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A Trip To The Past Can Reduce Your Waistline

Rock Hill, South Carolina (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

As AMC’s Mad Men kicks off its final season this year, the dramatic cable series has again renewed interest in the decades the show portrays. From fashion for men and women to decorating for office and home, the series has influenced designers to revisit the 1950s and 60s, even sparked viewing parties where classic TV dinners are served.

Dr. Myo Nwe, author of the weight loss guide “Fat Me Not” says a trip back to the 1950’s might give people a better perspective on how large meal portions should be. In decades past, she points out, Americans never felt compelled to over-indulge in the fashion seen today.

“Even those familiar TV dinners from the 50s demonstrated a much healthier and more practical portions,” Dr. Nwe explains. “And they weren’t the overly-processed options we see on the market today.”

“From these new fast food platters to those all-you-can-eat buffets, we Americans have somehow lost touch with how much nutritional intake a person actually needs,” she explains. “Everybody knows the basic size of a classic TV dinner, and that is much closer to what’s appropriate for a single meal.”

Dr. Nwe, co-developer of the SlimPlate Weight Loss System, is an author and director of the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center in South Carolina. As an internal medicine specialist, Dr. Nwe says she’s seen first-hand what the new American diet is doing to our organs, our lifestyle and our longevity.

After restaurant chain Applebee’s this week announced a new appetizer menu available in three different portion sizes, Dr. Nwe says she supports those restaurants attempting to reign in overindulgence.

“We’ve somehow tricked ourselves into believing that because we live in the land of plenty, that this is how much we should consume,” she continues. “This is madness, it follows no scientific reasoning and has no nutritional basis.”

“The amounts I see patients eating as their standard diet can be mind-boggling,” she admits. “Some people regularly intake twice their recommended daily fat in just a single meal. To think there’s no price to pay for those choices is beyond short-sighted.”

“And it’s not entirely our fault,” she adds. “Fast food companies and other food suppliers manipulate the sugar and salts levels specifically to make us crave more. But when those changes start altering our perception of how much is a normal amount to eat in a single sitting, it warps us. It convinces new generations that these portion sizes are appropriate, and that’s very dangerous.”

Nwe says this is why she and fellow internal medicine specialist Dr. Sandeep Grewal developed their Slimplate Weight Loss System, designed specifically around better portion control. The system features specifically measured plates, bowls, saucers and cups that provide easy-to-follow recommendations on proper amounts to consume.

“Most people never gorged like this 50 or 60 years ago,” Dr. Grewal says, “it would have been unheard of. Yet today, it’s somehow normal. And it’s scary to think just how quickly these choices can change our very way of life.”

Dr. Nwe developed the actual health plan that’s included in the SlimPlate System, one which gradually eases users toward healthier standards. “We knew people would have greater success if they could tackle this problem a little bit at a time.”

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