, 30-minute walk will make you a believer in the power of endorphins to make you feel good.  If you’re looking for a motivator, commit to doing a charity walk.  Do something good for the world while doing something good for you.  Challenge a friend to participate with you.  Share the good feelings.  It’s Spring!



David Krainiak – Program Director and Head Coach

David Krainiak is the Head Trainer of Southern Oakland County’s Adventure Boot Camps.

Also, David is Program Director and Owner of all the Adventure Boot Camp locations.

David is a highly qualified and multi-level fitness instructor. He attended college for Exercise Science and Business. He continuously educates himself and is currently a NESTA Certified Adventure BootCamp Instructor and has acquired 15 certifications. David K was born and raised right here in Detroit. He has over 15 yrs of health and fitness experience starting back in his earliest years playing sports and competing in martial arts as a kid. He grew up in a very athletic environment and always had a passion for health and fitness. David is very active physically as well as in the community. He trains regularly and is active in fitness events and charity runs. His company (David K Enterprises Inc) is working with other professionals in Michigan to innovate new fitness and health programs for adults as well as our kids to make Michigan a healthier and leaner state. David is also a published free lance writer and co-author and continues to write articles for various publications. He frequently does public speaking engagements as well and is available for bookings. He has appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers, the local tv news, on the radio, and is available for media opportunities.

Why a women’s only camp at 5:30am? Funny…but the inspiration came from being surrounded by amazing women in my life starting with both of my grandmothers who have passed away, my amazing mom, and my older sister that used to kick my butt a lot when I was very young! lol… I saw the struggles they went through with trying to stay fit at all ages, and wanted to create an environment that any of them could join and feel comfortable in..unlike the typical gym atmoshere experience where they were left intimidated, confused, and at some points… even felt taken advantage of by high pressured, sales people (I mean trainers).

I am proud to say Michigans Adventure Boot Camp is rapidly expanding throughout Southeast Michigan as I continue with my vision of attracting professionally like-minded women, moms, and housewives to our boot camps which is ultimately a comfortable community where women can connect and make friends, receive support and motivation, while receiving premium fitness training that is safe, fun, and effective for all fitness levels.  This is all part of a much bigger vision we have to be a major component and catalyst in helping the women of Michigan become the healthiest and most fit women in the country.

There is so much fallacy and fiction when it comes to exercise and diets. This site will provide information that is true, safe and also practical. The demands placed on women today are more than ever as your days are becoming more like a juggling act with so much to do….the life of a mother! Our website will provide information to make your life easier as I provide real useful information that will get you better fitness results in less time and easy eating tips that are practical and not going to leave you drained and confused.

David was nominated as best personal trainer in Hour Magazines “2010 BEST OF DETROIT”

“Hi, I want to give a friendly welcome to the ladies of Michigan. I look forward to seeing you in our next Adventure Camp. Besides wonderful results you can easily look forward to a lot of fun, variety and a great network of supportive friends. I cant wait to meet you soon!” – David K

David Krainiak teaches the Southern Oakland County Boot Camps.

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Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey Offers Helpful Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

West Orange, N.J. (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

The winter season can present serious challenges to older adults in many parts of the country, whether they live in a private home, apartment, or in a retirement community. The Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey (JCHC), which owns and manages four senior living communities in northern New Jersey, advises seniors to take additional steps to stay safe during the colder months.

“We take extra precautions during the winter months to ensure our senior residents remain safe, warm and secure,” said Terrence Roselle, the JCHC’s Regional Facilities Director. “Measures in all four of our communities are executed to meet the demands of rough winter weather, when we must contend with near-freezing or below-freezing cold temperatures, ice and snow, and when our seniors must often spend extended periods of time indoors.”

Aside from timely snow and ice removal from all public walkway and the parking lot, Roselle noted that the JCHC offers transportation for residents to area shopping destinations and for cultural outings, and maintains appropriate indoor temperatures to keep residents warm and comfortable. Standby generators are being installed in case of a power outage and emergency protocols are in place in all four JCHC communities.

