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The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists, Top Providers of Hair Loss Treatment, Provides Tips on How to Prevent Female Hair Loss

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) March 11, 2015

The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists (, a Toronto-based organization offering hair loss treatment for over 25 years, is providing tips on how to prevent female hair loss.

“Female hair loss is still somewhat stigmatized and not addressed much publicly. However, most females will experience some form of hair thinning by the time they reach middle age, meaning it needs real solutions,” says Ken Robson, founder of the Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists. “Thinning hair can actually occur when women are in their twenties, so it’s beneficial to know preventative measures as early as possible.”

Robson explains that diet is a determining factor in female hair loss. Not getting the required iron can lead to premature thinning and the loss of strength of hair follicles. Women who are vegetarians or vegans and not eating foods that are rich in iron may also notice their hair start to thin, making it crucial that vegetarians include greens like spinach and kale in their diet, as well as incorporate beans and tofu, which are strong sources of iron. (Source: “Are You Losing Your Hair? Here’s Help,” The Times of India, March 1, 2015;

“Scalp massages are another preventative measure that has shown some measure of success in preventing thinning hair in females,” he adds. “Massaging either coconut or argan oil into the scalp increases the blood flow, which theoretically infuses hair follicles with the necessary nutrients.”

Robson notes that women can even flip the direction of their hair. It may sound ridiculous, but when hair is flipped the same way over and over, it ends up laying on the scalp. Flipping in a different direction can add volume, Robson explains.

“With all that said, there comes a time when hair thinning or hair loss becomes inevitable and more drastic measures must be taken. But that’s what the Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists are here for. We offer clinical treatment for female hair loss with proven results.”

The best way for a female to know if they are a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery is to visit the Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists’ web site at to make an appointment.

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U.S. Schroth Method Expert Speaks on Non Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 12, 2015

Dr. Moramarco discussed the goals of three-dimensional treatment for scoliosis according to the newest Schroth Method protocols at the XIX Russian National Congress of “People and Health,” in St. Petersburg, Russia on orthopedics, rehabilitation and prosthetics. Goals of Schroth methodology include improving spinal function, vital capacity and postural appearance, educating and empowering the scoliotic patient, and decreasing pain – if present. Dr. Moramarco also presented the growing evidence in support of scoliosis bracing–specifically the benefits of asymmetric bracing, and of scoliosis-specific exercise as a treatment option for adolescents and adults. Components of the multi-faceted, Schroth Best Practice program® were highlighted. The program includes add-ons to the ‘original Schroth method’ exercises for the sagittal (side-view) plane. These new exercises promote mobilization of the spine and concur with recent evidence (van Loon et al. 2008) which shows that correction forces initiated in the sagittal plane help promote improvement of scoliosis in the frontal plane. 

Dr. Moramarco also reviewed new Level I evidence regarding the efficacy of scoliosis rehabilitation therapy from a randomized control study validating the use of self-correction (Monticone et al. 2014). Three-dimensional self-correction is an essential element of Schroth Best Practice® scoliosis exercises. This approach helps promote pelvic recompensation, addresses thoracic and lumbar rib prominences and helps restore the sagittal profile. Dr. Moramarco became the first U.S. physician to be certified in the original Schroth Method, 2007, and is currently the only U.S. Schroth Best Practice® Advanced Instructor.

The presentation highlighted recent evidence on the efficacy of scoliosis bracing, including the benefits of asymmetric (Cheneau) braces versus symmetric braces. The latter, which includes the widely used Boston Brace, have been found to be ‘satisfactory’ at halting curve progression. In contrast, the Chêneau-Gensingen® brace raises the bar when it comes to scoliosis bracing because the asymmetric brace attempts to improve curvature and postural appearance via overcorrection. The scoliosis brace, created by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss (grandson of Schroth Method originator, Katharina Schroth), has a high rate of success, is Schroth compatible, addresses the sagittal profile, and is front-closing and lighter weight for improved comfort and independence. The brace has strategically placed voids which allow for corrective rotational breathing. In the U.S., Dr. Moramarco is the exclusive provider of the Chêneau-Gensingen® brace. 

