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The NOW Dextrose Workout Supplement

Choosing the supplement that will work best for your workout plan is not really easy. You need to be fully aware of what your goals are, what your routines are and how much you are willing to spend. In addition that, you also need to understand how your body works and which supplements you are already taking. In this article, we are going to pay special attention to one post-workout supplement, and this none other tan the Dextrose supplement that is manufactured under the NOW brand.

What It Is About

Now, unlike many supplements that we have n the market and which contain several ingredients that they can increase your body muscle and all that, Dextrose is simply their to reenergize you after a tiring workout session. As you probably know already, this is simply glucose. Now, glucose is one of the simplest forms of sugar, known as monosaccharide. If you are a person who does not like sweet things, then you need not worry at all because of the fact that this supplement s actually 30% less sweeter when you compare it with the pure sugars or the refined ones. The good thing with this sugar is the fact that it is something that can easily be absorbed into the bloodstream, so apart from it being able to replenish your energy after a workout, it can also be a pre-workout supplement.

Replenishing the energy of the athlete after a long training is important, but t is definitely not the only role that is played by this supplement. This supplement, though not a protein supplement helps the body in the process of repairing the body tissues and helps build muscles in the long run. This is because consuming the supplements early enough prevents the body from breaking down muscles in order to provide the body with its needs.

Indeed there are so many roles that are played by the glucose supplements, that it can really be difficult all of them and go through them. However, there are few other affordable and complications-free supplements in the market today.

All in all, glucose is something that can be consumed by many people, but those people who have problems with sugar should not take it at all, unless you have been advised by the doctor otherwise. This way you will be pretty sure that whatever you will end up doing, will not be detrimental to your health, but will be of great help.

If you would like to lay your hands on NOW Dextrose I would advise you to visit for great discounts.

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The Nourishing Substances of Post Exercise Supplement

Despite the fact that a few disputes that pre workout dietary supplements are very significant for men and women who are attempting to strengthen their lean muscular tissues and heighten their vitality levels after executing workouts possibly at home or inside a health and fitness center, yet essentially the most important component to be regarded is to obtain a post exercise supplement. This is mainly because the movements of the muscle tissue after having an intense physical exercise routine can absolutely carry an area on our torso, utilizing probably the most saved vitality inside our entire body in the workout procedure. As a result of this, our body might feel fatigued and lost the essential strength and vigor in dealing with the things to do meant for the whole daytime in advance. Folks who typically commence their training early in the morning may possibly never obtain the rewards with this strategy.

The nourishing substances of a post exercise supplement take the place of the calories as well as power displaced in the human body and these particular nourishing substances are necessary in restoring the muscles that are frequently stretched after a strenuous workout program. Hence, apart from reestablishing the power most post exercise health supplements are utilized in assisting the human body to be able to absolutely retrieve speedier and will help any person return in shape to execute much more physical exercises.

Owing to the acceptance of diverse dietary supplements currently utilized in advance of and after having a exercise session, unluckily a number of men and women are generally discovering it tough to make a decision about the particular merchandise they need to take in. With the most extremely advised merchandise in which people may quickly opt for right now is called Warrior Whey™. Remember, whey dietary supplements are usually favorable in managing the exact protein consumption the physique wants, and these varieties of dietary supplements are becoming well regarded across the globe whether a person is doing exercises or otherwise.

Right now one of the principal problems may be the consumption of carbs, though it may perhaps be the last issues in particular with men and women who have combined their physical exercise regimen along with their weight loss scheme. On the other hand, it’s essential to incorporate in addition the right meals containing the particular nourishment in order to support restore the lost power in the body when carrying out the day-to-day routines. This is in fact significant right after a powerful exercise as well and also the specific post exercise supplement will be in a position to support in delivering the proper nourishment.

Again, proteins are important selections produced from diverse forms by way of the particular food items up to the specially created food items like smoothies, protein bars and protein powder supplements. Nonetheless, probably the most crucial element together with these products could be the pace of food ingestion where the significant protein may possibly be delivered all over the physical structure to start muscle mass restoration and repair, while concurrently maintaining the strength levels also. One primary issue with these kinds of usual protein based food items is precisely how long it may need for you to absorb and hence the exceptionally formulated supplementation are generally recommended for convenient ingestion of proteins.

Discover the Best Tasting Protein Anywhere! Made with 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients. Low-Glycemic, Hormone-Free, Pesticide-Free, No Sugar Alcohol or Fructose, No Chemicals, No Damaged Proteins. Come visit his latest website which discusses of grass fed whey protein and natural supplements for the owner of his own business.

