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New York, NY (PRWEB) January 07, 2015

According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, more than 80 percent of adults in the United States fail to meet the guidelines for both muscle-strengthening and fitness activities, and this trend extends to adolescents. Figures such as this help to explain rising obesity statistics within the country, yet many are working to change these statistics. With the help of bodybuilding and fitness tips, like those found at, individuals find getting healthy becomes an easier task.

“ provides training articles covering a wide range of topics. Visitors to the site learn about nutrition, popular workout programs, staying motivated, and more. Individuals often find they become a victim of fitness scams, and the purpose of this site it to weed out those scams, leaving only products that actually do as they claim and help users achieve their personal health and fitness goals,” Tom Hofman, founder of, declares.

Nutrition plays a role in one’s overall health, yet Americans typically fail to eat a balanced diet. The council found that the average American diet typically exceeds the recommended amounts of refined grains, saturated fat, sodium, and solid fats and added sugars. Americans also fail to eat the suggested amounts of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains. Individuals often find they struggle to make healthy food choices, and can be of aid in this area also.

“ provides information on foods which burn fat, eating habits of professional bodybuilders, and more. Everything that goes into one’s mouth affects their overall health and fitness. With the right foods, achieving one’s fitness goals becomes an easier task. The site strives to provide the information consumers need to make healthy eating choices,” Hofman states.

The cost of obesity continues to rise. The council estimates Americans spend approximately $ 190.2 billion every year on illnesses related to obesity, including disability, chronic disease, and death. They project Americans will spend $ 344 billion a year on obesity related costs, or 21 percent of total health care costs, by 2018. With the help of training articles and tips on getting into shape, Americans can reverse these trends, saving money and their health in the process. Many turn to workout programs for assistance in achieving their fitness goals.

Hofman provides workout program reviews on the site to assist consumers in making informed choices as to which program is right for them. Visit the site to learn about popular programs, such as Burn the Fat-Feed the Muscle and the Turbulence Training Program. With the information found on the site, one can not only choose the best workout program for their needs, but also get into shape and stay that way for life, a goal everyone should strive for.

About Muscle And Fitness Tips:

Tom Hofman founded to share insights on fitness and bodybuilding. Individuals often fall for scams in these two industries, and Tom Hofman hopes to help consumers avoid these scams, providing information on the best diet and workout programs offered today. With the help of valuable training articles as well as advice and tips, consumers know they can learn about the best when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding with the help of this site.

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Exinda Boasts 47 Percent Sales Growth in the MSP Market

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 16, 2014

Exinda, a global supplier of Network Orchestration solutions, today announced significant achievements in the managed services provider (MSP) market. Driven by its unique MSP solution approach, the company has seen a 47 percent increase in sales to this market from the same period last year. Exinda’s success with its MSP partners has had global reach, with more than 200 percent growth in regions outside North America.

MSPs of all sizes have chosen to partner with Exinda to grow their businesses by improving application and internet experiences for customers. The company has seen a 70 percent increase in the number of MSP transactions which is a byproduct of the wider variety of businesses adopting managed service practices to differentiate their operations. Exinda’s recent addition of dedicated MSP sales, marketing and support teams has made the company even more attractive as a partner for all types of MSP operations, including global brands like Single Digits and Precor.

Single Digits, a leading global provider of guest High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) solutions, is one of many MSPs partnering with Exinda to differentiate their business and serve clients better. “Exinda has certainly helped us to be more competitive and improve customer satisfaction over the last year with their Network Orchestrator line of products,” CEO Bob Goldstein states. “Their products improve our customers’ network performance and visibility, have a fast and intuitive GUI, and reduce troubleshooting time if an issue does occur. Using Exinda products have given us a competitive edge in the MSP market, while surpassing customer expectations.”

Precor®, a globally recognized fitness brand, is an example of a growing sector of non-traditional MSPs partnering with Exinda. “Precor has supplied over 28,000 networked exercise machines with state-of-the-art Preva software to more than 1,700 gyms worldwide,” said Will Ostrander, Senior Product Manager – Networked Fitness at Precor. “We chose to partner with Exinda to offer our operators a solution that optimizes the exerciser experience and is easy for us to deploy and manage. Our partnership with Exinda has enabled us to transform the exerciser experience and give fitness center operators a competitive advantage.”

