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Gluten Free vegetarian diet

Who needs it?

Gluten is a protein composite that can be found in wheat and related grains, like barley and rye. It doesn’t dissolve when placed in water,
adds texture to baked products and is used as a thickener, flavor enhancer and binder. Can be found in many staple foods. Gluten alone is
not bad for your health. Nevertheless, there are people who have difficulties digesting gluten or develop gluten sensitivity so they must avoid it. For those that suffer from an inherited digestive disorder called celiac or for those with gluten intolerance, the available treatment at this time is a strict gluten-free vegetarian diet.

Nature offers help

In a gluten-free vegetarian diet you have to avoid wheat, oats, rye, barley, and all derived ingredients. Everything from pasta sauce to baked beans must be eliminated. Vegetarians who suffer from gluten sensitivity or from celiac disease have many difficulties when searching for food because most restaurants and stores don’t prepare or keep gluten-free natural foods. It is good to know that there are many naturally gluten-free foods including:

 – Amaranth
 – Arrowroot
 – Bean Flours
 – Buckwheat
 – Corn
 – Mesquite flour
 – Millet and Millet flour
 – Nut flours (almond, hazelnut)
 – Potato, potato flour, potato starch
 – Pulse flours (beans, lentils, chickpeas)
 – Quinoa
 – Rice
 – Sorghum
 – Soy
 – Tapioca
 – Teff

This is a large variety of foods and definitely ensures that you get all the key nutrients even when you follow a gluten-free vegetarian diet: Calcium (spinach, kale, collard), Zinc (teff, quinoa, amaranth), Iron (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame), Vitamin B12 (non dairy beverages, soy milk), Vitamin D (almond milk, rice milk), protein (nuts, soybeans, tofu). There is a growing number of gluten-free products and flours, snack foods, hot and cold cereals, crackers, soups, sauces and pastas that can be found in health food stores and online, too. Apart from the above we must not forget pulses. It’s an extremely important category.

The role of pulses in a gluten free vegetarian diet

Pulses are also known as legumes and contain very low amounts of fat. They include dry peas, dry beans, lentils and chickpeas. Peas or fresh
green beans are not a part of this category because they have a much higher fat content. The benefits of legumes in a gluten-free vegetarian
diet are many: rich in protein and complex carbohydrates, low in fat and sodium which is good for your heart, rich in a variety of vitamins
and minerals. They are a good source of plant protein, very high in soluble and also insoluble fiber, have a low glycemic index and are high
in potassium. Pulses are free of trans-fats and cholesterol, rich in folate they prevent blood clots and heart attack, provide us with zinc,
calcium, magnesium and iron. They also are good for the environment in the sense that they take less energy to grow than other crops and
produce fewer greenhouse gases. Legumes are very versatile. We can include them in main dishes, salads, appetizers, baked products,
desserts, soups. Another major advantage is the fact they are readily available and low-cost. Considering the above it is very important to
incorporate pulses in our gluten-free vegetarian diet.

Legumes and strategy

A good idea is to eat pulses every day. If you don’t eat them daily, add them gradually, slowly in order to control bloating and gas. When you incorporate legumes in a gluten-free vegetarian diet keep in mind some tips:

– make list of safe, gluten-free foods: beans, seeds, nuts, fruits, rice

– drink fluids, mainly water

– eat loads of protein with each meal

– try a vegetarian omega 3 supplement from algae

– ask your friends and family to support you

– Maintain a positive attitude

– Consult your physician to ensure that your gluten-free meals include enough nutrients.

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Vegetarian Paleo Diet

So you are a vegetarian and yet you are so intrigued with this Paleo diet, can you observe then a vegetarian paleo diet still? Vegetarian paleo diet is good for people who want to join the Paleo parade without eating a piece of meat at all.

Vegetarian paleo diet may seem ludicrous to those who think that paleo diet consists mostly of meat. Paleo diet is everywhere — and now vegetarian paleo diet is making a statement as well.

Our body needs to eat in order for us to survive — and everybody also includes the non-eating meat people of this world. So why not create a vegetarian paleo diet plan to suit their lifestyle and beliefs?