“After Superstorm Sandy, we held organization-wide programs called ‘JCHC Strong’ in all four of our communities, to educate residents on how to better prepare for extended power outages and weather emergencies,” said Roselle, who heads up the JCHC’s emergency planning task force.

The JCHC offers these helpful tips for seniors, their families, and caregivers to keep elderly or frail individuals safe and healthy during the winter, and to prevent common hazards of the season.

    Prevent unnecessary slips and falls. Older adults are particularly vulnerable to broken wrists, ankles or hips, and could suffer severe lacerations to their head or face in the events of a slip and fall.
o    Keep walkways clear of ice and snow. Have a reliable snow shoveling service lined up in advance of bad weather and adequate ice melt product on hand for steps and sidewalks.

o    Maintain good traction. Wear shoes with non-skid soles and replace worn cane tips. Remove shoes indoors to avoid tracking in melting snow and ice that can lead to dangerously slippery floors.

    Avoid frostbite or hypothermia.
o    Dress warmly in layers. According to the National Institutes of Health, hypothermia can develop in older adults after relatively short exposure to cold weather; therefore, dress warmly when going outdoors, keep extremities warm, and add hat, scarf, and gloves.

o    Keep indoor temperature warm enough. Don’t set the thermostat too low and keep extra blankets on hand for chilly nights in order to maintain proper body temperature.

    Prepare the car—and driver—for winter driving. Cold weather is no time for roadside breakdowns or stalled vehicles. Have the car serviced before deep winter hits and have all systems checked to stay safe on the road. Sign up for a roadside assistance program and keep a cell phone charged and on hand for emergencies. Avoid driving in hazardous conditions.
    Eat well and take Vitamin D. A varied, nutritional diet is always important at any age. However, less time spent outdoors in direct sunlight means less Vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Add supplementation to the diet and/or include grains, tuna and salmon, and fortified milk to avoid Vitamin D deficiency.
    Install a carbon dioxide monitor. Using a fireplace, gas heater or lanterns can lead to carbon dioxide poisoning if rooms are not properly ventilated. A carbon dioxide detector is an easy way to avoid this dangerous situation.
    Have an emergency kit. Be prepared for an extended power outage with a flashlight (and fresh batteries), warm blankets, non-perishable foods, a cell phone and charger, and a battery-powered radio. Have a family communication plan in place to check on each other.
    Stay in touch with loved ones. The winter can be tough on some people because they are indoors so much and they might be more isolated than usual. It’s a good idea for families to check in on their loved ones more frequently, not only to make sure they are doing well physically and emotionally.


About the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey

Founded in 1982, the Jewish Community Housing Corporation of Metropolitan New Jersey (JCHC) developed and manages more than 470 apartments in four buildings for older adults in Morris and Essex counties in northern New Jersey. The non-profit organization offers seniors a range of options in terms of services, amenities, location, and cost, all within a traditional Jewish environment. The JCHC provides housing, programs, and services for the independent elderly as well as those who need assisted living. For more information, go to

Winter Workout Tips

There’s no denying that working out becomes much more of a chore in the winter than it is in the summer. It’s not that we want to stop working out, it’s just that the motivation starts to dwindle. In the summer it’s easier to get up early because the sun is out and shining well before the work day starts, it’s easier to start your workout from home since you can go for a walk or run, and it’s easier to pack in late-night workouts because the sun is still up after work. But when the winter comes, along with it’s freezing temperatures and seemingly perpetual darkness, finding motivation to work out can be difficult.

Not only is motivation hard to come by in the winter months, especially if you live in a cold climate, but depending upon the type of exercise you prefer, you may have to change up your routine entirely during the winter. For example, if you are a runner you’ll need to get additional clothing to layer, appropriate shoes (depending upon where you live), and a headlamp at the very least. If you want to continue your workouts throughout the year, no matter the temperature, check out these winter workout tips.

