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Fighter Abs: Review Examining Muay Thai Champion, Andrew Raposos New Abs Program Released

Houston, TX (PRWEB) January 31, 2015

Fighter Abs is a newly released program that promises 28 days of home workouts with no equipment that will leave one with those so-longed for abdominal muscles. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Our Fighter Abs review shows that it is a 28-training plan, designed to be followed purely at home with no kind of equipment whatsoever. By following the Fighter Abs 3-phase formula, this is undertaken in only 15 minutes per day,” reports Stevenson. “You don’t need a gym membership or any home equipment to carry out the program. This is a training plan that does away with all of those backbreaking sit-ups and crunches that most trainers still advocate are the way to get your abs to appear.”

The Fighter Abs review shows it is a 3-phase formula that is undertaken in only 15 minutes per day includes The Foundation Phase, Fighter Core Strength Phase and Final Competition Prep. The program includes 20+ Done For You Workout Videos, 6-Week Done For You Workout Plan, The Complete Fighter Abs Manual, Get Mobility Like A Fighter and a supplement guide.

“The program doesn’t advocate that you deprive yourself of the food you love because that’s the only way to get great abs. It’s only with proper abdominal training and a low body fat percentage that your abs will appear,” says Stevenson. “It’s all about carrying out high demanding metabolic workouts to ensure that you’re burning calories and fat all day and night. This is a program that will prove to you once and for all that this is useless when it comes to burning fat and defining muscle. Everyone and anyone is capable of having a six-pack; you just need to know the right way to train.”

“There are so many programs out there that advocate the same results, without getting you anywhere near your desired result. Fighter Abs is a seriously intense program that really does provide what it promises. It’s certainly a hit with us. We think that anyone who decides to give it a try will be delighted with the end result. After all, what could be more exciting than seeing those abs peek out from behind that wall of fat?”

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