While abroad, Dr. Moramarco also spent four days in Germany, working with Dr. Weiss, and meeting with Christa Lehnert-Schroth, PT, author of Three-Dimensional Treatment for Scoliosis. The three discussed the upcoming publication of Schroth Therapy: Advancements in Conservative Scoliosis Treatment, a book the three spent the past year collaborating on. This new Schroth Method book is an updated guidebook for professionals about the cutting-edge Schroth developments by Weiss. These updated protocols use fewer props than the original Schroth exercises which results in easier learning. Drs. Moramarco and Weiss also assessed 3D scanning systems to be utilized in brace measurement for use with the CAD/CAM system used to custom-design each Gensingen brace®.

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Personal Peptides Announces Precision Medicine Solution for Cancer Treatment

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Personal Peptides, a provider of precision medicine based on genomic analysis, today announced the availability of a nutrigenomic tool for oncology: the ImmunoDiet™. The ImmunoDiet™ is a test that sequences the genome of individuals to provide oncologists and nutritionists with the information required to create a customized nutrition plan designed to improve the outcomes of cancer patients.

The ImmunoDiet™ is an example of the type of treatment referred to by President Obama in his recent announcement of a major biomedical research initiative that includes the collection of genetic data on one million Americans so scientists could develop drugs and treatments tailored to the characteristics of individual patients.

“Cancer patients should make positive lifestyle changes, that can include a better diet and more exercise. But those changes can be tailored with information in the genomes of their cancer cells,” said Jahan Khalili, Ph.D, Personal Peptides founder. “The ImmunoDiet test has delivered actionable information for every sample we’ve analyzed so far. We see cancers that mimic foods like spinach and pomegranate in addition to the most likely suspects, including cows and other mammals.”

Cancer can mutate to mimic certain proteins found in food, and consuming these foods has the potential to suppress the cancer specific immune system. Similarly, a strategy to avoid foods that may damage the cancer-specific immune system may help boost an ongoing immune system response against cancer. The challenge is that the DNA in each individual’s cancer is different. As a result, treatments must be customized for each person. Personal Peptides enables health and nutrition providers to counsel patients to manage their diets according to the individual DNA of their cancer with the aim of improving their outcomes.

About ImmunoDiet™

The ImmunoDiet™ is the only nutrigenomic cancer diet designed to prevent food-based suppression of cancer-specific immune response. Built to function like immunotherapy, this personalized food avoidance diet may prevent damage to cancer-specific T cells. The ImmunoDiet™ is offered as a one-of-a-kind tool for patients who desire to make safe food choices based on their individual cancer.

If oral tolerance is acting on the same T cells that are trying to fight a cancerous tumor, this may be stopped with the knowledge provided by the nutrigenomic ImmunoDiet™. Avoiding foods containing mutated molecular mimics, called M3 peptides, may help specifically boost one’s unique anti-cancer immune response.

The food to avoid when you have cancer is your tumor. When mice are fed the proteins from their tumor, the cancer in the body grows 25% faster, in less than three weeks. Because cancer can mutate to mimic some foods, this experiment describes a path to guide a food avoidance diet. Extending this experimental benefit to patients is the mission of Personal Peptides and the hope embodied in the ImmunoDiet™.

Testing the ImmunoDiet™

Testing the efficacy of the ImmunoDiet™ in humans is crucial, even though dietary interventions are especially challenging as they should coincide with treatments administered by oncologists. Personal Peptides is currently conducting tests to determine patient compliance with food avoidance recommendations. The results will allow us to move forward with a study to determine efficacy. The efficacy study will likely be conducted with cancer survivors who have achieved remission with an immunotherapy. We will be able to measure clinical end points in addition to physically track the T cells which cross react with the cancer and foods.

