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Six Ways to Stay Motivated For Exercise

Do you battle with yourself to do some form of exercise each day, each week, each year? You are not alone. We all have that conversation in our head, sometimes. You know, the one that says “I need to do some exercise today, but you know what, I just don’t feel like it”. But don’t despair, it may be that you are just suffering from a lack of motivation, which once easily rectified you will be back doing a form of exercise that you actually enjoy, simply by following one, or all of the six tips below.

Tip One: Long term motivation comes from within.
Motivation is possibly the biggest determining factor when it comes to being successful with your exercise program. Your level of motivation can make or break your plans. That is why it is so important to be clear on the underlying values and feelings that your exercise program will give you before you even start. Know why you are performing the exercise program and identify the steps that you will be taking by setting specific and realistic goals. If they are very clear and you feel 100% committed to their achievement then nothing will get in the way of your success. Your subconscious mind works like a heat-seeking missile; it will always hit what it is aiming for. So guarantee your level of exercise success by pursuing activities that you feel passionate about.

Tip Two: A stitch in time saves nine.
If we fail to plan, we plan to fail, At the beginning of each week, or each day, decide what exercise you are going to perform, for how long and at what time. Make sure that you have whatever equipment or support you need. That way, when it is time to take action, you will not have to think about it and you can just turn up and get on with it. Always be sure to identify any potential obstacles that you may encounter with your program and design a strategy to overcome them so that they will not affect your progress toward your exercise goals.

Tip Three: Incorporate fun and variety into your program.
Developing a variety of fun and interesting activities in your program will help you to stay interested and reduce boredom. Fun and variety also reduce the chances of you dropping out and help you to ensure that you have a holistic and well-balanced program that ensures on-going results. Try an outdoor group class one day, a boxing session the next to provide you with added stimulus and to spark further results and motivation.

Tip Four: Train with a friend, group or personal trainer.
Identifying a like-minded person or group of people in your life that has similar exercise goals and that you enjoy training with will support you to achieve your goals a lot faster. Even better, you and your friend(s) may want to hire a personal trainer for a period of time, they will tailor a program specific to your needs, keep you accountable, inspire you to train harder than your friend(s) will and best of all will never miss a session because they dont feel like it.

Tip Five: Acknowledge Yourself
Often we get caught up in the things that we haven’t achieved in our lives, which take our focus away from what is really happening. If you are struggling to see any personal progress with your exercise routine, then I recommend writing a list of everything you have achieved so far (and this could include your diet and other areas of your life that have shown some positive change. Such as reduced alcohol intake, higher libido and better sleep quality). This will quickly give you a different perspective on your exercise program and the progress you are making toward your goals.

Tip Six: Celebrate Your Success.
Perhaps the best way to acknowledge yourself is to reward yourself every time you achieve a significant goal. Rewarding yourself builds motivation and confidence. Each time you achieve a goal, CELEBRATE! You deserve it! You will notice, as you begin to achieve your exercise goals, that the feelings of achieving the goals are often the greatest rewards. The feelings of strong self-confidence, self-belief and heightened self-worth that come with achieving your goals are priceless.

Here’s to your increased motivation and much awaited return to a successful and fun training program.

The author Andrew McCombe (BPhEd) is a Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, Author and Speaker. For more information download the Free 10 EASY Steps to Your Perfect Body E-Book at

Summer Body Slim-Down: 5 Ways to Avoid Quitting Gym Memberships this Summer

Chino Hills, Calif. (PRWEB) June 03, 2015

Fit Body Boot Camp is America’s fastest growing and most popular boot camp fitness program. The company helps thousands of individuals across the country lose weight and live happier, healthier lives. To encourage more people to hit the gym and get the fitness results they want the company has released these five tips for getting the most out any gym membership:

Tip #1 – Don’t do it Alone

The hardest part about committing to gym memberships is saying motivated and on track. Attempting to overcome these challenges alone is often extremely difficult.

The best way for anyone to stay motivated and inspired is exercising with friends who hold each other accountable and professionals who can teach and encourage.

Fit Body Boot Camp overcomes this obstacle with its class format and personal trainers. These two elements allow bootcampers to stay accountable by exercising with friends and stay motivated with the instruction of professional trainers.

Tip #2 – Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet

Exercise alone cannot bring real results without proper nutrition and diet. But most gyms or fitness centers offer come kind of nutritional guidance for clients seeking such assistance.

