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LearningRx Builds the Smart Mom’s Toy Box: 25 Brain-Building Toys & Games Under $20

(PRWEB) December 03, 2014

For parents in search of toys that are both fun and educational, brain training company LearningRx has put together “The Smart Mom’s Toy Box.” The toys have all been selected by Dr. Toy (Stevanne Auerbach) for inclusion in her Magic Toy Box (, and every toy is under $ 20. Her Magic Toy Box is a collection of handpicked educational, development, and skill-building products that have made one of her four annual award programs, including Best Vacation Toys, Best Green Toys, Best Classic Toy, and Best Toys for that year.

    “Parents don’t need to break the bank to get quality toys that build cognitive skills,” says Tanya Mitchell of LearningRx Colorado Springs. “All of the toys in the Smart Mom’s Toy Box cost less than $ 20 and you can help strengthen a child’s processing speed by using a stopwatch for certain activities. These 25 games have been chosen for their educational benefits; they help strengthen a variety of cognitive skills—like memory, auditory and visual processing, attention, processing speed, and logic & reasoning—which are the essential tools needed to learn, memorize, process, and recall information. But to kids—they’re just fun toys!”

Here’s a sample of some items from “The 2014 Smart Mom’s Toy Box”:

1.    Classic Peg Game by ToySmith ($ 2.99)

Jump pegs, removing them as you go, with a goal to get down to just one remaining peg.

Cognitive skills: logic & reasoning, planning, strategy, attention

2.    Show Me the Kwan by Griddly Games ($ 19.99)

Roll the dice and be the first to choose the letter that matches the category for that round. Then earn points as you call out words where either the first, second or last letter corresponds to the letter that was rolled.

Cognitive skills: auditory & visual processing, attention, processing speed

For a list of games and the skills they strengthen, visit: For the full version of the Smart Mom’s Toy Box, call (719) 264-8808 or visit

About LearningRx

LearningRx brain training specializes in treating the cause––not the symptoms––of learning struggles. The programs’ game-like exercises and one-to-one trainer-to-student ratios provide lasting and dramatic improvement in as little as 12 to 24 weeks. With 90 centers across the country, LearningRx brain training can help anyone—from 5 to 85— enjoy the life-changing benefits of better brain performance.

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