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Maintaining Fitness While Traveling

The easy thing to do would be to just say screw it for the duration of your trip and eat every meal out, allowing yourself forbidden foods you’d never eat at home, and “Make it back up when you get home.” If a minor setback is not of concern, then you can choose to go this route. However, it is not recommended.

Yes, healthy eating will be harder when traveling. But habitual healthy eating is a none-easy task anyway, so you should be used to the challenge. Think about the guilt you can avoid by knowing you came back from your trip and didn’t mess up your fitness efforts. The guilt alone should be reason enough to avoid carefree eating.

Okay, if you’re without kitchen, cooking yourself gourmet meals may be tough. You might have to settle for less glamorous food, but you can still keep it healthy. Personally, I’m on the Paleo eating plan, so I have to be very careful of my food and cook most meals at home. I would probably look for a grocery store, find their prepared foods section and grab a rotisserie chicken, remove the skin, and then head over to the produce department and get some fresh veggies. Maybe some almonds as well. Voila! Diet is still solid with much ease.

If your diet is not as restrictive as the Paleo Diet, you should have no problem staying on track. Even when dining out you can make healthy choices. If you’re vacationing somewhere exotic with unique food, then please do try it! Experience the cultures of the world and have fun! Of course, if you’re somewhere exotic, you’re likely there for pleasure not business, in which case I promote letting loose and having fun!

Inconvenient but not Impossible

So the trend for both working out and eating well while traveling seems to go as follows:

-It will be harder than you’re used to when at home, but should not be excused
-Pushups can be done anywhere, as can bodyweight squats, mountain climbers, lunges, etc.
-Healthy food options are all around you. We live in an amazing world of grocery stores and health stores within reach. Utilize these luxuries, often taken for granted.

I’m not trying to be a fitness nazi here, I’m simply trying to enlighten you and keep you on track to your goals. Like I mentioned earlier, the guilt of coming back from a 5 day trip of eating fast food and being lethargic is enough motivation to jumpstart me into gear. Hopefully, it will be the same for you. If not, find your motivation within – and do what it takes to be a warrior!

Craig Avera is an actor residing in heart of Hollywood. He runs the free website “Hollywood Body Fitness” which specializes in creating the lean “Hollywood” physique.

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