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Waist Twister

The Waist Twister is a revolving magnetic disc on which you can stand and twist. This cardiovascular disc is designed to slim and tone the thighs, waist, hips and buttocks. Increases stamina and tones the muscles in the upper and lower torso. A low-impact exercise system to help develop the legs, shoulder, and arms, simultaneously strengthening the back and massaging the feet during workout.

Below are the some steps how to use the Waist twister

Kids have to gently step on the waist twister ,In this product 4 kids can consecutively stand on that and can enjoy there work out
There is handle provided for the Waist Twister so that the kids won’t fall,

Once they step on to it they have to grab that stand

Now slowly twist the elbows, arms and shoulders as if you are turning to look over your shoulder. Don’t turn your head; let it follow round with the upper part of your body.
Throughout the turn keep your abdominal muscles tensed.
Once you have reached as far round as is comfortable, slowly rotate back round to the opposite side, then return to the starting position.
Repeat this exercise for five to six times that’s enough for kids

These exercise will strengthen your kids legs and shoulder muscles and if your son /daughter have put on some wait ,by doing this it will reduces there tummies also It also  provides healthy benefits and makes you have better looking. Exercises your kid’s waist, shoulder and back simultaneously, strengthens the heart and lungs. Increases circulatory system of the body, recovers the resilience of blood vessels and helps maintain healthy and tender skin

Horse riding station

By horse riding exercise reaches the deep postural muscles of the trunk and pelvis and the adductor muscles of the thighs. Also, depending on the speed of the horse, other sets of muscles are working strongly such as the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutei’s during rising trot. And not only that it willinfluence the whole person and the effect on all the body’s systems can be profound. IN simple words horse riding is very good for whole body.

But not every kid goes for the horse riding and some times if the kid losses its balance then it will be very dangerous. That Why we thought that to bring the horse to your dinning room an as of the parents will also be comfortable that the kid is safe. So we were thing to build a product in witch we should have all the good things of a horse ridding and should also be safe so we come up with this idea called HORSE RIDER STAION.


Mini Ski Station

Skiing  is sport normally played in the places where there is a lot of ice ,where the players will put on there ski shoes and in the hand take the sticks an slides over the ice mountain ,It’s a very interesting sports  but without proper training it will a very dangerous games also .


Mini Ski Station where your kids can ski all day long without suffering from the cold winter that you have to face when you go for skiing in icy mountain ,And more over its very safe to there will be no injuries for your son/daughter. It’s a very portable and ready to use, you can install it anywhere in your house you can use it in your backyard too and it will very helpful to your kids fitness and trust me the kids will love it


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Growing in Census and Staff: Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Therapy Celebrates Five Year Anniversary in Business

Flagstaff, AZ (PRWEB) May 31, 2015

This May marked five years in the long-term residential alcohol and drug treatment field for Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Therapy, located in Flagstaff, AZ.

“I think of anniversaries as a time to reflect on growth and goals,” said Keelyn Riley who has been a program therapist and staff development educator at Back2Basics for four and a half years. “We are in an optimal space of knowing what we want to offer and how we want to do it.”

Like many successful businesses, Back2Basics founder and CEO, Roy DuPrez found a hole in the system and aimed to fill it.

“Unlike other 30-day and short-term addiction treatment facilities, B2B residents are in the program for six months or more,” said DuPrez. “Our passionate staff builds relationships with each resident to help them learn the life-skills — self-worth, accountability, healthy diet, exercise, routine, team work, etc. — needed to sustain their sobriety beyond our walls.”

B2B is geared toward young adult males between the ages of 18 to 30 struggling with substance abuse. Since 2010 it has expanded in size, staff and program by developing a transition program known as Beyond the Basics for graduates of the initial six month program.

“Almost 100% of our residents stay on for Back2Basics,” said DuPrez. “These are the same young men who came to Flagstaff six months prior angry, afraid, resentful… some even kicking and screaming.”

