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The Six Pack Ab Workout

It can take a lot of time and effort to achieve those six pack abs that you want. There has to be enough muscle built up to get six pack abs this means doing ab exercises. There are six exercises to include in a six pack ab workout and some tips that can aid you in losing fat.

Crunches are the first exercise in a workout designed for developing six pack abs. Cross your arms on your chest and lie flat on the floor. Bend both knees toward the body and raise only the shoulders off the floor. Repeat until at least one full set has been done.

The second exercise in a workout program for six pack abs is the leg lift. Lie down on the floor and bring both legs to a ninety degree angle and then lower. Then repeat.

The third exercise in a six pack ab workout routine is the static hold. This exercise resembles a push-up without the pushing away from the floor. Simply get into the push-up position and hold it for at least one minute.

The fourth exercise in an abs workout to develop a six pack is the side static. This exercise is done in the position of a one armed push-up. One arm holds you up as the other is extended straight up with the body held side-ways; again there is no actual pushing involved.

Sprinting is the next exercise in the six pack abdominal workout. You can sprint instead of jogging for the development of six pack abs.

The last exercise in a six pack ab workout is the bicycle. Simply make pedaling motions while lying on your back and breathe in a relaxed and even manner.

The six pack ab routine of working out has to include losing fat. This can be aided with weight lifting accompanying cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise includes things such as swimming, running and sports to name a few. You must also monitor what you eat to ensure that you aren’t overeating and are including fiber in your diet.

When it comes to a six pack ab workout you should also ensure that you eat breakfast each day and drink plenty of water. Following these simple tips will help to ensure that the ab workout is affective.

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Six Pack Workout

Great Shape in Ten Minutes with Effective Best Abs Exercises

Everyone wants to look their best. For some, a flaunting body with great shape is the idea of being “fit”. Living a healthy and active life is very essential in being able-bodied. A six packs abs is not a determinant that you’re healthy. It’s not an excuse in getting various disease conditions. However, dreaming a perfect shape with great cuts is not a crime. When you want this dream to meet reality, you must work for it. It need not be expensive rather it must be the fruit of hardship and commitment. Everyone can work with it at the very comfort of their home. A high energy cardiovascular routine is said to be one of the best abs exercises. There are guidelines to follow to accomplish a perfect body. Age related muscle mass reduction is said to occur when a person reached 30.Flaunting abs can be developed safely. The body does not need harmful substance to achieve such result. Do you know that a 10 minute exercise routine can do to burn up150 calories a day?

The American council on exercises determined the most effective ten minute exercise for a six pack abs. Aside from reducing fat belly, strong abs are important in keeping the body healthy. It also protects the spine. Here are some of the best abs exercises:

• Bicycle exercise. Proven to target the oblique which result to six pack abs.
• Captain’s chair leg exercise
• Exercise ball crunch. The most common abs strengthener.
• Vertical leg crunch
• Torso track. Be careful with this exercise. It can hurt your back.
• Long arm Crunch. It emphasize the upper part of the abs
• Reverse crunch. This is for the lover abs
• Full vertical crunch
• The abs rocker
• Plank on elbows and toes. A known muscle stabilizing exercise. It’s best for the abdominal muscles and back area.

Many people that have been working on to have flab abdomens for so many years but still haven’t achieved the shape they want. Do not be disappointed! Person varies from one another since we are unique in every way. There are certain factors that will alter the effectiveness of specific diet and exercise. Genes is one of the biggest factors to consider. You may consult a doctor to determine if having a perfect abs is achievable within your genetic track. Consulting a health expert will make the whole process easier. To have flat tummy, it is necessary to commit yourself with certain virtues such as discipline and being optimistic. It can’t be done overnight. Obviously, you can’t lose half of your weight in 24 hours without getting sick! Toning down your body weight will shower you with unending healthy benefits. The most essential things to remember in maintaining a great and healthy body are:

• Regular cardio exercise
• Strength training for the entire body. It is a warm up exercise.
• Low calorie diet
• Avoid vices. Some of us will deny this advice then LIMIT vices.

Accepting that the body is working as a whole and not into parts will be a great help in analyzing that abs is not an overnight thing. It is a process. Do not get rid of the goal. Work on it. Best abs exercises are useless without training yourself with the main key towards a fit lifestyle which is self-discipline.

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Six Pack Abs Workout | No Excuses

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Six Pack Workout

If you are looking for the best six pack workout regime then this article is for you. Now without boring you too much I would like to present you with the best six pack workout. If it is your goal to get a six pack then I would like to show you how. Before you begin ensure that your body index mass is roughly at least 12% for men and 16% for women.

I would like to inform you that that even though you conduct all the six pack workout exercises in the world no results will show if your body mass index is over the above threshold. Now the fastest and effective way to dropping body fat is by doing full body workouts and intense interval training.

4 Six PackWorkout Regimes.

{Hanging leg raises – For this exercises you will need to hang from a pull up bar with your shoulder at wide grip. With you knee slightly bent raise you legs up by curling your pelvis to almost touch the top of the bar. Ensure that your back is not arched but rounded. If you find it hard to hold grip then I suggest you use hanging elbow straps.

Hanging leg raises- You will need to hang from a pull up bar with your shoulder at wide grip. Ensure that your back is rounded and with you knee slightly bent raise you legs up by curling your pelvis to almost touch the top of the bar. You could us elbow straps if you find it difficult to hold grip.

Reverse crunches – First ensure your back is on the mat your feet flat on the ground and your knees at a 90% angle. Then ensure you shoulders and back are slightly off the ground with your palms firmly placed besides your hips. Now that you have form curl your legs back towards your head. Do Not use momentum instead use you abdominal muscles.

Abdominal Bicycles- This exercise mimics a bicycle movement but in a lying down position with your legs moving in and out linearly and not cyclically. Now with your back on the mat ensure your legs and knees are at a 90 degree angel. Then with your hands behind your head (not pulling on your head though) you need to move your left elbow and right knee. Extend your right knee out and bringing out right elbow and left knee together simultaneously.

Abdominal Scissors- For this exercise lay flat on the mat and get your arms straight back over your head and your legs out at a 45 degree angle at vertical. Now bring your shoulders off the ground and your arms forward while simultaneously bringing your legs and hips up off the ground such that your legs and your arms slightly cross over.

Some additional and effective Six pack Workout Exercises Include

• Floor side planks holds

• Bench Crunches

• Ab Wheel

• Stability Ball Plank holds|

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