All Fit Body Boot Camp training packages offer nutritional consultations and advice at no additional charge. Getting this sort of help is the best way to learn healthy habits and ensure weight loss results.

Tip #3 – Mix it Up Every Day

One of the most common reasons why most gymgoers end up quitting their gym memberships is sheer boredom. Everything starts off exciting, but repetitive workouts get old fast!

Try mixing things up and using all the resources a gym has to offer. Fit Body Boot Camp does this by planning completely new and unique workouts every single day. This allows bootcampers to target different areas of the body, avoid weight loss plateaus, and never get bored with Boot Camp.

Tip #4 – Don’t Waste Time

On the simplest level most people quit going to the gym simply because they can’t stand being there. It’s not an enjoyable atmosphere for many but there’s an easy response to this situation: spend less time at the gym.

Many believe they must spend hours at the gym every day in order to see results when, in reality, a 30-minute workout is plenty of time to get in shape and drop pounds— as long as it’s the right kind of workout, that is.

Fit Body Boot Camp workouts are only 30 minutes long yet because of their intensity and because of the Afterburn effect, Fit Body Boot Camp workouts burn hundreds of extra calories during and after a workout.

Tip #5 – Choose the Best Option

What many first time gymgoers don’t realize is that the world of fitness contains a plethora of options for getting in shape and losing weight. An ordinary big box gym membership simply isn’t right for most people.

The best way to avoid quitting the gym is choosing the right fitness option in the first place. When someone starts with the option that’s best for them their less likely to get discouraged, lose motivation, or get burned out.

Explore every available option and choose the best fit.

To find the nearest Fit Body Boot Camp and inquire about becoming a member of their boot camp fitness program, visit:

About Fit Body Boot Camp:

Fit Body Boot Camp is a family of indoor fitness boot camps with the global goal of engaging 20% of the world’s population in a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020. Fit Body Boot Camp was founded and is operated by Bedros Keuilian, fitness business and marketing expert.

To find a nearby location visit:

To learn more about the boot camp franchise visit:

Five Ways to Make a 6 Week Diet and Exercise Program Worthwhile

A weight loss regimen lasting just a week is more likely to be fantastic, but a 6 week diet and exercise program is realistic. A weight loss period of six weeks is safe, effective, and discipline-instilling. The first few weeks will be for the body to adjust itself for the weight loss regimen; the succeeding weeks will be for carrying out the main plans for weight loss. A longer diet and exercise program should cover not only exercising, but also dieting. If you exercise but you don’t eat correctly, all the losses in weight caused by exercising will be cancelled by the weight gain caused by improper dieting.

So here are five dieting and exercise tips that you can apply for a 6 week diet and exercise program so that you can lose weight in a safe manner. Here they are:

1. Remember the most common advice: eat fruits and vegetables every meal! This may sound too repetitive already, but we’ll have to emphasize this over and over again in your 6 week diet and exercise program. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that serve to boost your metabolism. Boosts in metabolism cause boosts in energy production, and boots in energy production indicate more fat-burning. Also, fruits and vegetables give you a feeling of fullness which keeps you away from fatty foods and foods that are rich in bad calories.

2. Remember to eat protein-rich foods too while in your 6 week diet and exercise program. Protein increases your muscle mass, and increases in muscle mass lead to increases in your capability to exercise. With bigger muscles, your exercises can last longer and will use up plenty of energy. Protein rich foods include meat, fish, chicken, eggs – any meat product will do. However, while in your 6 week diet and exercise program, remember to remove the fatty portions of these meat products so that you won’t take in excess fat.

3. Avoid processed foods, especially sweet foods with processed carbohydrates, while you are in your 6 week diet and exercise program. Processed carbohydrates are the bad calories – they are hard to digest, so instead of getting used up as energy, they end up becoming fats inside the body. Processed sweet foods include cookies, cakes, chips, sodas, and so on. You should get calories from fruits and vegetables, because the calories found in them are easily digested by the body and turned to energy.

4. Exercise regularly. For the first week of your 6 week diet and exercise program, you can do light exercises for 30 minutes a day. A good example of a light exercise is brisk walking. Any exercise with the same level of intensity as brisk walking is good. For weeks 2 and 3, you can proceed to more strenuous exercises, such as running and biking. You can also do strength training and you can even use exercise machines. For weeks 4-6, you can increase your activity level to at least 1 hour a day. Your exercises here will be the most vigorous.  

