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Adding Fun and Spice to Exercise

The fact that weight loss is much easier to attain with a combination of exercise and nutrition than by nutrition alone is an undebatable issue. That’s the reason why so many exercise and work out videos as well as home gym equipment are flooding the internet.

The National Institute of Health (NHI) recommends that the average adult needs at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity daily, plus 2 to 3 sessions of more intense weight-bearing exercise routines per week. To achieve discipline and success by sticking to a fitness plan, it is recommended that these basic exercise tips be observed: set fitness targets, track activity progress, inject variety to your routine, exercise with a friend or family member, don’t rush things, wear comfortable clothing, and listen to what your body is telling you to avoid injury.

If you find it difficult to add exercise to your routine, there are a number of effective ways to get motivated. It takes a reasonable amount of will-power to stick to an exercise regimen. If you easily get tired of doing anything routine, add a twist to exercising by inviting family and friends. Walk the dog together with your partner or take an after dinner stroll around the neighborhood or local park with the entire family. Get involved in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or swimming. You’ll get a more rewarding feeling as you enjoy exercise beyond a “must do” level. And since outdoor exercise is always enjoyable, you are actually leading by example and teaching your kids to embrace exercise as a healthy and essential part of life.

Our world today tends to breed unsociable and sedentary attitudes in our children – they spend more time in front of the computer or TV than anywhere else. Obesity among the youth is on a rise, but you can avoid that with your kids by getting them actively involved in their individual interests. If your child loves to read, walk together to the library or a nearby bookstore to pick out some books. If they have artistic leanings, go biking together to look for sticks, leaves, dried flowers or stones they can use for home projects. If they take interest in a particular sport, encourage them to join tryouts, sports camps or a local sports team. Keeping them active is not only healthy – when kids are involved in something productive, they tend to grow into more responsible and balanced adults.

To get each member of the family involved, pick a time of the day when everyone is free. Most likely, that will be just before or after supper, when almost everyone is in front of a TV passing time. On the average, each person spends about 2 hours a day watching TV. You can turn that into more productive time by taking a brisk walk or playing a game of badminton just before supper. Thirty minutes to an hour of this 3 times a week provides optimum benefits to your overall health. The body’s metabolism slows down by an average of 10% a decade, which explains why people tend to gain weight easily as they grow older. Weight gain at mid-life is inevitable, which makes weight-bearing exercise all the more necessary for ideal weight maintenance.

For those other times when it’s just not possible to get a workout, remain faithful to your weight loss plan by doing some adjustments to your diet. Get more fibre, fruits and vegetables so you don’t pile on the pounds. Better still, give your body an internal workout first by getting into a cleansing or detox habit to maximize your weight loss efforts. A good detox flushes away harmful elements that slow down the metabolic functions, so you get efficient nutritional absorption and the added energy boost.

The Clean 9 Nutritional Cleansing Program is a 9-day detox designed to kick-off your weight loss or weight maintenance mission. The program includes a combination of cleansing and nutritional products that provide your body with the essentials as it gets rid of harmful toxins that slow down the metabolic process. It also comes with carefully selected meal plans, an exercise plan plus added support tools to complete a holistic weight loss program. Start off with a Clean 9 Nutritional Detox and be on your way to a higher level of health a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

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