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Pre Wedding Diet


The key is to develop a pre-wedding diet that works for you and your lifestyle. Always take into account your age and body type, you are an apple, pear and Chili Pepper. However, regardless of our type, we are all individuals. So, your bridal weight loss plan, a personalized diet, a diet that meets your needs. A healthy, progressive pre wedding diet ensures long-term success!

The best thing to do is eat sensibly, eating good healthy nutritious foods to make you feel energetic. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and make sure you eat breakfast.

Avoid ‘junk food’, such as fatty fast food, chips, donuts, chocolate bars and pop. Have three regular meals a day. In the middle of the afternoon, a light or low calorie snack, like fresh fruit or some crackers with low-fat cheese. This will maintain your energy level and control your appetite before dinner.

Do not skip meals. Skipping breakfast or lunch and will only cause your body to slow down, which is your body will not burn as much energy as you skip meals. Therefore, you tend to gain weight and that sense of fatigue so commonly experienced by people who skip meals or who try to lose weight quickly to get.

Do not start your pre wedding diet at the last minute. The best advice I got when I was to start losing weight today. Too many brides do their important wedding arrangements, but forgot to look after themselves and they can lose those extra pounds think closer to the big day. Take the pressure on yourself and start once you get engaged. This is you in so many ways, one is that you do not have to keep going back to Maggie Sottero dress your S5271 Catherine made smaller, and you will not be the bride cry on her big day say “if only”.

Your wedding day will be great, maybe even great. Your photos are beautiful, and your guests will remember for years to come. Losing weight the right way, at a pace you can maintain and keep it off. By throwing a few pounds, you may be an even more sensational knockout at your wedding, do it wisely.





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