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Diet, Exercise and Proper Sleep for Weight Loss

I recently had a conversation with one of the dietitians over here and it unmasked the myths and mistakes concerning diet, exercise & sleep for weight loss. Actually the above three are inter-connected.  If you stuff your stomach with food more than necessary and go for work out, it will take more time for digestion and you will not be able to work-out properly and your body will be exhausted. Now if you eat food less than required/ skip your meal for losing weight and do exercises, your body will lack nutrients and that too can affect you health.  Also, if you follow a proper diet and do proper exercises but lack proper sleep that too can result in your poor health.  Exercise will help you lose weight and improve your sleep. So a balance in these three should be kept and it will help you improve your health, fitness and thereby weight loss.

Tips and Guides for a perfect diet

· In the morning when you get up have a fruit within the first 15 minutes. This can help your body get the energy for starting a new day and cleanses your body.

· After having the fruit, within one and a half hours have your breakfast

· After the breakfast, two and a half hours later have a snack (nuts, cheese etc). This can help your body regain the energy and also subside the hunger.

· Again give a two and a half hours time gap and have your lunch. You can include veggies, meat in your lunch.

· Two and a half hours later again have some snacks

· Have your dinner within a two and a half hours gap after having the snacks.

· If you are going to bed really late, after 11, 11.30, drink some milk by 10O’clk after your dinner.

If you stick to this fat loss diet program properly, your weight loss destination is not too far away.

Tips for Exercise

Exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight. Regular physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and obesity.  Most adults need at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least 3 days per week.

· Always choose an exercise that you find enjoyable. It can be yoga, cycling, walking, dancing, sports etc.

· If you’re following a particular exercise for some time and then you find the routine bored, then give a change to your exercise and start following some other that you find fun and boost your pep.

· If you’ve been inactive for awhile, use a sensible approach and start out slowly.

Tips for Proper Sleep

· Follow a regular bedtime and wake-up time to get the same amount of sleep each night.

· For an adult the time slot for sleep is 7 – 7.30 hours.

· Staying in bed longer than our body needs to sleep, causes insomnia.

· Don’t make a habit of sleeping during the day time; this can hinder you from having tight sleep during night.

· Of course, exercise will help you lose weight and improve your sleep.

· Eat light at night so that it can make you free from indigestion and heartburn.

Following a proper routine and keeping a balance between Diet, Exercise and Proper Sleep can surely help you achieve the weight loss goal and keep you moving toward fitness.  I follow this fat loss system and I hope this food lovers fat loss system review can you help you move towards your weight loss goal.

Myself Merry and I’m a blogger, a yogist, article writer and I have penned the true facts I found from a dietitian, who is a friend of mine. Of course I’m a food lover, more over a ‘’junk’’ food lover but I had to give up my love for the junk, for improving my health and fitness.  But now I’m happier than before as I have achieved a better health and weight loss.

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Bodybuilding Exercise Programs And Importance Of Good Sleep

Medical recovery, health maintenance, bodybuilding, weight loss and pregnancy are just a few cases when various exercise programs are required. Depending on the personal health condition, there will be lots of program variations, so as to support individual situations. Each of the above mentioned categories has its general features.

Medical recovery exercise programs

The body cannot cope with the regular physical effort after bone, muscle or joint injury. In order to recover quickly and without any problem, you should join the exercise programs that are most suitable for your condition. Special equipment and techniques are used for such situations. Acupuncture, reflexology and massage therapy could support all sorts of exercise programs for a more complex approach to physical treatment.

Weight loss exercise programs

There is a huge diversity of weight loss plans and programs, and you may feel overwhelmed about which to choose. Decide on a certain program by reading everything in advance:

– the overweight level: mild, moderate or severe (obesity);

– your lifestyle: sedentary, moderately active or highly stressful;

– your personal preferences;

– the general health condition;

– age.

Intense physical training practiced three or four times a week is a must for all weight loss exercise programs. You can choose a high-intensity sport like cycling or running or you can go for stair climbing, rope jumping, weight training, aerobics, dance classes and so much more. The options are definitely numerous.

Bodybuilding exercise programs

They partly overlap with weight loss programs, but they involve a bit more. Weight loss is an important step towards growing lean muscle mass. Strength training, interval training and circuit training are among the most common examples. Make sure you learn the basics of correct nutrition for bodybuilding, or you won’t manage to increase muscle mass.

Such exercise programs are organized to work only certain muscle groups within a session. There is a diversity of options to choose from, and they range from body weight training to regular weights and interval training. Experts also emphasize the importance of creating some cardio routine between the regular workouts. Thus if you train muscle groups on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, make sure to do cardio on Tuesday and Thursday.

Maintenance exercise programs

We can’t call regular physical activity a program, unless we need to emphasize its importance. Maintenance consists of the physical activity you engage in daily for health and fitness purposes, or it can refer to the 3 or 4 gym sessions you have per week.

For good health, every average person should engage in moderate or intense physical activity for about 30-40 minutes per day.