Scout out the weather. Get a weather app on your phone or have the TV tuned in to the weather channel right when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. You should determine if the weather will be wet or dry and be sure to take the wind chill into account when looking at the temperature. Use your best judgement when it comes to going out in low temperatures or slippery conditions. No workout is worth risking your health for, so stay aware of the quickly changing conditions.

Layer. You can always take things off, but you can’t put them back on. So when you go outside for a run or walk be sure to wear plenty of breathable layers that you can take off if you get too warm. This is also good if it’s wet outside, that way you can stay dry by taking off your top layer.

Check out short-term contracts at local gyms. If you don’t want to workout outside during the winter, check out your local gyms to see if you can get a short-term membership. That way you can hit the treadmill or weights during the winter and go back to outdoor training when the weather warms up without being out a bunch of cash.

Work up to long workouts outside. Start small when it comes to working out in conditions you aren’t used to. Track the length and intensity of your workouts via an app such as Gorilla Workout and only make them longer when you feel comfortable that your body is acclimated to the change.

These winter workout tips will get you ready and motivated to work out when the temperatures start to drop and the rain turns to snow. If you live in a warmer climate it’s not likely that your routine will change much, but for those that need a little extra help during the winter, these tips will come in handy.


Tim Roberts is a freelance writer covering a wide array of topics.  You can find more content from him at and Gorilla Workout.

Boston Hotels like Boston Park Plaza Welcome Winter Guests Who Come to Enjoy the Many Holiday Boston Events

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Boston Hotels prepare to welcome holiday visitors who come to enjoy the charm of Boston during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many Boston Events mark the holiday season, including those described below. Boston Park Plaza Hotel has impressive special offers to welcome holiday guests. View offer details >

Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker

November 28 throught December 31, 2014

Boston Opera House | 539 Washington Street Boston, MA 02111

For some, attending a performance of The Nutcracker is a must during the holiday season. The Boston Ballet’s version is well-loved. It runs for more than a month, so visitors who come at any time during the holiday season can enjoy this winter favorite.

Boston Christmas Festival

November 7 through November 9, 2014

Seaport World Trade Center | 1 Seaport Lane Boston, MA 02210

Tel: 617.385.4000     

The gingerbread house competition is one of the highlights of this Boston event. The competition benefits local charities, and the celebrity judges add to the excitement. Those who attend can get into the holiday spirit as they browse the offerings of 300 vendors.

Craftboston Holiday Show

December 5 through December 7, 2014

Hynes Convention Center | 900 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02115

Another must-attend holiday show is the Craftboston Holiday Show. The Boston event takes place in the Back Bay near Boston Park Plaza Hotel. More than 175 artists show their work and attendees can find that perfect treasure to display in their own home or to give as a gift during the holiday season.

Holiday Tree Lighting at Faneuil Hall

November 15, 2014

Tel: 617.523.1300

Many tree lighting events take place throughout Boston, and this is one of the most popular. A giant tree is adorned with more than 20,000 lights. Before the big moment when the tree is lit up, visitors can enjoy live music, activities for the kids, and fabulous food.

About The Boston Park Plaza Hotel – A Boston Hotel:

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers is part of the rich history that defines Boston as one of the most beautiful cities in America and a top travel destination. This historic Boston Hotel is located in Back Bay, one of the most beautiful areas of the city – just yards from Boston Common, America’s oldest public park.

The Boston Park Plaza Hotel – A Boston Hotel conveys class and elegance throughout its exceptional concierge and guest services, 1,053 finely-appointed guest rooms and guest suites, premier dining with 8 on-site Boston restaurants including Melting Pot and the Statler’s Lounge. Other guest services include a 24-hour fitness center, 24-hour business center, and 65,000 square-feet of exceptional Boston meeting space.

Visit the Boston Park Plaza Hotel website.

View current special offers.

Visiting Boston? Consider The Boston Park Plaza Hotel – Check rates, make reservations or call toll free: 800.225.2008.

Browse the Boston Park Plaza Hotel Photo Tour.

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