Our bodies all over the centuries have been adapting to our environment in order to survive.  Vegetarian paleo diet is here to welcome more followers that this diet does not mean to impose, but to accommodate and help everyone achieve a healthy body and lifestyle.

And since paleo diet mainly consists of proteins from animals and not from legumes and beans, then this may seem to be a problem for vegetarians and vegans alike who love to eat their salads with tofu and bean sprouts.

Here are the options for vegetarians then:

You must eat a lot of eggs – so yes, this option is not for strict vegans. So you could eat as much as a dozen of eggs a day to be able to get enough protein and become a legitimate Paleo follower.

You must eat grain-like seeds in your foods for you to fit in the Paleo dieter profile. For the vegetarian paleo diet, to allow soaked and sprouted legumes and beans for the vegetarians’ sake is an order. So yes, you can still enjoy your meal of baked beans still, my friend…no need to worry.

The vegetarian version of this scavenger diet is mainly compose of fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and of course, vegetables still (only that they cannot eat potatoes). And the nuts that should be eaten must not have any sugar or salt in them.

Vegetarian paleo diet will help fight diseases such as heart attack and will help prevent stroke. This vegetarian paleo diet also helps fight cancer and diabetes. And with the combination of going vegetarian and paleo, the health benefits it could bring to a person is priceless and everlasting.

Some people are having confused thought about eating meat and being healthy and not eating meat and being compassionate to animals. So the issue always lies between those two dilemmas.

If your aim is to become a healthy person, then you really need meat in your diet, right? But then you can always respect the beliefs and the faith of those who value the lives of animals.

Paleo diet does not in any way challenge the meatless people because the reason of incorporating vegetarian paleo diet in their book would be defeated, right?

So go and practice being compassionate while maintaining your strength, energy and healthy body on the side — eat only the paleo foods that are vegetarian!



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Traditional Diet Vegetarian

Most people think that a 26.2-mile marathon distance run is the longest. In fact, ultratunning, whose distance up to 50 km, 50 miles and 100km, is very known. In this athletics, 100-mile is the longest distance. In some people’s thoughts, vegetarians can not be true athletes, and participated in so cruel as ultrarunning. As a vegetarian and ultrarunning player, I definitely know this is wrong. In fact, what makes me a better athlete is just vegetarian diet.

Since the college life to participate in cross-country running, I have tried a variety of training programs to increase the distance to be able to participate in the marathon, but every time I have failed. In 1996, things have a turning point that my uncle, a former Navy and nearly three decades of vegetarian, inspired me to become a vegetarian. Six months later I completed my first marathon.

Ordinarily, I am a common vegetarian, but I would become a strict vegetarian during my intense exercise time. Complex carbohydrates could be found in fruits, vegetables, cereals, pasta and many other foods, and these foods are high intake of vegetarians. Fat is good source of energy, but when together with protein (mixed in meat), common Americans take in fat far more than basic needs. Vegetarian can help you control the fat intake, but not excessive.

In ultrarunning race or extended training, the training time is usually 3 to 12 hours, in order to replenish my energy quickly, I sometimes eat energy bars. However, I don’t advocate it as part of our daily food. Although most energy bars are vegetarian, we still should check the label to determine if they are real. I strongly recommend you to use energy bars in training before race. Meanwhile, what the most important thing is to keep the body hydrated.

Your health, physical strength,energy will be strengthened if you are a vegetarian or vegan. In addition, I believe that physical and mental accomplishment needed in adhering to a vegetarian lifestyle is very similar to what is needed in long-distance training.

Conducting a physical examination before any new health plan is advisable. You can try a combination of walking and running methods depending on your background of different health and exercise. Despite that it takes extra time, it can do good to the effect of training gradually and prevent injuries. As running is becoming more and more popular, there are often products boasted of quick effect and singular function surrounding runners. Vegetarianism is very beneficial to a good attitude and diet which can make you run the farthest.

I find that being a vegetarian or a professional athlete does not need much time or energy, which is opposite to many people’s thought.
Although I’m just an ordinary person, extreme sports makes me believe that vegetarian lifestyle allow common people accomplish extraordinary things. In the condition that you keep good food habits and right lifestyle, I think you certainly will be a better athletic and enjoy happy performance.

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