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Leading Sleep Expert Offers Five Modern Day Tips for a Better Nights Sleep

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 02, 2015

While many people find it easy to be mindful of and work toward being healthier by changing their nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle habits, perhaps the most crucial element to a healthy body is often overlooked: Sleep. We spend up to a third of our lives doing it and we will literally die without it. Yet, the sleep aid sections of local pharmacies continue to expand, as an estimated 60 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders and over $ 56 billion and 25,000 lives are lost each year in the US because of sleep-related accidents.

In conjunction with national Sleep Awareness Week, March 2-8, 2015 (, sleep expert Karen Schwarzbach has compiled a list of five lesser-known facts and tips for a healthier sleep that everyone can consider and integrate into their lifestyles. Schwarzbach, a respected sleep consultant for more than twelve years who has helped literally thousands of sleep-deprived individuals finally achieve healthy and peaceful sleep patterns, outlines what she considers some of the more unknown sleep problems – and their solutions – that she encounters in our increasingly technology-dependent and high-pressure performance culture. With the recent nationwide integration the Affordable Health Care Act, Schwarzbach’s work has been increasingly in demand as focus on corporate wellness programs now being required by the act (for corporations of a certain size) continue to proliferate.

Schwarzbach, who routinely advocates sleep as one of the “Three Pillars of Health” (along with exercise and nutrition), has outlined the following top five oft-times surprising factors that contribute to modern Western cultural sleep maladies and her corresponding secrets for a better night’s sleep:

Avoid Wine Before Bedtime. It’s a nightly ritual for many Americans – drinking a couple of glasses of alcohol directly before falling asleep. In fact, many people consider alcohol a sleep aid due to its relaxing qualities. But, what many don’t realize is it is also common for pre-bedtime drinks to contribute to one being wide awake several hours after conking out. Schwarzbach explains that while drinking before bed can induce sleep, it actually disrupts sleep and diminishes the quality and depth of sleep, leading to restlessness and frequent wakings leaving one feeling fatigued the next morning. Also, alcohol is a diuretic, which can be dehydrating as well as increase one’s need to go the bathroom, causing one to awaken from slumber. She recommends that if wine or alcohol are a part of your evening routine, try to stop drinking at least one hour prior to sleep to preserve the most deep and crucial stages of sleep.

Avoid Electronics Before Bedtime. Many people routinely attempt to fall asleep immediately after watching television, using their laptops or checking e-mail or using apps on their smart phones. Many people are unaware that these devices all emit low blue light, which is absorbed and processed by the brain and can disrupt or slow down the body’s melatonin production, which influences natural nighttime sleep algorithms. Schwarzbach recommends ceasing the use of all devices at least 1 hour prior to going to bed and not keeping phones and laptops on at the bedside.

Sleep Tracking Devices Aren’t a Cure-All. As increasing use of technology can impair sleep, the recent onslaught of new technology devices and apps that help track and monitor sleeping habits can help improve overall sleep. However, Schwarzbach warns that while these technologies can provide important data, they are often unaccompanied by meaningful and effective behavioral modification programs. Schwarzbach promotes a “High Tech with High Touch” approach, working with her clients to map out routines for remedying problem-causing factors to maximize the useful info that has been gathered.

Daylight Savings Time Can Debilitate. While it may seem like only an hour and of little change to one’s daily schedule, biannual time shifts can dramatically and adversely affect sleeping patterns for weeks – even months – following the clock changes. Even a slight change in the body’s regular circadian rhythm can throw sleep patterns into disarray, an issue Schwarzbach says is often incredibly evident in children. In order to better adapt to these changes, Schwarzbach recommends starting to adjust the time you go to bed and the time you wake up by 15 minutes every couple of days preceding the time change. This way you have helped your body land back where it began when the clock moves forward by an hour in the Spring.

Never Underestimate Sleep Environment. Factors including noise, light, temperature, pillows and mattress and decor might seem like obvious considerations for an optimal sleeping environment, but Schwarzbach emphasizes the importance of considering all five of these factors for improving unhealthy sleep. It could be as easy as taking down a loudly colored painting on the wall, reducing the room lighting to a lower bulb wattage (low blue light), turning the clock away from your bed so you’re not tempted to start doing math in the middle of the night figuring out how many more hours of sleep you can get, using a white noise maker, choosing the most appropriate bedding or decreasing the room temperature to between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (“Cool is the Rule!”) degrees prior to sleep.

“Insomnia is perhaps the most underrated health ailment in the US and Sleep Awareness Week is a time for self-reflection and education for improving these ailments,” said Schwarzbach. “Our sleep patterns dramatically affect our health, performance and overall sense of well-being. Once people have the tools and information to modify their sleeping habits, they can experience life-changing results within days and weeks.”

Karen is the founder of sleep consultancy Pivotal Sleep and Babies To Sleep, focused specifically on children. Her businesses can be found at: and

About Karen Schwarzbach

San Francisco-based sleep expert and coach Karen Schwarzbach is the founder of Pivotal Sleep and Babies to Sleep. A Certified Sleep Consultant and Certified Wellness Practitioner who works with both children and adults, she’s the former managing director of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants and serves on the advisory board of the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. She regularly speaks at industry-leading conferences and seminars and provides her expertise to household name corporations and organizations including Clorox, Facebook, Kaiser Permanente, eBay and Sutter Health.

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