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The Whole Person Named as Infinite Monkeys Mobile App Of The Week for April 5th – 11th

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2015

Infinite Monkeys, has announced today that The Whole Person is the company’s “App Of The Week” for April 5th – 11th.

Each week, Infinite Monkeys selects one app from the thousands published with their app maker platform. This app was chosen because it is a great example of the quality, beauty and usefulness that mobile apps can bring to a traditional community.

With more than 1 billion smartphones now active in the world, and 84% of those users accessing the Internet via their smartphone everyday, the base of potential mobile users for The Whole Person is massive and growing by the day. It was this potential that motivated Infinite Monkeys to create an easy drag-and-drop app builder platform that allows anyone to create an app without having to hire a mobile agency for thousands of dollars, or learn how to do coding.

The Whole Person and thousands of other small businesses, blogs, sports teams and community groups selected the Infinite Monkeys app maker platform to create and launch their mobile app for Android, iPhone and over 5,000 different models of HTML5 compatible smartphones.

From the app, users can become aware of their inner selves by practicing Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual exercises. They can also access helpful ideas for their life’s external dimensions like setting goals for their family, building up their social life, creating a career path, and establishing a long term financial plan.

Other information on the app includes Paul’s YouTube channel, where users can watch fantastic meditation videos suited for businesses, organisations and individuals. There’s also a comprehensive list of The Whole Person’s programs and strategies, and users can contact Paul Keetley via phone call through the app.

To create your own mobile app, and have a chance at being named App Of The Week, go to and get started today.

About Infinite Monkeys

Infinite Monkeys is the largest DIY mobile app creation platform in the world, providing a range of affordable marketing solutions to all small businesses, schools, community groups and individuals. By servicing the long-tail of niche interests with low-cost apps, Infinite Monkeys has become the largest DIY publisher of mobile apps in the world. The platform creates true native iPhone and Android mobile apps, as well as HTML5 mobile websites compatible with thousands of smartphone models. The platform is available in 15 languages for as little as $ 1/month, with hundreds of ways to customize your new mobile app. Functions include: Social Feeds, Live Video Streaming, Live Chat Rooms and the ability to secure apps through private access and content filters. Infinite Monkeys is the easiest way to mobilize your business, blog or community group.

Infinite Monkeys is also featured in a new video by blogger Harrison Lloyd showing 3 simple ways for anyone to create their own mobile app.

To learn more about how Infinite Monkeys is transforming the Mobile App Economy, please visit and follow @oo_monkeys on Twitter.

About The Whole Person

The Whole Person is a comprehensive life planning app, which includes Spirituality and possible Sources, Symptoms of Stress, and Great Things and Skillsm, which can be used to become a Master in one’s Life-Time. There’s also a button where users can call Paul for coaching.

The Whole Person is a new mobile app available for Android, iPhone and HTML5 compatible smartphones. It is the mobile presence of the Enlightened Therapies website – and was created with the Infinite Monkeys mobile app maker tool.

To download the The Whole Person app for your mobile phone, go to:

To learn more about Enlightened Therapies, please visit:

More Exercise Program Press Releases

Play Again Now Offers a Total Recovery Solution for Whole Body Soreness

Indianapolis, Indiana (PRWEB) March 24, 2015

Viscos, LLC announced their partnership today with Kevin Harrington, Anthony Sullivan and Primary Wave Entertainment to introduce Play Again Now™, a clinically-proven and physician-recommended oral, liquid sports nutrition supplement for total body recovery. Play Again Now™ will be offered through a national direct response campaign in addition to retail opportunities in the third quarter of 2015.

Play Again Now™ is a dietary supplement comprised of high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid (HA), blended with MSM. HA is naturally-occurring throughout the body in the fluid that coats, hydrates and protects muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues, as well as cushioning the joints. Play Again Now™ can help replenish the naturally-occurring HA, which degrades with age, rigorous workouts, injury and surgery. It is caffeine and gluten free, and contains zero carbs or calories. Everyone can benefit from this supplement – Cross Fit fanatics, weekend golfers, millennials looking to stay active into their later years, women wanting to prolong their health and vitality, competitive pro and amateur athletes along with preventative maintenance for young athletes.

Anthony Sullivan says, “Twenty years ago a doctor sat down and told me that I should quit competitive swimming. With Play Again Now™, I don’t feel soreness the next day. I’ve never had a supplement or anything have the effect that this has had on me personally.”