The first ImmunoDiet™ participant was a Ph.D. scientist who understood the T cell repertoire, the foundation of all efforts in the field of immunotherapy and how immune systems recognise “self” from “non-self”. The patient wanted to use an ImmunoDiet™ analysis on a suspicious mole removed a year prior. As moles can progress to melanoma and are sometimes excised as a precaution, this allowed the archived sample to be easily processed. For the doctor and the patient, the process is similar to requesting a second opinion.

When the sequencing of circulating DNA is more readily available, this testing can recommend food exclusions prior to diagnosis of frank cancer. This is how Dr. Khalili believes we can make the greatest impact in cancer.

Availability of the ImmunoDiet™

The ImmunoDiet™ is available through a client portal at Each patient must contact Personal Peptides to determine their eligibility. Personal Peptides provides the ImmunoDiet to patients who possess qualifying sequencing information. Those with solid cancers who do not already have their tumor sequenced may participate as well, though the delivery of the results will take four to six weeks longer to receive to allow for sequencing.

About Personal Peptides

Founded in Houston, Personal Peptides is the first company to develop a nutrigenomic tool for cancer patients, designed to improve their cancer specific immune system. By bridging the gap between the human immune system and personal genomics, Personal Peptides aims to provide individuals with the tools to sculpt their own immune repertoires.

For more information, please visit

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New Acupuncture Treatment for Eye Conditions Offered at Natures Balance

Crystal Lake, IL (PRWEB) January 07, 2015

Janine Jozwiak, of Nature’s Balance Acupuncture in Crystal Lake IL, is now offering Boel Acunova Acupuncture Treatments for many common eye ailments. Jozwiak is now one of the few American practitioners who use the method, which was developed by John Boel of Denmark. This treatment has been used on over 8000 eye patients and boasts a success rate over 70%.

The Boel Acunova Acupuncture Treatments involve eye acupuncture points in the hands and feet that are not associated with any other acupuncture system. Two additional points used are located in the eyebrows, which, studies show, increase blood circulation to the retina in the eye. The Acunova program involves a minimum of 10 days of treatments over a two-week period, and each treatment lasts about one hour. Herbs and supplements, along with a recommended diet and exercise regimen, may be included as part of the treatment.

According to Jozwiak, “Many vision conditions respond to treatment with acupuncture. Treatment is focused on identifying the root cause affecting your vision and improving these underlying conditions. The goal is to improve vision, slow the progress of your condition, and maintain eye health.” Among the conditions which may be effectively treated are Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Glaucoma, Stargardt’s Disease, Diabetic Retinopathy, and others.

A vision test is performed at the beginning of treatment to assess current vision, and another is done after the initial round of treatments. By comparing the two tests, it can not only be determined if the patient is a responder or a non-responder, but the efficacy of the treatment can be immediately quantified.

Once the initial course of treatment has been completed and the patient has recovered as much lost vision as possible, focus turns towards retaining the gains made through maintenance treatments. Degenerative conditions require ongoing maintenance and will only get worse if neglected. The frequency of these maintenance visits vary depending upon the patient’s specific health conditions. Most patients return for treatments more frequently during the first year, and then continue with maintenance treatments. Additional information on these, and other treatments offered at Nature’s Balance by contacting Janine Jozwiak.

About Nature’s Balance Acupuncture

Nature’s Balance Acupuncture, an Alternative Medicine Clinic located in Crystal Lake IL, employs many different alternative treatment methods or modalities, tailored to the patient’s individual needs. These methods are based on both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and proven alternative medicine practices, all of which are safe and effective. Nature’s Balance Acupuncture serves McHenry County, including the towns of Crystal Lake, Cary, Lake in the Hills, Algonquin, Woodstock, Fox River Grove, and McHenry. For more information or to arrange a consultation, call (815) 788-8383 or visit