5. Always have some activity to do. For your 6 week diet and exercise program, you cannot afford to slack off when opportunities for activity arise. Even with regular exercise, to keep yourself psychologically committed to activity, you should seek activity even inside the house. If you are watching TV, you can do some sit-ups or even dancing. You can choose to run up and down the stairs if the opportunity arises during your 6 week diet and exercise program.

Victoria Summers is a featured and syndicated expert columnist on the topic of diet & exercise for the Secret Enquirer. For more diet & exercise tips and articles, visit now.

Dance Pizazzs Top Three Ways Ballroom Dance Can Help Anyone Relax

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) March 27, 2015

It’s a fact: one of the best and proven ways to relieve stress is through exercise. It’s also true that it’s hard to stay relaxed in today’s world of constant actions, emotions, and interaction. According to a Harvard Health Review article (, exercise – such as ballroom dancing – can help by relieving mental stress.

Dance Pizazz, the St. Louis area’s funnest, friendliest dance studio (, understands this need for relaxation to improve and maintain health and wants to share three tips on how dancing can bring about relaxation through:

1. Promoting Chemical Balance: Simply put, dancing has been proven to reduce the levels of stress hormones while stimulating the production of endorphins. These endorphins are responsible for post-workout feelings like positivity and relaxation. The more regular the exercise, the more endorphins are released to aid relaxation and regulate the body’s cycles.

2. Deepening the Mind-Body Connection: Mental stress is known to create symptoms such as muscle tenseness, cramps, rapid breathing, and even lightheadedness. Dancing regularly, though, can bring about a deeper mind-body connection by reducing stress. This knowledge is the key to maintaining good overall health and keeping negative symptoms and even diseases at bay.

3. Fun and Exercise: Ballroom dance is a stellar workout that is also fun! It allows the body to work many muscle groups in a rhythmic and repetitive fashion, which leads to more stamina and strength. It also gives dancers of any level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) a chance to unleash their creativity. What better way to both exercise and promote relaxation than while listening to good music?

As a body becomes stronger through exercise, it can also become more relaxed. Ballroom dance can help anyone with low-to-high levels of stress achieve balance on and off the dance floor. Check out for other ways dancing has helped many achieve their healthy body goals.

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NutritionInstructorMD Presents New Ways on How to Manage Cholesterol

(PRWEB) February 18, 2015

The Importance of Cholesterol Management

Cholesterol is one such substance that should be taken seriously. Proper cholesterol management can make the difference between a full active lifestyle and one plagued with avoidable health problems.

Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance in the cells of the body. Cholesterol contributes to the structures of the cell walls and helps to make up some of the digestive acids that break down the food that’s eaten. It also helps produce Vitamin D and some hormones. The body naturally makes cholesterol, but it’s also in the foods eaten.

There are essentially two kinds of cholesterol to be concerned with. High density lipoprotein, known as HDL, is often referred to as the good cholesterol. Low density lipoprotein is called LDL, and it is considered to be a bad kind of cholesterol. Excessive LDL in the blood stream cause the buildup of plaques in the arteries. This can lead to complications from high blood pressure. Over time, high cholesterol levels contribute to heart disease, stroke, coronary artery disease, and heart attacks. HDL helps to flush the LDL from the system.

It is important to consider cholesterol levels and have them checked by a doctor. While a doctor may prescribe medications to aid in cholesterol management, these drugs often have significant side effects that may lead to weight gain, higher blood sugar levels and type two diabetes. It is better to control cholesterol levels through lifestyle changes whenever possible.

Getting sufficient exercise helps to reduce unwanted weight gain and levels of stored fat in the body. Maintaining proper hydration levels also purges toxins from the body, but the most important factor to consider is your dietary strategy. Changes in eating habits can reduce the amount of unhealthy cholesterol one consumes. Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats, and eat more things that are high in fiber. Foods that are high in unsaturated fats like avocado, nuts, and olive oil are beneficial. Add green vegetables like broccoli and spinach. Include fish in a diet at least two times a week.

Even if not at risk now, take each diet seriously. The long term consequences of avoiding healthy eating habits can impair ones plans for the future.

To learn about better techniques for Cholesterol Management and many other health related topics, please visit or call 1-866-235-1946.