While infrastructure has expanded one thing has remained constant said Spencer Gharrity, former B2B resident and current Residential Coordinator.

“Back2Basics has been growing, but the overall goal has been the same – help addicts truly recover.”

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Outdoor Fitness Equipments

Outdoor fitness equipments are a structure erected outside for children to play on and around.


Typical components of outdoor play equipments include:


* Towers. In play equipments, a tower is a vertical structure with one or more decks placed at various levels. A deck is essentially a horizontal play surface contained within or attached to a tower.


* Bridges. Towers may be connected to one another via fixed bridges or chain bridges for children to walk across.


* Ladders. Rope ladders and fixed ladders are common accessories for play equipments.


* Sandboxes. A sandbox often accompanies outdoor play equipments.


* Slides. Playground slides may be covered or uncovered.


* Swings. Swings are usually mounted on a free-standing swing set.


* Monkey bars. Towers may be connected by monkey bars as well as bridges.


These equipments provide unending hours of fun to children. Children love these equipments as these give them immense pleasure after a hectic day at school. The games that they cannot play at home, all are available in the outdoor and with the various technical advancements; playground equipment now comes in a modernized way. Now, parents do not have to worry about their children who are out to play with playground equipments as these advanced and extremely high quality equipments are built to provide complete safety.

Make sure the equipment is safe. When you are looking for these type of equipments, look for a system that says the manufacturer followed the guidelines of the American Society for the Testing of Materials or of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The equipment should be sturdy in construction. Make sure it is correctly assembled, follow the instructions exactly and make sure it is firmly anchored in concrete. The concrete should be covered in earth or a soft padding. The play system should be set at least six feet from fences or walls.



Another type of outdoor playground equipment is the playhouse. These are scaled-down replicas of full sized homes — much like a tree house but on the ground. They can promote a child’s imagination and creativity. A  playhouses may be as simple as a cutout in a cardboard box, or as complex as a permanent outdoor structure wired with electricity and running water. There are a number of companies that specialize in creating elaborate and distinctive playhouse which can be used for both commercial and private purposes.

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Outdoor Fitness

If you are an outdoor fitness enthusiast and love to feel the rush of adrenaline in your veins and really get the blood pumping then you have to make sure that outdoor fitness programmes can be applied to fit in with your exercise regime. Outdoor fitness can often be somewhat limited in its appeal and this can lead to disappointment and frustration. It is imperative that you consider a number of outdoor fitness options before making your eventual, all-important decision. You cannot just settle for outdoor fitness which is merely average and ‘so so’ as far better outdoor fitness solutions can be located elsewhere. It is also imperative that outdoor fitness is as diverse and widespread as possible in order to accommodate each and every specific requirement and personal preference.

When looking for the most viable outdoor fitness plans which are not too strenuous or overwhelming then there is no one more equipped than We are market leading specialists when it comes to outdoor fitness and pride ourselves on our unbeatable client care and attention to every detail. Our customer-focused attitude and ‘can do’ approach is what sets us apart from other leading outdoor fitness companies and all of our professionals possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the outdoor fitness industry. Whether you prefer outdoor fitness arrangements which are leisurely or vigorous; we can tailor and modify all outdoor fitness courses to accommodate all particular personal preferences or specific requirements. Bespoke outdoor fitness classes are an absolute must as they are unique, original and innovative.

Outdoor fitness is carried out in local parks as they offer freedom and relaxation and allow you to be at one with the elements. From cycling tours to runs and hikes; outdoor fitness caters for all requests and will enable you to follow a nutritious and nourishing diet packed with vitamins and minerals as well as getting regular exercise a few times a week. This outdoor fitness regime is perfect if you want to become body-confident and secure in your own skin and you will be sure to recommend our wonderful outdoor fitness solutions to family and friends alike. Who could ask for anything more from outdoor fitness?

There is nothing better than outdoor training from to boost your morale and make you look and feel like a million dollars every day of the week. Go on; give it a go; we won’t let you down!

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