From Kevin Harrington: “I’m always being pitched new product and ideas. I just wasn’t prepared to feel the quick and dramatic results when I tried Play Again Now™. My own neck discomfort diminished in less than 10 days. I’ve worked with many nutritional supplements, but I’ve never seen a product as effective as Play Again Now™.

Debbie Ecksten, President of Viscos, LLC, notes, “Natural Products Insider stated recently, ‘Sports nutrition products are attracting a much broader, mass audience. We are now dealing with a new generation of consumers who have grown up knowing an active lifestyle has positive, long term implications for health, fitness, weight management and longevity.’”

Kevin Harrington sums it up: “We are very excited to offer this product on a national scale that will help people of any age continue to enjoy active healthy lives. Play Again Now™ is truly Recovery You Can Feel!”

Play Again Now™ is manufactured in an FDA-approved, GMP compliant manufacturing lab in the United States. 24 oz. bottle retails for $ 49.95. For more information visit the website,

More Workout Press Releases

California T-Rex Fit Launches Cutting-Edge Whole Body Vibration Machines

Sacramento, California (PRWEB) February 19, 2015

California T-Rex Fit is pleased to announce the launch of a new business that offers whole body vibration machines that enable individuals to improve their fitness level more quickly and efficiently than with traditional exercises alone.

California T-Rex Fit’s whole body vibration systems integrate some of the highest technological advancements and research available, according to Team Leader Lisa Welge. “We design California T-Rex Fit machines with the highest specifications and excellence, and that makes us one of the best providers of whole body vibration machines on the market,” Welge said.

The company’s California T-Rex Fit vibration machines employ cutting-edge technology that allows users to obtain the benefit of one hour of traditional exercise in just 10 minutes. As a result, they can experience weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Whole body vibration involves the pulsation of any frequency being transmitted to the human body. Essentially, the user stands, sits or lies down on the platform of the whole body vibration machine, which transfers energy to their body. The pulsating movements produced by the vibrations force the muscles to contract and relax dozens of times per second. Individuals of all ages and physical conditions can take advantage of whole body vibration to enhance their overall wellness and quality of life.

In terms of how California T-Rex Fit whole body vibration machines work, they can be set to deliver different frequencies from 5-60 hertz and amplitudes from 1-13. Higher frequencies and amplitudes provide a more intense workout for muscles, whereas the lower frequencies benefit lymph system drainage and ease those with disabilities into vibration therapy. In addition, different muscle groups are targeted by different speeds. For example, the upper body is targeted by lower speeds, while the lower body is impacted by higher speeds. T-Rex Fit users can incorporate a variety of upper body, mid-range and lower body positions to intensify the effects of their exercise routine. They can also enhance the benefit of their vibration therapy by combining weights, push-ups, stretches and other exercises.

Although California T-Rex Fit’s health equipment is based on cutting-edge technology, the concept of whole body vibration machines dates as far back as ancient Greece. In the 1960s, vibration exercises similar to the ones utilized today were developed in East Germany through the work of Dr. W. Biermann. His work laid the foundation for Russian scientists who began using vibration therapy to keep astronauts from losing bone density and muscle tissue. Today, whole body vibration therapy is used throughout the world by chiropractors, physical therapists, professional athletes, celebrities, weight loss facilities and fitness centers.

T-Rex Fit whole body vibration machines are based on solid research from reputable sources worldwide. For example, various studies indicate that vibration therapy improves:

    balancing ability, muscular performance and quality of life in older adults
    exercise training endurance, including muscle strength and power
    pain management recovery from injuries in the lower back, spinal cord, ACL and elsewhere
    the body’s ability to lose weight and shed potentially harmful belly fat

California T-Rex Fit whole body vibration machines are economically priced to fit almost any budget. For instance, the Silver model currently sells for $ 2,395 and comes with free shipping and no sales tax in most states. For more information, please contact Lisa Welge at 866-898-GETFIT (4383) or visit

California T-Rex Fit specializes in providing whole body vibration systems that use leading-edge fitness technology to help people improve their overall health. Based in Sacramento, Calif., the company offers the most advanced machine specifications on the market in its category. California T-Rex Fit’s equipment, which is suitable for residential and commercial applications, are ideal for anyone who wants to capitalize on vibration therapy to enhance their fitness level and quality of life.