DietGeniusMD Presents Ways to Alleviate Asthma

(PRWEB) February 18, 2015

Managing Asthma With Better Indoor Air Quality

While there is no easy fix for someone who suffers from asthma, there are a few ways to curb asthmatic episodes and inflammation. Taking inventory of the indoor air quality in a home can be the first step in lessening the severity of attacks and number of occurrences. Here are a few ways the air breathed in a home can be alleviated.

Smoking Ban

Smoke is the first contaminate to banish from the home completely. Secondhand smoke has been proven to be detrimental to the respiratory system of those exposed. It irritates the bronchial airways and can cause inflammation. While smoking outside the home is a better alternative, be aware that smoke is still easily absorbed into clothing, coats and hair, allowing it to be brought into the home even if the actual smoking is done elsewhere.

Chem-Free Cleaning

Many people do not realize that the chemicals used to create common household cleaners can be a major trigger to those with asthma, leading to a tightening of the airways. Instead opt for more natural alternatives such as plant based cleaners that include anti-bacterial ingredients like tea tree oil, citrus or lavender. Choose surface cleaners with a vinegar base, which is gentler on the lungs.

Out With the Mold

Be wary of any areas where moisture may have entered the house, such as with a slow leak along a basement wall or a carpeted area that may have been flooded. Even the smallest amount of wetness can offer a breeding ground for bacteria, which can become airborne. These mold spores can infiltrate the home, creating irritants easily breathed in by unaware recipients. Do regular checks of basements and hidden away corners of the home where water may be entering unnoticed.

Filtering Fido

Having pets in the home may be non-negotiable, but having their dander floating through the living room doesn’t have to be part of the package. Many people who suffer from asthma can be sensitive to the dander produced by pets. This dander is extremely lightweight and can be sent into the air with the slightest movement. Invest in a home filtration system that can remove the dander and allergens from the air and reduce their impact on both family members and guests. A bonus to a home filter is that it can also reduce pet odors at the same time.

Living with asthma does not mean it cannot be managed. Take inventory of air within the home and make necessary changes, increasing the quality to reduce the number of asthmatic attacks and severity.

Learn more about ways to improve your asthma, and many other health related topics, by visiting support(at) or call 1-866-789-3699.


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HealthGuideMD presents, 5 ways to improve your seasonal allergies

(PRWEB) November 12, 2014

5 Ways to Fight Seasonal Allergies

A lot may be familiar with over the counter remedies for seasonal allergies, they are not the only way to manage them. Stop letting the weather send allergies into overdrive with these five tips.

Check Your Diet

Believe it or not, a diet plays a role in how the body responds to allergy attacks. Thin nasal secretions and clear nasal passages by incorporating more clear soups and liquids into the diet. This will help to keep the nose from feeling stuffy and make it easier for one to breathe. Add some onions, garlic, and vitamin C to a diet to reduce the severity and frequency of allergy episodes due to pollen exposure. Add antioxidants into the diet by eating more fruits and vegetables to help keep allergies away.

Combat Pollen and Allergen Invasions

Stop those sneezing attacks and sore and swollen eyes by using an air purifier in the home. Make sure it’s one that uses a HEPA filter to remove the most amount of pollen, dust mites, and other allergens from the home’s environment. Reduce the temperature and humidity to help keep allergens, dust mites, and pollen from circulating in the air. Vacuum and sweep floors weekly to keep pollen and allergens to a minimum inside the home as well.

Take Natural Supplements

While there is nothing wrong with taking over the counter antihistamines, consider taking the natural approach to managing allergy symptoms. Boost the immune system’s response with herbs and vitamins. Natural herbs such as butterbur, Dong-quai, and milk thistle are great for fighting inflammation, allergies, and histaminic reactions.

Reduce Stress and Relax

The immune system is severely compromised during periods of stress and fatigue. Boost the immune system’s ability to ward off seasonal allergies by getting more rest and avoiding stressful situations. Meditation and massage are great ways to rest, rejuvenate, and boost your immune system’s response to infections and allergies.

See an Allergist

Even after making changes to the home and diet, make time to go and see an allergist for seasonal allergies. While pollen and frequent weather changes can wreak havoc with allergies, there may be an underlying reason why your allergies tend to flare up at odd times. An allergist can pinpoint the cause of your allergy attacks, identify potential triggers, and provide a better way to manage the condition.

If you want to learn more about ways to improve your seasonal allergies, and many other health related topics, please contact support(at)healthguidemd(dot)com or call 1-888-461-4887.

