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Fighting Falls Balance and Stability Program Thriving at Cape Cod Rehab Physical Therapy & Fitness

Mashpee, MA (PRWEB) January 23, 2015

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of 3 adults (aged 65 and older) falls every year. Physical activity is a major factor in keeping good health and maintaining independence through the aging process. Fighting Falls, a balance and stability program at Cape Cod Rehab Physical Therapy & Fitness, was designed to develop balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength to reduce the risk of falls and improve activities of daily living.

The four week Fighting Falls program begins with baseline testing and discussions of risk factors followed by exercises targeting balance and posture. The number of participants in each group is limited to provide more individualized attention for each member.

Mashpee Fitness Center member, Marcia Thompson, was extremely happy to go through the Fighting Falls program. “[The instructor] Alan Harrison did an excellent job of tailoring exercises to each individual so that there was a sense of accomplishment no matter the level of achievement.”

Another participant, Ina Schlobohm, said, “Our instructor was thorough in his explanations of the relevance of the exercises we were doing and was patient with all of our questions. I am certainly going to continue with the exercises prescribed, in the hope that things don’t deteriorate but maintain status quo and perhaps even improve.”

Part of the Mission of Cape Cod Rehab is to help people improve their performance in everyday activities, sports and recreation. The number of individuals who incur a fall is at a staggering high (over 2.5 million in 2013) therefore the Fighting Falls program was born.

Joe Carroll PT DPT SCS, owner of Cape Cod Rehab, had this to say; “This past year we lost my mother due to complications that developed after a fall that fractured her hip and humerus. I’ve decided to put greater resources into our Fighting Falls program with the goal of preventing these devastating injuries and maintaining healthy lives.”

Cape Cod Rehab is taking a pro-active approach to try to identify those who may be at risk or those who may have had an injury that has weakened them, making them a greater fall risk. There is quite a bit of ongoing research on studying not only the causes of falls, but also what types of interventions can help those at risk for falls.

Carroll has invested in the HUMAC Balance System and placed one of these high tech devices in each of Cape Cod Rehab’s three locations. Rob Potash, Vice President of CSMi, the company that developed the HUMAC Balance System stated, “HUMAC Balance was developed for physical therapists to address the rising increase and cost of senior falls. Every 17 seconds, an older adult will go to the ER due to a fall related injury.”

The device uses force plates and biofeedback for testing to measure a person’s ability to balance themselves under different standardized protocols. Potash continued to say, “The most effective single fall prevention intervention is exercise, but first one needs to identify the weakness to prescribe the appropriate training.”

Physical Therapists and trainers are then able to use the data gathered with the HUMAC Balance System to develop a treatment program of strengthening and balance exercises. Results are stored and each training session is able to give feedback to track progress.

Last month Cape Cod Rehab formed a HUMAC Balance Team with representatives from each of its 3 locations. The team’s focus is on research, analyzing data from the program and looking into ways to constantly improve Fighting Falls.

Thompson added, “In the long run, teaching good balance is a win/win class for both the participants and the rest of the population at large. Being aware of balance and working to improve it has to be one of the most important aspects of life seniors can work on.”

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