The managed services market overall has grown tremendously in recent years, and Research and Markets expects it to reach $ 250 billion by 2018, at a CAGR of more than 12 percent. Yet with that growth, significant challenges are emerging as more MSPs enter the marketplace: Price and margin erosion, customer churn and rising operational costs.

Exinda’s solution for MSPs was architected to help these businesses be more competitive, add new sources of revenue, reduce churn and expand customer lifetime value. The solution enables MSPs to:

Quickly add new, differentiated services: MSP partners can augment existing remote infrastructure services with visibility, control and acceleration of client applications at user, group and site level. By providing 24×7 application performance monitoring and alerting, MSPs can differentiate themselves from competitors who typically offer basic availability monitoring only.

Improve end customer experience and satisfaction: Exinda’s intuitive monitoring, analytics and reporting enable MSPs to improve end-to-end quality of experience for clients and deliver new levels of service transparency. MSPs can easily show clients how network resources are being used across all applications, users, devices and locations.

Easily acquire, deploy and scale: Exinda’s flexible financing options, single-platform solution, and intuitive NOC management console make it easy for MSP partners to develop and launch new services, accelerating time to profitability for the business practice.

“We have seen tremendous success by providing clear business value to our MSP partners,” said Kevin Kirksey, General Manager of the MSP Business Unit at Exinda. “As this market evolves and MSPs continue to grapple with the challenges and opportunities presented by increasing competition and rising complexity in end customer networks, Exinda can help them continuously evolve and differentiate their IT service offerings.”

In addition to helping MSPs be more profitable, the Exinda solution also enables MSPs to provide end value added services to end customers. Exinda’s monitoring and management capabilities bring new levels of application reliability and user experience quality for end customers including:

Better user experience: Enhancing quality of experience for business applications like voice, video and collaboration

WAN performance improvement: Eliminating the perception of performance problems by removing unwanted traffic and accelerating strategic business applications

WAN cost containment: Control end customer WAN costs by dynamically allocating bandwidth to avoid costly burst rates charged by ISPs

Faster application roll out: Helping end customers deploy new applications without adding unnecessary, costly infrastructure

ISP service transparency: Keeping ISPs accountable by ensuring they are delivering the bandwidth levels they commit to

Learn more about how Exinda is working with its MSP partners by visiting Exinda at MSPWorld Booth 31, October 15-17, 2014, at The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, or visiting

About Exinda

Exinda is a leading global supplier of network solutions that deliver a predictable user experience for strategic business applications through policy-based network orchestration. Exinda solutions intelligently allocate network bandwidth and optimize traffic based on the priorities of the business. The company has helped more than 3,500 organizations in over 80 countries worldwide and managed service providers of all sizes assure application performance, improve the end-user experience, reduce network operating costs and meet client quality of experience SLAs.

About Precor

Precor designs and builds premium fitness equipment for effective workouts that feel smooth and natural. With a passionate focus on ergonomic motion, proven science and superior engineering, the company continually advances the home and commercial fitness industry with breakthrough new product categories, including, EFX® Elliptical, Adaptive Motion Trainer® “AMT®” and Preva® Networked Fitness. Precor is a subsidiary of Amer Sports Corporation, the world’s largest sports equipment company, with internationally recognized brands Wilson, Atomic, Suunto, Salomon, Arc’Teryx and Mavic.

About Single Digits

Single Digits is a leading global provider of High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) management and support solutions, guest management software and technical support services. We offer a complete guest HSIA solution, led by the pioneering Business Access Portal ©software and also includes components of IP network design, engineering, professional services, ongoing maintenance, networking monitoring, multi-lingual support, revenue reporting and authentication tracking. Our sound business fundamentals – on which the company was created – have led to exceptional growth, profitability and recognition by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the United States for multiple years.

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