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The Surf Diet

“The Surf Diet” eliminates the fitness confusion. More than a diet, it is a lifestyle for everyone who intends to look good in a bathing suit – not only surfers, as researched by Chris Mo’e and “The Surf Lady.” Even stay at home moms can go from the ironing board to the surfboard look.

Studies show that most diets fail within the first two weeks. What makes The Surf Diet designed to be failproof is the built in mechanism which “forces” you to cheat as part of the lifestyle. Sounds to good to be true? Read on. Real change comes from motivation coupled with rock solid planning.

Forget Biggest Loser Boot Camps and everything you heard from A-Z (Atkins to Zone) because carbs CAN be your friends – depending on the time of day you eat them. If you follow these four simple points:*eat smaller meals *eat more often *learn nutrition basics and *move around more, you will certainly obtain the body you want. Trying not to cheat only makes you want to; regulated “cheating” ensures you will maintain The Surf Diet and also throws off your metabolism which actually facilitates permanent weight reduction. Success comes from building a habit and making a just a few wise choices to replace other ones, because eating only an extra two french fries a day will put on 40 pounds over 10 years if you don’t know how to incorporate it in a healthy manner.

The unique feature of this diet includes the fact that you can test these guideposts FOR FREE in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You never have to buy anything else, ever. We don’t sell supplements or exercise equipment or meditation tapes. The premise is built upon making a few simple changes to your already established eating habit and incorporating it into our easy to follow, and more importantly, LOVE, meal plan with such items from our recipes like beer batter pizza, for example.

Our president and Founder  “The Surf Lady” often appears on various news shows sharing these lifestyle tips. We all know that news stations do their due diligence and would not allow a guest on their show if they did not feel The Surf Diet is valid!

This Guidebook entertains as well as informs, infused with top 10 lists and numerous pop culture references. Do you drink coconut juice or know someone who does? We share a revolutionary way to replace NON HEALTHY DAIRY with coconut juice – a drink known to have more natural electrolytes than any other; it is like receiving a blood transfusion!

This Book is a premium item which may be distributed through a variety of gift-with-purchase, purchase-with-purchase and / or direct sales programs, all featuring an exceptionally low per unit cost and high perceived value.  It encourages repeat patronage, raises funds for a charity, and conveys important information to help people be healthy and well; as we know, nothing is more important than health! Plus with the new year, improving one’s health is in the forefront of peoples’ minds – this Guidebook facilitates that.  All these reasons are why this Guidebook is superior to other diet and lifestyle materials available, which is why rock stars like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead endorse it. As does one time world champion female surfer Keala Kennelly.

Brought to you by “The Surf Lady’s” not-for-profit  ETERNAL YOUTH EMPIRE  – a duly recognized tax exempt charity based in California ~ THE leading authority on anti-aging and trusted self-help expert, with 12 books available on Kindly visit   for further info.

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Vuori launches new men’s performance apparel focusing on yoga, surf, sport and life.

Encinitas, CA (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Founder Joe Kudla, and collaborating athlete Chris Miller, a pro skateboarder and action sports industry veteran, describe their new brand, Vuori, as a modern men’s performance line that is inspired by the coastal California lifestyle. It is an integration of yoga, surf, sport, art and life. “Vuori is functional high performance apparel that will get you through the rest of your day in style and comfort,” says key collaborator Chris Miller.

After numerous conversations on the active market Joe and Chris realized that the male customer looking for great looking performance clothing is really underserved as so many companies are focused on the women’s market. Athletes ranging from those that practice yoga, surfers, runners, climbers, and cross-fit enthusiasts all mentioned that they did not want to sacrifice style for performance but often had to choose between the two. This was the inspiration behind the brand, to create a line that was built to move and sweat in but transitioned into everyday life in a seamless way with a style that guys actually want to wear.

Vuori has assembled a great team of investors and Board of Directors that are part of the optimistic and healthy lifestyle, including musician Jason Mraz. Industry veterans, Rich Rodstein, formerly CEO of K2 and Michael Magerman, founder of Odyssey Golf are investors and will sit on the board of directors as well. Rounding out the executive team is Nikki Sakelliou, who will lead Vuori’s marketing team. Sakelliou previously lead the marketing efforts for prAna and has deep roots in the surf and skate markets, as does the rest of the creative team. Apparel designer Rebecca Bray previously lead the design efforts for RipCurl and Ashworth and the brand is currently working with newly launched creative agency, Wander and Echo.

Vuori’s Spring collection has just launched and is currently available in outdoor and surf specialty shops, high-end gyms and yoga studios as well as on-line.


Vuori is a new perspective on men’s performance apparel inspired by the coastal California lifestyle; an integration of yoga, surf, sport, art and music. The product is built to move and sweat in, yet styled for life.

For more information contact nsakelliou(at)vuoriclothing(dot)com. For inspiration visit __title__ integrated performance]

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