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John Marshall Law School Program to Focus on Best Ways to Seek Order of Protection Remedies for Domestic Violence Survivors

(PRWEB) October 31, 2014

The Illinois Domestic Violence Act provides protections and remedies to empower domestic violence survivors. But some key remedies have proven difficult to obtain and implement.

A Nov. 6 program at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago will present new developments and best practices in implementing five such remedies in civil court. They are: firearm relinquishment, payment of support (child and spousal), temporary legal custody, payment of various types of losses (including attorney’s fees), and counseling.

Attendees also will learn about recent domestic violence court initiatives to make all remedies available to survivors, how to make a record for appeal, and the results of recent appeals of cases where there has been an alleged improper denial of remedies. The program will feature legal and domestic violence experts including Sebastian T. Patti, Presiding Judge of the Domestic Violence Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, and Charles Stoops, director of the Center for Advancing Domestic Peace.

John Marshall’s Domestic Violence Clinical Advocacy Program supports survivors of domestic violence by (1) collaborating in “field placement clinics” where students, under the supervision of pro bono attorneys or John Marshall-partner legal assistance organizations, perform legal consultations and legal assistance using a trauma-informed and empowerment model; (2) developing educational and training programs for the general public, advocates, law students, and attorneys; (3) developing legal forms that enable survivors to exercise their rights under Illinois statutes to overcome barriers they face to becoming safe; and (4) crafting empirical-based policy proposals to improve the law’s response to domestic violence.


What:     Best Practices When Seeking Order of Protection Remedies    

When:     Nov. 6, 2014, 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Where: The John Marshall Law School, 19 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago

1.5 CLE credit hours available to Illinois attorneys

For more information, contact Public Affairs Director Christine Kraly at 312-427-2737 ext. 171 or ckraly(at)jmls(dot)edu.

Ways You Can Have A Lot Of Fun And Stay Fit At The Same Time

Ways You Can Have A Lot Of Fun And Stay Fit At The Same Time

Keep yourself healthy for the long term by integrating fitness into your everyday life. You don’t have to spend hours on a workout; a few minutes set aside each day is more than enough. The article below will provide you with some great advice to use in your daily workout.

Many fitness experts claim that one of the most pervasive workout myths is “no pain, no gain.” There are many low-intensity exercise techniques that can keep you fit and healthy, including yoga, light stretching and walking. In fact, if you experience pain during or after a workout, it is likely that you have torn or damaged a ligament or over-exhausted your muscles.

After you workout, you should never take a pill immediately following. Researchers have discovered that taking pills like ibuprofen and acetaminophen weren’t any more effective than a placebo in decreasing muscle soreness after a workout. In fact, these pills can actually lower the rate of your muscle growth if you take them following a workout.

Since getting regular exercise is essential when aiming to live a healthier lifestyle, you should try to find a workout buddy to exercise with you. Having a regular workout buddy keeps you motivated. You are much more likely to skip a workout if you are exercising on your own as opposed to having a workout buddy.

Once you are well-embarked into your fitness routine, tailor your stretching to your personal needs. Muscles that loosen up quickly and easily do not need much attention. Concentrate more on the muscles that always give you trouble. These muscles need to be stretched more carefully and thoroughly. They deserve the lion’s share of your stretching attention.

A great idea when it comes to fitness is to avoid taking shortcuts. For example if you live in an apartment complex about a quarter mile from the trash compactor, don’t put the trash in the car and drive it to the compactor, WALK! This will get some much needed daily exercise into your routine.

A very simple tip to improve the quality of your quad workout is to be conscious of where you are pushing from on your foot. If you push with the heel or ball of your foot, the exercise is not as effective as pushing from the toe. Push from the toe and your quads work harder.

Work your hamstrings in order to make your sprint faster. Your hamstring muscles help your speed and are used to push off. Leg curl is a great exercise to get strong hamstrings, but instead of releasing this exercise quickly, release slowly which will work your hamstrings more. Strong hamstrings equal a faster sprint.

One tip every person who performs squats should know is to place as much of the bar over your shoulders as possible. The weight should be evenly distributed throughout the width of your body. When you mainly use your neck as a resting place for the bar, your spine becomes compressed which is not what you want.

The article above mentioned that fitness is a vital part of your life and you don’t have to spend hours working out to remain healthy. Spending a few minutes everyday when you have the time is more than enough. Apply the tips from the article above for a full and proper workout.

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