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8 Reasons to Exercise in The Morning

What is the best time for us to exercise? This is a popular question that is being asked again and again. For me, I would say exercising in the morning is the best. In fact, there are many experts say that the most important factor in a successful exercise or weight loss program is exercise first in the morning.

But Why Morning? Here are the 8 reasons:

1. Exercise early in the morning can “jump start” your metabolism. That means you body is activated and you can burn more calories through out the day.

2. Since your metabolism is raised, you are feeling “energized” for the whole day!

3. Many people find that morning exercise can reduce their consumption on food. This makes them less hungry and consume less calories.

4. Morning exercise can motivate you by letting you feeling that you are in a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

5. The morning air is fresh. When you exercise, you can breathe in more fresh air into your body and get healthier.

6. After hours of sleeping, your body has more energy and you can exercise easier compared to exhausted body in the evening.

7. You can wake up earlier because you have a goal to exercise. This lets you have more hours for your day!

8. Some reports show that exercise can increase our mental acuity which can last 4 to 10 hours after exercise. So if you exercise in the morning, your mental can work better for the whole day.

Maybe you are busy in the morning. Please try your best to allocate time for the exercise. Even a short 10 minute walk is better than none.

Personally, I choose to jog on my new Reebok 8100 ES treadmill. It can let me exercise even I stay at home. This can greatly increase my motivation to workout and lose more pounds. Folding treadmill can be a good choice for you as it won’t take out too much of space. Maybe you can consider to get one for yourself.

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Reasons To Do Workout

You can find many men and women prefer to preserve health by means of engaging in exercise, however, very few people are able to stick to an exercise routine. If you are one of those who can’t exercise regularly, the benefits of performing workout below should help you begin doing workouts again.

1, Working out can lessen the chances of getting certain types of diseases.
It has been confirmed that people can easily lower the possibility of getting a number of types of diseases, like prostate cancer for guys, breast cancer for females, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease, simply by doing workout to burn the fat.
Diabetes, a disease that has a link to being obese, could boost the odds of getting strokes and also heart attacks.
Lots of deaths that elicited by cancer and heart problems have something to do with anxiety and deficient physical exercise.
Believe it or not, an individual who does not do workout have greater chance of enduring various other conditions. To protect yourself from those health issues, begin performing physical exercises is the greatest solution.

2, Several diseases could be improved just by training.
Performing exercises habitually can really help an individual better numerous health problems, just like the conditions said above. Moreover, it will also aid a person in lowering blood pressure, greatly reducing triglyceride levels as well as HDL cholesterol levels.

3, Working out can enhance an individual’s mental well being.
Training habitually could enable your body develop some chemical substances, such as serotonin as well as endorphins. These types of things could allow a person reduce depression and feel happy.

4, Working out can make improvements to one’s sleep.
The chemical serotonin could also improve the quality of an individual’s sleep.

5, Working out can stop excessive fat gaining; aid help an individual lose weight safely.
While one exercises, he / she are able to shed more calories, and this will easily avoid developing excess weight, and in many cases also help lose extra weight. In case you plan to reduce body fat or keep a superb figure, you must keep on working out.

6, Working out will strengthen a person’s well being.
If you work out on a regular basis, you should have noticed that you get far more energy as compared with before, and your general health and well being has been enhanced enormously.

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Best Reasons to Engage in a Fat Loss Exercise Program

If you are among the millions who are depressed to look at their figures in the mirror, fret no more. Effective fat loss programs are hitting the town and all you have to do is convince yourself to get into one. Here’s how.

Your fitness trainer is accountable

You’ve probably seen the prototype of the “gung ho” personal trainer, whereby he or she simply tells you you’ve got to get in shape and will push you to the max. It may be acceptable but your personal instructor must know that the regimen must be custom-fit for you. Adding to this, the success of the program must be your trainer’s primary responsibility, too. You certainly have your responsibility to follow the program once you commit to it, but it’s equally your personal trainer’s responsibility to make sure you succeed. You’re not in this alone, and you have an expert to help you.