Media Contact: Janine Jozwiak, Nature’s Balance Acupuncture

820 E. Terra Cotta Avenue, Suite 101

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

(815) 788-8383 or jozwiakj(at)naturesbalanceacupuncture(dot)com

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Bunion Bootie, the Very Popular Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment Announces Inventory Clearance Event; Today Is the Last Day to Save Big

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) January 02, 2015

Effective January 2nd 2015, Bunion Bootie, the best in non-surgical bunion treatment is announcing it’s End of Year Clearance Event, saving buyers an additional 25% off the Original Bunion Booties. These savings are in addition to their everyday multiples discounts which means bunion sufferers can save over $ 55 and get complimentary shipping when they buy 4 Original Bunion Booties. (Promo Code: EndofYear). This is a one day sale so don’t delay, offer does not apply to the new Bunion Booties so be sure to use this exclusive link to take advantage of this great offer –

Bunion Bootie temporarily corrects misaligned toes and its ultra thin properties allow for protection against rubbing footwear to bring pain relief to those suffering from bunions. This promotion is in addition to the automatic discounts that are applied when buying more than one from the website.

About Bunion Bootie

Bunion Bootie, established in 2011 by a group of bunion sufferers who cam together in search for an effective non-surgical treatment for bunions, is the perfect answer for people who must stay on their feet for prolonged periods. Office professionals, shift workers, athletes, and users worldwide have discovered Bunion Bootie. Bunion irritation, if left untreated, can result in blisters, swelling, tenderness, and bursitis. At only 0.4mm thick, Bunion Booties fit comfortably in almost any shoe (including high heels and running shoes), and is made with odor and bacteria resistant materials.

Please visit their website for full details. Discounts are available for purchase of more than one (1) Bunion Bootie and can be found on the website. For more information, contact Bunion Bootie through the company’s website,, or by e-mailing at CustomerService(at)BunionBootie(dot)com.

Eating Disorder Treatment Center Launches First-Ever Healthy Weight Loss Program for Emotional and Binge Eaters in Arizona

Scottsdale, Ariz. (PRWEB) December 09, 2014

A New Beginning, the innovative eating disorder outpatient treatment center specializing in psychological and nutritional services, recently launched Arizona’s first healthy weight loss program created specifically for individuals struggling with emotional overeating and binge eating disorders.

The program, called TheHealthyWeighOut, is the first of its kind to offer a real solution to sufferers of chronic weight issues caused by emotional eating and/or binge eating behavior.

Dr. Julie T. Anné, founder and clinical director of A New Beginning, says that up until this point, people suffering with chronic weight issues have been placed repeatedly on unsuccessful diets and told by doctors to exercise, with no regard of the underlying emotional factors that are driving them to eat.

“We created a solution, a dynamic program that not only helps overeaters identify the many reasons why they overeat, but then teaches them how to stop misusing food, so they learn how to eat for nutritional value and not emotional fulfillment,” said Dr. Anné. “This emotional approach, coupled with a ‘no more diets!’ intuitive eating approach to food and a similar ‘intuitive exercise’ approach to enjoyable physical activity allows our participants to not only lose the weight – but to keep it off for life.”

A New Beginning’s seasoned eating disorder specialists, Dr. Anné and Dr. Ashley Southard, co-created the program and designed it to help people understand how their emotional issues play out in their unhealthy relationship with food. TheHealthyWeighOut teaches participants how to cope with emotional triggers such as stress, sadness, boredom, anger and loneliness, without the use of food.

“To achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss, individuals must address the emotional factors which drive them to eat, not only the physical and nutritional aspects of their obesity,” said Dr. Anné. “TheHealthyWeighOut addresses weight loss by treating the essential, interrelated areas of physical, nutritional and emotional health. We take a ‘no-diet’ approach to eating to help our participants break the diet-overeat-diet-overeat problematic eating cycle which chronic dieting creates, resulting in weight loss that is not only successful, but long-term.”

