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Used Jeep Wrangler Sahara V6 Engines Receive Special Internet-Only Price at

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 27, 2015

The decision to install the Pentastar motor series in the Wrangler Jeeps in the U.S. in 2012 has created more consumer interest in 4×4 vehicles. To provide a way to replace a motor at a lower cost, the Got Engines company is now offering a special price for its used Jeep Wrangler Sahara V6 engines online at

Consumers will find the 3.6L V6 blocks pricing when using the price tool now at the homepage. The builds that are priced lower are the 24-valve version of the Pentastar engine. These VVT enabled models are new entries into the warehouse of used units that is now accessible to web buyers.

“Our pricing plan has been scheduled to remain in effect until the current inventory of used Wrangler motors has been sold,” said one Got Engines sales specialist.

The Sahara is one of the trim styles of Jeep SUVs that can now be fitted with the V6 3.6-liter blocks in the United States. A person not actively researching the web for a V6 block can still use the website to find V8 or smaller builds. The entire Jeep inventory is now part of the price incentives in place.

“A person who might be concerned with mileage counts or warranty terms can find out this information when accessing our price tool,” said the specialist.

The Got Engines company has expanded its phone system to provide a way to order all inventory that is sale priced. All discounts that are not published on the company website can be discovered by calling the order processing team at 1-866-320-1065.


The company supplies automotive motor blocks that are certified preowned from its national headquarters. The company uses a network of dismantlers, salvage companies and corporate resellers to acquire what is sold to the public. The company has increased its phone support staff in 2015 to handle more requests for orders and warranty claims through its call center.

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Town and Country 3.3L Used Engines Discounted for Dodge Van Owners at National Engine Supply Company

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2015

The manufacturing of the minivan in the late 1980s helped the Chrysler company to market its Dodge brand to millions of automotive buyers in the U.S. The company is now offering a discount for all Town and Country 3.3L used engines that are in stock and shipping this year at

The V6 blocks that are now available for a better price structure for consumers range in production years from 1990 to the current year. The 3.3L motor is one of the only builds used consecutively inside of minivans at the Chrysler company for more than 20 years. Each T&C motor that is provided this year arrives to buyers with a warranty policy.

“The arrival of more Chrylser-Dodge vehicle motors inside of our national inventory this year should help attract mechanics or van owners who need a low mileage block for replacement,” said one rep.

One of the advantages that a buyer of V6 3.3L motors will receive when sorting through what is available at the Preowned Engines company website this year is shorter research. Because all inventory in stock fits into all minivan trim levels, zero compatibility issues will be experienced for a motor buyer during the installation of the used van engines.

“The eX, LX, S, LXi and SX trim levels are all supported in the Town and Country V6 motors inventory that is discounted for public sale,” the rep included.

The Preowned Engines website is now promoting new inventory to purchasers across the U.S. who shop for motors by smartphones or tablet PCs. The company website is now setup to deliver price quotations and purchase options to adults using mobile devices to research the auto parts inventory now available in 2015.


The company offers access to its nationwide database of used condition motors to consumers, mechanics and other components purchasers in the U.S. on the web. The company is one of the largest providers of secondary market automotive components. The company has added Ford, GM, Fiat, Honda and Nissan builds to its inventory in 2015 as part of a continued expansion effort.

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