Amid Supplement Industry Turmoil, dotFIT Launches NSF Certified for Sport Product Line

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, California (PRWEB) June 18, 2015

dotFIT Worldwide launches health, fitness and sports performance products which have undergone the NSF Certified for Sport program. In addition to evidence-based programming, formulas, and 3rd party testing, the NSF Certification ensures collegiate and professional athletes that they are protected from unwarranted suspensions due to banned substances in supplements. This is significant because the supplement industry has been under intense scrutiny by consumer watch groups as well as State Attorney Generals since several mass market products have recently been found to be fraudulent and potentially dangerous.

“The NSF Certification for Sport is a program that most others won’t undergo because of cost and the potential to not pass. Not only are the contents tested to match the label, the program includes a test for banned substances that can creep into products during the manufacturing process because of unprotected, non-segregated mixing rooms or worse, deliberate spiking of illegal ingredients,” said dotFIT Founder and CEO, Neal Spruce. “Collegiate and professional athletes, including my own son, need this assurance in order to protect themselves from unwarranted suspensions,” he continued, “and every fitness enthusiast, athlete, or parents of young athletes, also want assurance the products they take to improve recovery, performance, and health are safe and effective. This is yet another 3rd party validation of purity and potency for the dotFIT product line.” Spruce’s son, Nelson, is a collegiate football player at the University of Colorado, and was among the leading receivers in the nation. dotFIT clients include many collegiate and professional teams, and is the nutrition solution for Fusionetics, a state-of-the-art Human Performance System utilized in the world of professional and collegiate athletics to help athletes improve their performance, speed their recovery and avoid future injury. “Earning the NSF certified for sport stamp of approval is yet another example of dotFIT’s commitment and dedication to providing the best nutritional products to athletes of all levels,” said Dr. Mike Clark Founder and CEO of Fusionetics.

“Our customers will be happy to discover that not only are they getting properly formulated and safe products, but comparable NSF certified products are at least 20-30% more expensive,” Spruce added. Spruce introduced nutrition into the fitness industry more than 30 years ago. He was the creator of Nutritionalysis, the first nutrition program to be implemented in the health club environment, went on to found Apex Fitness, owned and built the National Academy of Sports Medicine with Dr. Mike Clark – today’s largest provider of fitness and sports performance education, and today is CEO of dotFIT Worldwide.

“Every person should be able to experience success through sport and fitness, regardless of their level. Our partners in the health club industry are also committed to affording their members, high school athletes and weekend warriors the same product efficacy and safety. Providing evidence-based nutrition programs, including a line of NSF certified products through our certified fitness professionals is tied directly to my personal goal of saving and enhancing lives through fitness,” said Spruce. “Properly made products can help everyone be more than they can be because we believe you can always grow stronger, play longer and live better, and everyone should be granted the peace of mind that what they’re taking is safe and effective.”

About dotFIT Worldwide:

Founded in 2008 by a seasoned team of leading fitness industry visionaries, dotFIT is a research and development company and the world’s largest provider of evidence-based sport and fitness programming. The company’s unique online platform, and nutrition solutions and products provide the proven essentials needed for people to eat, live and feel better. dotFIT’s programs and products are delivered by sport, fitness and health professionals worldwide. This is the only program approved by the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine. For more information visit:

About Fusionetics:

Fusionetics is the Human Performance Company that integrates sports science, clinical application and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery. Through the leadership of Dr. Micheal A. Clark, scientists, sports medicine professionals, coaches, athletes and business leaders came together to help people improve their performance. Fusionetics is the result of their combined research, field-testing and the relentless pursuit to perfect human movement. The Fusionetics Human Performance System platforms were developed with every aspect of the systems and programs generated following an evidence-based model. It’s been scientifically proven in the field, and it has been developed to be end user and practitioner friendly, and ultimately is end-user focused. For more information visit:

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Organic Muscle Launches World’s First USDA Certified Organic Pre-Workout Supplement

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) March 19, 2015

Having the energy to make it through a hard workout can be the difference between achieving fitness goals or failing. This fact has led pre-workout powders to become one of the most popular sections of the fitness supplement industry. Sadly, until now, pre-workout’s have been almost exclusively packed with chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s and artificial ingredients that can be dangerous and counterproductive. The innovative new supplement company Organic Muscle is redefining the industry with the the release of their Organic Citrus Berry Pre-Workout, the world’s first USDA certified organic pre-workout fitness formula. The response to the news from fitness enthusiasts has been wildly positive.

“Many people are skeptical of the shady ingredients, fillers, additives, and GMO’s included in the vast majority of workout supplements,” commented James Benefico, founder of Organic Muscle. “Our company is taking a revolutionary approach to fitness by offering only certified organic supplements comprised of the highest quality, battle tested ingredients. The difference in results is very dramatic.”

