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Denver’s Unleaded Group Adds Extra Octane to Web Design

Born as Unleaded Software in a basement in 1996, like so many of the earliest internet ventures, the Denver-based Unleaded Group has grown into an industry-leading web development company with over 40 staff members in offices in Denver and Ahmedabad, India and a client list spanning four continents. To highlight the company’s expanded capabilities and growth, the Unleaded Group launched a complete redesign of its website in June to a Responsive format.

Responsive Design is a process by which websites are coded as they’re built to recognize how an online shopper is connecting to the internet—by a desktop computer, cell phone or tablet. Once detected, the site’s contents automatically populate to fit the fit the appropriately-sized screen—from wide to mid-size to narrow. As growing numbers of shoppers do their shopping on the internet, companies like Unleaded work to maximize their clients’ exposure on search engines such as Google giving them the tools to convert those shoppers into buyers—the newest innovation being Responsive Design.

“Customers don’t want to shop on sites where they can’t use links and buttons without zooming or excessive scrolling, where images are too small to see, or where navigation is difficult or confusing—all things that happen when a website not built on a Responsive or mobile platform,” said Jarod Clark, founder and president of the Unleaded Group.

Google is behind the rush to go Responsive. The dominant search engine internet-wide, Google controls how online searches function. About 1 ½ years ago, Google announced the upcoming change that would require that websites be mobile or Responsive to appear on a list of search findings. Then in early 2015, Google made the switch, altering its algorithm to eliminate non-mobile or Responsive sites from any search conducted on a phone or tablet., a statistics portal, announced “Worldwide mobile phone internet user penetration reached 73.4 percent in 2013. That number is expected to jump to 90+ percent by 2017.”

“By making its site adaptable (Responsive or mobile), a business guarantees itself a higher ranking in search results,” Clark noted.

Once a shopper lands on a website, it’s crucial that they’re able to move quickly to things that interest them and buy those things easily and securely. This becomes the job of Unleaded’s team of content managers and site developers. “On a website, especially on a small screen like a cell phone, a picture is literally worth a thousand words,” said Leon Averbukh, Unleaded’s Director of Digital Marketing. “By using strong images, we can help a shopper recognize things they want and quickly direct them to the products they want to buy.”

While there are several ready-made templates for building websites—platforms, in the trade jargon—Unleaded’s true expertise is in customized design for Magento, ExpressionEngine or hybrids of the two. “We integrate the best features of each platform to net a site that’s optimized for a customer’s specific needs,” Clark said.

Magento is the leading ecommerce platform, ExpressionEngine is Unleaded’s preferred content managed solution. “Magento is used to power some of the most respected online businesses—like e-Bay, for instance—and is the platform of choice for nearly every serious seller on the internet.” One of the earliest Magento affiliates, Unleaded boasts 11 Magento-certified developers on its staff. “We grew alongside Magento and are experts at integrating its robust e-commerce capabilities with other content management systems like Expression Engine and Craft for large and small clients alike.”

The Unleaded Group includes a solar-powered internet hosting company, Beanstalk Solar Hosting, as well as its Octane India division and was recently awarded Gold Star Certification from the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau.

For more information, contact:

Jarod Clark, President

The Unleaded Group

2314 Broadway

Denver CO 80205

(720) 221-7126


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