Personal attention and design

Everyone has different needs, likes and dislikes. Therefore, a cookie-cutter “personal training program” isn’t going to work for everyone. Instead, opt for a personal trainer and exercise program where the approach is specialized and individualized for you, so that you’ll get fast results that stick around. No fly-by-night operations, no “lose 20 pounds overnight” hype, and no unhealthy practices. Just a good diet and exercise program geared specifically for you, a program that you can follow because it’s meant for you and incorporates realistic goals, with you helping man the helm every step of the way.

An efficient exercise program means you don’t spend your life in the gym

Let’s face it; there are very few people who truly like to exercise. Because of that, you want your exercise program to be efficient and effective, so that you spend as little time in the gym as possible even while you lose weight and look great. This gives you the time and motivation to live the rest of your life the way you want to. You can’t do that if you’re spending hours a day in the gym. And so, your exercise program is meant to be streamlined, effective and efficient. Generally, just 20 minutes a day, three days a week is all you need to get the body you want, along with a good nutritional plan, too.

Everything is in writing

With a good exercise program, you and your trainer will sit down and put everything in writing. That means there’s no confusion, no question as to what you should do on a daily basis to achieve your goals.

The program is realistic and is one you can adopt “for life”

That is, the exercise program and eating plan you and your expert design together is not an unrealistic super intense program you can’t sustain for the long-term. There are no quick fixes, here. Instead, the program both in terms of nutrition/eating and in exercise is something you can do for the long haul. It’s realistic, sustainable, and yes, even enjoyable.

You’re always in charge

Although your exercise instructor is certainly there to help you and offer expertise, you’re the one in charge. Moreover, once you completely have a good grasp og your goals and your program, you gradually become independent (trainer-free) in getting the body you’ve always wanted. Once again, this seals your program with success since you are learning to be in charge of your body.

Is your Georgetown exercise program working well for you? Perhaps it’s time to take charge and get into a better fitness plan. Visit the author’s page for more tips and advice.

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3 Reasons To Workout With A Workout Partner

If you ever decide to take up the challenge and start working out again, whatever your end goal might be, you can dramatically improve the chances of hitting that goal if you workout with a partner. Working out with a partner has so many advantages over working solo. Below I am describing some of the key reasons why you should go with workout partner.

1. Your partner will always keep you motivated and encourage to continue
Often people start working out with great enthusiasm and excitement to make a difference in their lives. However after working out for few days, people start losing motivation and start skipping. Having a workout partner greatly reduces the chances of drop out of your routine. When you are working with a partner you feel like a part of team and will be more excited to continue working out.
Also there may days when you are really not feeling it and looking for excuses to miss. In situations like these if you have workout partner you will have to think twice before missing because you will have to answer and convince someone else besides you. A workout buddy will always keep you motivated and encourage to continue your routine.

2. Workout partner will help and support you while working out
Needless to say a lot of the free weights and exercise equipment require support of a second person.
If you are working without a workout buddy you might end up skipping some key exercises because you have no body to spot you. But if you have a workout partner they can help you with all the equipment that you might need spotting or help with. When you have partner spotting you, you will actually push your self further without much worries since you know some body is watching you in case if something goes wrong. By working out together you should return the favor of support for your partner as well.

3. Workout buddy would keep you entertained and will company you as well
Sometimes working out isn’t the most fun thing in your mind and you are simply bored and don’t want go alone. But if you are given an option to meet a good friend and chat, even a gym doesn’t seem like a bad place. That’s how going with a workout partner helps you. A workout buddy will keep you entertained and also you will not solely be focusing on the workout routines. This gives an escape route for your brain to not worry about workout routines and all of a sudden most of your workout session is gone by very quickly because you are focused on chatting with your partner at the same time.

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AIS Newsletter Finds Four Key Reasons for Lack of Interest in Small Business Health Options Program

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

Since the beginning of the year, the Department of Health and Human Services has offered regular enrollment updates for federally facilitated exchanges, but has been silent about the state of its Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). Some industry observers contacted by Atlantic Information Services, Inc.’s (AIS) Inside Health Insurance Exchanges (HEX) wonder if SHOP will ever attract interest. For its April issue, HEX identified four key barriers that could have led to limited participation in SHOP.

(1) The small-business tax credit isn’t attractive enough. The maximum credit is available only to the smallest small businesses (10 or less) with lower average annual wages per worker ($ 25,000 or less), and without real financial incentives, private insurance exchanges will appear to be the better option.