According to Benefico, Organic Muscle prides itself on sourcing their ingredients strictly from eco-friendly, organic certified American farms. Great care goes into making certain every product the company offers, including the Organic Citrus Berry Pre-Workout, is certified organic, Non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, chemical free, hormone free and preservative free. This focus completely separates Organic Muscle from all other fitness and bodybuilding supplement companies.

The Organic Citrus Berry Pre-Workout’s primary ingredients include ginseng, rhodeola rosea, green tea, acai, yerba mate, maca root, cordyceps, and goji berry. The combined synergistic effects of the formula have won the product quick praise.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, “I gave up on pre-workouts when I tightened my diet up and cut out all unnatural and artificial products and ingredients. I thought they were gone for good, until a friend told me about Organic Muscle. Now I enjoy Organic Muscle before training with weight or my yoga classes and I feel, perform and look better than ever. Five stars and fully recommended.”

Organic Muscle also offers premium certified organic protein powders and plans on releasing a wide variety of other organic fitness supplements in the upcoming months.

For more information be sure to visit

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Santa Cruz County, California (PRWEB) March 11, 2015

Vitalah®, creators of Oxylent, has just introduced something very special for the natural athlete. Sport Oxylent® is a comprehensive 3-in-1 supplement drink that supports energy, stamina and recovery through its powerful formulation of important micronutrients designed for athletes, sports enthusiasts or anyone with an active lifestyle. Available in convenient 30-serving canisters or 15-count stick pack boxes, Sport Oxylent makes a refreshing drink in delicious Blueberry Burst flavor. You simply add the powder to water, stir the fizz and drink to your health.

What makes Sport Oxylent so special?

With a unique panel of ingredients that includes Creatine MagnaPower®, SustamineTM, Citrulline Malate, SOD, Superfruit AuroraBlue® blueberry, electrolytes, antioxidants, Vitamins C, D, B6, and B12, and a host of powerful Albion® minerals, this product is the all-in-one solution for pre, during and post workout support. Sport Oxylent is free of sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, GMOs, caffeine and anything artificial for the discriminating taste. Sweetened with natural stevia, the product has zero calories.

Take a look at Sport Oxylent’s important benefits:

    Promotes sustained energy and stamina during exertion
    Inhibits fatigue and muscle breakdown
    Reduces time and energy needed for recovery
    Enhances muscle strength and repair
    Replenishes glycogen/energy store and electrolytes
    Supports metabolism and weight management

According to Lisa Lent, CEO and Founder of Vitalah, “We’re offering the highest quality cutting edge ingredients on the market that are backed by science and available in the most absorbable form for the body’s use. You can feel the difference when you drink Sport Oxylent – that’s because it offers a natural burst of energy that gives the mind and body the stamina it needs to go the distance.”

Vitalah was founded by Lisa Lent as an “invitation to health” born from her passion to create the ultimate supplement for everyday life. Her product, Oxylent, is an effervescent multivitamin drink containing a unique blend of essential nutrients that enable the body to function at peak levels. Oxylent, Prenatal Oxylent, Children’s Oxylent and Sport Oxylent are available at health food stores nationwide and online. Purchasing Oxylent products supports Vitamin Angels®—a global non-profit organization that provides under-nourished children with nutritional supplements. Visit, or call 877. OXYLENT (877.699.5368). Find Oxylent on Facebook at, on Twitter at @oxylent and on Instagram at drinkoxylentbreathelife.


Cellucor, Innovator Behind the Pre-Workout Supplement, C4, Releases C4 50X as a Stronger Alternative for Extreme Competitors

New York, N.Y. (PRWEB) January 15, 2015

December of 2014, Cellucor announced the brand would release its Fourth Generation of products, which boasted fresh packaging, formula upgrades, and new product launches including C4 50X.

C4 50X is a ‘50% more explosive’ version of the brand’s flagship pre-workout, C4, and it is currently on shelves at GNC and available at

“C4 50X is inspired by our biggest fans and designed for our most intense C4 customers,” stated Cellucor Senior VP of Sales, Luke Hubbard. The C4 50X formula contains two new, patented ingredients for energy: TeaCor™ and XCELICOR™.

C4 50X will be available in Fruit Punch, Watermelon and Icy Blue Razz.

About Cellucor

Cellucor is an award-winning, safe and effective performance lifestyle supplement brand known for its premier weight loss and sports nutrition products. Cellucor products can be found at GNC,, Vitamin Shoppe and select retailers domestically and internationally. Visit or connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Find More Workout Press Releases to Launch Comprehensive Dietary and Supplement Guide Roadshows

Singapore (PRWEB) December 31, 2014

One of the main segments in is in dietary supplements. Members are now able to find out all the different types of ingredients, types of best supplements in the market and how they can benefit health in general. As part of this expansion exercise, will be offering more information and resources so that members can be more well-informed.

