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Nishi Pearls Offers Valentines Day Promotion on Specially Selected Items

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

Nishi Pearls celebrates the most romantic holiday of the year by offering a 30% discount on specially selected items fit for Valentine’s Day. The promotion will be running from January 28th to February 14th and features timeless pearl jewelry items centered on a Valentine’s theme.

Boasting of a range of genuine cultured pearl jewelry, Nishi Pearls’ eCommerce site will devote its “Sales” page to display the Valentine’s Day items for the entire duration of the promotion, with the added benefit of free shipping on all orders.

In 2014, Americans have spent an estimated $ 17.3 billion on gifts for Valentine’s Day and about 19% have given jewelry, according to a report by Business Insider. To perpetuate the tradition of giving jewelry during one of the most romantic occasions of the year, the Nishi Pearls team has explored emerging jewelry trends for 2015.

Director of Product Development, Alique Akkelian and Brand Manager, Vanessa Lombardi have scoured through hundreds of items before selecting the pieces that would be most appropriate for the promotion considering the current trends for 2015. “Pink accessories are gaining so much momentum right now and pink pearls add a romantic touch to a gem that has traditionally been used within classic jewelry styles. Because rose-coloured jewelry is currently trending, it ties in perfectly with our Valentine’s Day-themed promotion which includes several pink pearl pieces” claims Akkelian.

These pieces are all crafted around genuine cultured freshwater pearls and sterling silver, and they include sets to give buyers the option to pair matching earrings, pendants or necklaces. Taking into account the growing popularity of coloured pearls, entirely natural pink pearls are showcased in a radiant strand along with its matching bracelet and stud earrings. Additional pieces possessing pink pearls include a design that encases the gems in a sterling silver shell shape inspired by the Nishi wave logo.

Earring and pendant sets sparkling with white topaz, white cubic zirconium and diamonds showcase the natural luster of white cultured freshwater pearls. A sterling silver earring and matching pendant from the Bridal collection will also be featured. “This set features a pair of beautiful earrings and matching pendant fashioned with an intricate love-knot design which is studded with white topaz and which can be purchased separately. Our Bridal collection already features highly romantic pieces but this design was especially appealing due to the significance the love-knot represents” says Lombardi.

Among these Valentine’s Day items is one of the most coveted best-sellers by Nishi Pearls: a heart-shaped sterling silver design that frames a lustrous 10-11mm cultured freshwater pearl mounted on a sterling silver band. “Simple and sweet, this ring bursts with the youthful romance that Valentine’s Day evokes,” adds Lombardi.

These specially priced gifts will make the perfect addition to a beloved’s jewelry box. Shoppers will be able to take advantage of Nishi Pearls’ Valentine’s Day promotion from January 28th to February 14th with free shipping on all orders.

Nishi Pearls™ is a brand that specializes in designing and creating a wide range of contemporary genuine cultured pearl jewelry. With offices located in Asia, Canada and the U.S.A, Nishi Pearls has been making its mark at some of the most prominent international jewelry shows including the Jewelers International Showcase, the Orlando Duty Free Show of the Americas and the Jewelers’ Circular Keystone’s (JCK) annual trade show in Las Vegas, to name a few. Nishi Pearls’ dedication to quality is reflected in its partnerships with leading professionals, including their latest co-branding endeavor with Swarovski as well as being featured in Air Canada’s Inflight program. Their award-winning jewelry is inspired by the consumer of today and the fashion of tomorrow.

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