(2) There’s a lack of employee choice when it comes to choosing a plan in SHOP. In most states with federally facilitated exchanges, employers aren’t given the choice to choose a plan on the program, due largely to calls for a delay from state regulators who worried that a poorly functioning employee choice program would lead to delayed payments to carriers, misinformation, consumer confusion and adverse selection, HEX says. Chris Condeluci, a principal at CC Law & Policy in Washington, D.C., who worked for the Senate Finance Committee during the crafting of the health reform law, told HEX that SHOP is “clunky” and “glitch-riddled.”

(3) SHOP faces competition from private exchanges. For most small businesses, private exchanges offer more options and better features, such as decision-support systems, education tools and end-to-end transactional services, Condeluci tells HEX. They also offer full employee choice for medical coverage, and offer ancillary products and services such as vision, dental, life, financial and payroll, increasing their attractiveness.

(4) Once employers have to give up their grandfathered, non-ACA compliant plans, enrollment on SHOP is expected to increase slightly, HEX says, but the majority of employers are expected to explore their options with a broker or move to a private exchange.

“The underlying market isn’t so broken that employers are crying out for a solution,” Rosemarie Day, president of Day Health Strategies and former chief operating officer of the Massachusetts exchange, told HEX. “What they want is dramatically lower premiums, and that’s not what SHOP offers.”

Condeluci worries that more tax dollars will be funneled into SHOP “until we come to the realization that we spent billions of dollars on SHOP, which was a failing exercise.”

Visit to read the article in its entirety, which also reviews some of the most successful state-based exchanges in Utah, California and New Mexico.

About Inside Health Insurance Exchanges

Inside Health Insurance Exchanges provides hard-hitting news and strategies on public and private health insurance exchanges, written for business leaders with health plans, pharma companies, hospitals and health systems, brokers and agents, and exchange managers and vendors. The newsletter delivers reliable intelligence on this critical cornerstone of health reform — the players and their partners, product designs and enrollment results, employer perspectives and much more. Visit for more information.

About AIS

Atlantic Information Services, Inc. (AIS) is a publishing and information company that has been serving the health care industry for more than 25 years. It develops highly targeted news, data and strategic information for managers in hospitals, health plans, medical group practices, pharmaceutical companies and other health care organizations. AIS products include print and electronic newsletters, websites, looseleafs, books, strategic reports, databases, webinars and conferences. Learn more at

Reasons to Believe, the Non-Profit Organization, Partners with Modmacro for Event Branding

Menifee, Ca (PRWEB) December 29, 2014

Modmacro, the marketing and design firm in Southern California, today announced they have partnered with Reasons to Believe to design a complete event campaign package for the non-profit’s Open House on February 21st. The event serves as an opportunity for donors and friends of Reasons to Believe to tour their newly remodeled and expanded headquarters located in Covina, California.

Modmacro is developing the event’s theme, naming and overall branding, which also includes a logo, corresponding color palette, and imagery. The event package also includes supporting materials such as invitations, branded stationary, response cards and graphics to support online registration. For the event itself, Modmacro is designing environmental graphics, name tags, and the red carpet backdrop.

“We are excited to partner with Reasons to Believe on this project,” said Jerry Lund, Creative Director of Modmacro. “This is exactly the type of project we love – one in which we are involved from the beginning and do the initial branding and then design all of the supplemental materials as well.”

“Reasons to Believe is a highly-respected organization that is doing great work in the area of educating people on the connection between science and Christianity. We believe in the work they are doing and hope this is the beginning of a great working relationship with them.”

About Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe is a non-profit organization located in Covina, California whose mission is to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research – including the very latest discoveries – consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature. Learn more about Reasons to Believe at

About Modmacro, Inc.

With a strong balance of marketing experience, design talent and data analysis, Modmacro’s goal is simple. They make organizations look great and get found. Whether that means on the web, or through more traditional print marketing, they grow businesses. Modmacro is a full-service web design, branding and marketing firm dedicated to helping small businesses and non-profits succeed. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to marketing, so their team works hard to understand businesses and industry dynamics. Then a tailor-made strategy is developed that shares each business’ story in the right places, helps them stand out from the crowd and builds their brand.

Now in their fifth year, Modmacro has an award-winning team that delivers complete marketing and public relations solutions. Learn more about Modmacro web design and marketing at

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