In offering the best products and services to members of, there will be new and attractive new products available. will be embarking into a smart partnership program with top supplement companies.

This membership is designed to provide members with the opportunity to promote vitamin products through various methods.

Such methods are all specially designed for effectiveness which includes roadshows, online campaigns and many others. There will be occasional promotions which can help members to learn more about vitamins as well.

Members who join the website and will be able to start promoting vitamin products as early as the first week upon registration. On top of that, they are encouraged to find others to join Nutritionfamily in order to enjoy rebates.

This roadshows are designed specifically for members of in which the can plan their health programs based on their own convenience. This is because this plan is designed to be extremely flexible where members can decide and plan what supplements they want to start with, what they want to achieve and when they want to improve their body in terms of health.

Meanwhile, members can enjoy the benefits of promoting the dietary supplements. This will enable them to be the walking testimonies of the products which will help them in garnering the portal more members. In others words, members of can enjoy great health while acquiring more health knowledges.

In this launch, distributors are invited to join and be part of its worldwide network of consumers. This will help members to expand their reach and become part of this health conscious network that runs across the country, region and globally as well. Besides being able to reach more customers and network, members can now enjoy the benefits of health sciences with access to all the research and development information of the supplements.

Through this new network, associates can now interact with other members and share resources in terms of disease facts, medicines and surgeries. On top of that, they can learn more about the traits and characteristics of each of the products of the health sciences which will complement them in promoting the dietary supplements.

A comprehensive and reliable online system will be made available for the members who join For new members, they can register through at no charge. They can choose to be a consuming customer and start promoting health products in order to enjoy rebates and vouchers. Additionally, the online system is an ordering system which will allow distributors to lock-in their products either for single purchases of monthly auto-orders. The auto order function ensures that distributors receive their ordered vitamins and supplements on a 4-weeks cycle which helps them to stay eligible for rebate. Besides that, it ensures that they will continuously receive their supply of the dietary supplements without having to worry about stock and inventory shortage.

A Diet Plan Or Diet Supplement?

For many people dieting is a continual effort. All too often weight loss is a short-term affair followed by a steady regain of lost weight. The internet is flooded with diets and diet products, all trying to tell you that you will finally lose the weight if you purchase the next greatest diet, pill or drink. So what is a person who really wants to lose weight to believe? Should you use a diet or a supplement? Surely there are fine products in both categories that will allow you to take the weight off and finally lose those extra pounds! So which direction should you take; a diet plan or a diet supplement?
There is no substitute for a good diet plan and we suggest you start one if you haven’t already. A good diet supplement is just that; a supplement to a quality diet program! While it’s true that some supplements do cause you to lose weight, supplements alone generally have no long-term effect because they don’t teach you new eating habits or lifestyle changes. On the other hand, supplements do play a very important part of the diet puzzle.
A winning diet plan teaches you a new way to live. It’s never easy to change ones lifestyle but permanent weight loss requires just that. The effects of a quality diet will bring you many positive changes in your life, many that you haven’t even considered! Successful dieting not only leads to a slimmer, healthier body, it also has a powerful effect on ones emotional well being! Many successful dieters report a greater sense of self-assurance and self-esteem, which naturally bring new experiences and even opportunities that where not there before!
A quality diet supplement can enhance a quality diet program and expedite the weight loss achieved by dieting alone. Weather it’s an appetite suppressant, fat burner or fat blocker, quality diet supplements do have a place in your weight loss routine. For example; if you suffer with hunger pangs as you try and reduce your caloric intake, then logically a quality appetite suppressant would be of benefit to you as you progress towards your goal.
If you only have a few pounds to lose I suggest using a good diet program alone. Some diet supplements do have side effects and those should be considered before starting any diet supplement. For example, a popular supplement that is marketed and sold as a “fat binder” may leave you doing nothing but running to the restroom all day. It works but at a cost to the dieter. Whether you choose to add a supplement to your diet program will be up to you but do your homework first.
A quality diet program and diet supplement go hand-in-hand. Find a quality diet program that fits your personality and with a history of customer satisfaction. For many dieters a diet plan that includes plenty of support will be a great benefit. Many online diet programs offer online support groups as part of their membership. Take advantage of these support groups as they can be an priceless resource. Then, if you decide to add a supplement, consider what type will best help you “supplement” your diet program.  

Maureen Davis is a diet and health expert and proprietor of the Today’s Diet Review website where she critiques and reviews diet and diet products. You can read her reviews as well as consumer reviews of popular diet products at

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