Instead, the program, recently available to sufferers in Arizona, instructs people how to eat all food in satisfying moderation by embracing an “intuitive eating” approach and teaches participants how to develop a fun, engaging relationship with physical activity, termed “intuitive exercise,” utilizing TheHealthyWeighOut’s private fitness studio. The program is designed to include hands-on learning and compassionate support through the new “Jump Start: 8-Week Emotional Weight Loss Program” which offers an innovative, research-based approach designed to help participants fully recover from the psychological, nutritional, and physical fitness challenges associated with overeating, emotional eating, binge eating and the consequential weight-related obesity. Alternatively, participants can choose to participate through individual services, working at their own pace with trained specialists.

For more information on TheHealthyWeighOut and the “Jump Start” 8-Week Emotional Eating Weight Loss Program call 480.941.4247 or visit

About A New Beginning

A New Beginning is Arizona’s premier outpatient eating disorder treatment facility, specializing in the comprehensive care of all eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, emotional eating, obesity) trauma/abuse, depression and anxiety. A New Beginning successfully combines the expertise of a highly trained, experienced staff with the warmth and compassion of genuinely caring, committed professionals. Helping individuals overcome their emotional struggles since 1994, A New Beginning believes in the ability of all individuals to recover fully from their psychological difficulties and to experience life in a fulfilled and meaningful manner.

A New Beginning offers a full array of psychological and nutritional services, conveniently located within one treatment facility. Comprehensive in scope, yet personal in nature, A New Beginning is committed to providing each client with individualized, compassionate, professional care.

Microneedling Rejuvenation Procedure: Skinspirations Offers New SkinPen Treatment

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

Tampa Bay cosmetic medical practice Skinspirations has added SkinPen microneedling treatments to their menu of services. Skinspirations is owned by Cynthia Elliott M.D., who has been practicing medicine for nearly 25 years. The SkinPen, which employs a process known as microneedling, is produced by Texas-based Bellus Medical. The pen-like device produces thousands of microscopic holes to stimulate collagen and the skin’s natural healing process. Research shows this safe, nonsurgical cosmetic procedure is more effective than previously thought in making skin healthier and younger-looking.

By stimulating the skin’s natural ability to repair itself, the SkinPen breaks down scar tissue and replaces it with normal collagen. The vertical technology of the SkinPen allows the device to be used safely anywhere on the body, even close to eyes in the case of treatment of crow’s feet. The SkinPen has been shown to be effective for wrinkles, thin skin, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, premature aging, scars, lax skin, sun damage, stretch marks and hair restoration. It has also been reported to reduce the size of pores. Compared to other areas of wrinkling, eye wrinkles see the quickest and most notable improvement. Scars like icepick acne and surgical scars also become less noticeable with microneedling treatments.

The goal of treatment in microneedling is to create a surge of growth factors that assist with cell proliferation and differentiation. According to Dr. Lance Setterfield, author of The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling, skin cells go through “cell amnesia” as they age, in which the cells “forget” to perform the process required for healthy and younger-looking skin. Microneedling works by manipulating cellular communication through the release of growth factors and other proteins associated with wound healing. Cells are then able to “remember” and perform their functions properly, resulting in skin that looks and behaves like healthy, youthful skin.

The SkinPen is performed in-office and normally takes about 30 minutes, depending on the size and number of areas treated. The SkinPen, which is not available for home use, uses sterile, disposable needle cartridges and is equipped with several safety features. Microneedling rollers for home use are also available and recommended to help speed up and maintain results. All three licensed estheticians at Skinspirations have had extensive training in SkinPen, as well as other professional skincare procedures.

Microneedling also allows for an increase in product penetration. Ingredients, such as vitamins, are able to travel down the columns produced by needling into the deeper layers of skin in order to assist with the cell rejuvenation process. Some of the most important ingredients to use with microneedling include:

Vitamin A, which encourages cell turnover and an increase in collagen production;
Vitamin C, which makes collagen structures stronger, helps reduce oxidation and combats free radical damage;
Copper peptides to promote the formation of elastin; and
Zinc, which is required for collagen production and DNA repair.

