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Beating a Workout Slump

A workout slump is a common problem for regular exercisers. Even the most motivated of us can sometimes start to get a little bored with our fitness regimes. When this happens we start to get a bit lazy and might even start skipping a workout here and there.

Especially as the weather starts to get a little cooler and people spend more time indoors, going to the gym or going for a run can tend to take a back seat to other more sedentary pursuits. Add to this the fact that maybe you’ve been doing the same workout over and over again, and you are likely to find yourself facing a workout slump.

When your body starts to get used to the same fitness routine you won’t be getting as good of a workout as when you challenge yourself. Research has been done which suggests that your body will tend to lose less when you repeat the same exercises too often.

Your body is very good at learning how to expend the least amount of energy for any particular task. This makes both biological and evolutionary sense. However, when it comes to trying to burn calories it can really slow you down.

Your body is geared to conserve its energy, because this is how people survived in times of famine. In our affluent culture however this means that fat is stored more readily so you’ll have to work harder to lose it. Our efficient bodies have an important biological imperative to conserve energy so if you want to burn more calories you need to mix things up.

In order to trick your body into continuing to burn calories and rev up the metabolism you need to mix up your workouts frequently. This can not only help you stay motivated but it will also help you lose more weight. Obviously, this is a win, win.

If you are starting to feel less motivated than usual or are suffering from boredom and a lack of excitement about your workout routine it is probably time to mix things up. Below are some tried and true tips for keeping your workouts interesting and keeping your body and metabolism on their toes.

1. Take a new class: The fastest and easiest way to mix things up is to take a new fitness class or try a new sport. By signing up for something you wouldn’t normally add into your workout routine you will inevitably get your body moving in new directions.

Most importantly, a new class can re-motivate you to get fit. If you usually do a routine run, then taking a dance class, yoga class, or boxing class can really get you motivated again. Learning new things is key to staying young and keeping yourself revved up.

2. Bring a friend: Another great way to get out of a workout slump is to grab a partner. A workout partner helps you to stay motivated and pushes you harder. So long as you don’t pull each other down and opt for the nearest coffee shop instead of the gym, bringing a workout buddy can be a real fitness lifesaver.

One of the best ways to really make that gym buddy pay off is to add in a little competitive spirit. If you are both trying to shed pounds for instance a bet or contest to see who can lose the most fastest, or run the longest, or whatever your comparable goals might be, can be an extremely effective motivator. Just be sure to keep the competition friendly and to keep encouraging each other or else you may not only jeopardize your workouts but potentially also your friendship!

3. Get a trainer: If you really want to up your game and get results obviously one of the fastest ways to do so is to hire a personal trainer. You can usually get set up with one at your gym or fitness centre or you can do a little research yourself or go by word of mouth.

A trainer will inevitably push you harder than you train yourself and as such will really help you get better results. Moreover, a trainer can show you new moves so that you have more choice when it comes to your routine. Adding new movements and pushing yourself harder are both great, but perhaps most importantly is the fact that a good trainer will help you regain your motivation.

4. Join an online weight loss club. If you want to keep yourself motivated but aren’t ready to shell out for a personal fitness instructor or trainer, you might try the less expensive route of getting in touch with an online weight loss community. There are plenty of free apps and other cool weight loss aids that you can find with very little searching. Pick and choose from what’s out there and use only what seems like it might motivate you effectively.

Whatever you choose just remember that giving in to a workout slump can lead to weight gain, decreased fitness and impaired health. By taking some of the steps above to keep your workouts fresh and exciting, not only will you then get a better workout and see better results, but you will also regain some of your enthusiasm for exercise.



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