Dr. Elliott stresses that proper moisturizers and sun protection, in addition to a healthy lifestyle containing a proper diet and exercise, are necessary to obtain the most dramatic results with SkinPen treatments.

Microneedling optimizes skin health and is not intended as a quick fix. Collagen remodeling can take place for up to two years, and the SkinPen should be thought of as an ongoing process, like a fitness routine. SkinPen treatments for general anti-aging results should be scheduled starting with three monthly treatments followed by maintenance treatments twice a year – and for issues related to scarring, six monthly treatments are recommended.

About Dr. Cynthia Elliott and Skinspirations:

Cynthia Elliott, M.D., is the owner of Skinspirations, located in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Elliott obtained her M.D. from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and then completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Denver General Hospital and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She has been on staff at Bayfront Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, University Community Hospital and Mease Countryside Hospital, and has served on the faculty of the USF School of Medicine. Dr. Elliott currently serves as an expert witness in Cosmetic Medicine for the Florida Board of Medicine. Her company, ExpertEsthetics, provides hands on technique training for other practitioners. Dr. Elliott is also a national and international trainer for Cutera Lasers, training other physicians in the use of aesthetic lasers with skin of all colors. Skinspirations specializes exclusively in rejuvenation, enhancement and anti-aging treatments for the face and body. With her staff of aesthetic experts, you know you’ll get the best results obtainable. Dr. Elliott has been in practice for over 20 years, and has the experience and reputation to have been chosen by the makers of Botox® Cosmetic and Juvederm to train other physicians and practitioners in her techniques. For more information, visit

PreDiabetes Treatment Company Offers PreD Store Shoppers Supplements to Support Healthy Blood Sugar

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

PreDiabetes Centers, the pioneer in prediabetes treatment, is gifting PreD Store shoppers with a supply of sugardown®, a chewable dietary supplement that is taken before meals to reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes. Learning how to control blood sugar levels and boost overall health is an important part of a diabetes prevention plan.

Shoppers who spend $ 50 or more on orders will receive one complimentary tube of sugardown. The offer expires November 30.

Full-size bottles of sugardown–containing 60 tablets–are now available at the PreD Store. Shoppers can purchase sugardown for just $ 49.99–a discount of $ 10 off the retail price when they use the promo code sugardown.

Prediabetes is a common, dangerous condition in the U.S. More than 86 millions have prediabetes, the condition that occurs before a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. People with prediabets and diabetes have to watch what they eat, especially carbohydrates, which can cause high blood sugar levels.

sugardown can be a helpful accompaniment to a nutritious diet by reducing the impact of sugar on blood glucose levels during the breakdown of food.

When a person digests food, a substance in the body called enzymes break down carbohydrates (foods containing sugars and starches) into glucose, and glucose then enters the bloodstream. Too much glucose in the blood can lead to prediabetes and diabetes.

When taken 30 minutes before a meal, sugardown can stop enzymes from breaking down carbohydrates into glucose thanks to galactomannan–a natural, plant product that blocks the enzymes. After a meal is eaten, sugardown can reduce levels of blood sugar by as much as 50%.

sugardown has been tested in clinical trials and is made by Boston Therapeutics.

sugardown contains natural ingredients and has no side effects. The chewable tablets also contain no caffeine or sugar.

Nutritional supplementation in conjunction with a nutrient-rich diet, regular exercise, and treatment for underlying disorders can help stop the progression of diabetes.

The PreDiabetes Centers 12-month treatment program is physician-directed and employs the latest in biomarker blood testing, lifestyle intervention, hormone optimization, and advanced nutrition to reverse the progression to diabetes.

People who feel they may be at risk for diabetes can take an online Diabetes Risk Survey, or call 1-855-399-7733 to schedule a complimentary blood test at a local PreDiabetes Center.

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