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Eating Once A Day To Lose Weight Is Counterproductive Says Weight Loss Doc

Rock Hill, South Carolina (PRWEB) June 01, 2015

Internal medicine and Obesity Medicine specialist Dr. Myo Nwe of the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center in South Carolina is speaking out against renewed interest in so-called ‘once-a-day’ diets that allow for only one meal per 24-hour period. Dr. Nwe previously covered the topic in her own weight loss guide ‘Fat Me Not,’ where she actually encourages diets to eat several smaller meals throughout the day.

“More and more websites are again actively pushing this ‘once-a-day’ diet,” Dr. Nwe explains. “And it might sound logical at first, but you have to remember that your body is a machine. It needs to run on certain patterns, and one of them is getting periodic nutrition throughout the waking day.”

In Chapter 3 of her book, Dr. Nwe breaks down the scientific contradictions that many popular diets consciously ignore, including once-a-day diets. “Understanding the body’s digestive process is key to maximizing weight loss,” she says, “not trying to trick the body with gimmicks.”

“Two negative things occur when you limit yourself to just one meal per day,” Dr. Nwe continues. “The first is your body enters ‘starvation mode’, as quickly as 4 hours after your last meal. This means the body begins storing part of the fat rather than burning it away. So that’s counterproductive.

“The second is your body burns a considerable amount of calories throughout the day just from regularly, healthy digestion. If you only feed it once a day, the stomach just sits there and growls – and ultimately you burn less calories overall than you normally would.”

Websites and blogs like Fitmole and Hubby’s Home have recommended the diet to their followers, as have dozens of popular health sites around the globe. The renewed interest in this purportedly “fast and easy” diet has been most apparent among young men, especially weight lifting enthusiasts. Dr. Nwe says she’s surprised that people so devoted to fitness would overlook the science involved.

“As I said in my book, eating once a day is not going to give your stomach the good workout it needs. You’re not maximizing your calorie spending for the best weight-loss result, which is what happens when you eat smaller meals 4-5 times per day.”

“Again, the body is a machine, and dieters should want to maximize the body’s own calorie-burning capacity.”

Dr. Nwe is an internal medicine specialist practicing in both North and South Carolina, where she co-founded the Ace Medical Weight Loss Center in Rock Hill with Dr. Sandeep Grewal, also an internal medicine specialist. ‘Fat Me Not’ is doctor Nwe’s first book, described as a “scientific debunking of diet plans” by the author.

“Fat Me Not” is available @


Custom SLR Launches Dual Camera Strap for a Convenient and Comfortable Way to Carry Two Cameras at Once

The Custom SLR Dual Camera Strap offers photographers flexibility and comfort in one dual camera harness system.

Custom SLR, a photography accessories company in Silicon Valley, today announced the immediate availability of the Custom SLR Dual Camera Strap, which allows photographers to comfortably carry and instantly access two cameras at one time. It features the same Split Strap Technology™ found in the Custom SLR Glide One Strap, which was rated Best in Test by Advanced Photographer magazine.

“The Dual Strap turns the best camera strap on the market into a professional double camera sling setup,” said Ivan Wong, Chief Operating Officer of Custom SLR. “Photographers often shoot with two bodies, and with our Dual Strap they will be able to shoot all day in comfort with the ability to customize and adjust the strap to fit perfectly. We are not the first to introduce a dual camera strap, but we are the first to deliver one with superior comfort and ergonomics. We continue to expand upon the modularity of our products to deliver new functionalities.”

With the Dual Camera Strap, each camera rests securely at either side of the photographer and can glide up to instantly capture the moment. The strap features secure connections with swiveling quick-release buckles for the ultimate in flexibility. It also has a neoprene back pad for cushioned comfort at a common pressure point, silicone print on the bottom of the straps to prevent slippage and a sternum strap for extra stability. Additionally, it can be disassembled and used as two separate and fully functioning Glide Straps.

Installation is simple. The strap tightens into the tripod mount on the bottom of the camera using the C-Loop Camera Strap Mount, Custom SLR’s first invention. With its 360-degree swivel, the C-Loop prevents tangled straps and provides a tight, secure connection. For photographers who want to transition to a tripod without removing the strap, the M-Plate Pro universal tripod plate is compatible and comes with modular attachment points for accessories.

The Dual Camera Strap can carry a maximum weight of 16 pounds and is compatible with any camera. The length is adjustable up to 70” and fits most users.

The complete Dual Strap System retails for $ 134.95 and is available exclusively through Custom SLR. Additionally, existing users of the Glide Strap have the option of purchasing the Dual Camera Strap Kit for $ 24.95 to convert two Glide Straps (not included) into one dual camera harness system. To purchase the Dual Strap or the kit, visit

About Custom SLR

Custom SLR is a photography accessories company that creates products that challenge existing boundaries. Based in Silicon Valley, the team of photographers likes to innovate and design useful products, including the C-Loop, Split Strap, M-Plate, ProDot and Air Strap, all of which were successfully launched through Kickstarter. For more information, visit

Win a Once in a Lifetime Oregon Fishing Getaway from Husky Liners

Winfield, KS (PRWEB) June 04, 2015

Husky Liners is offering the chance for all of their customers and retailers to enter to win a 2-day Oregon fishing experience of a lifetime. One winner and a guest will fish the Rogue River in beautiful Southern Oregon for the Steelhead/Salmon run in late September/early October. They will stay in a rustic bed and breakfast and fish for two days (8 hours each) with a well-known guide from a drift boat. The guests will be able to choose between conventional fishing or fly-fishing. The winner will go home with a custom rod.

Enter for a chance to win at or like Husky Liners on Facebook and enter to win at The deadline to enter for the chance to win the trip of a lifetime is June 30, 2015. See sweepstakes rules for complete details on the sign-up page.

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Winfield, Kansas, Husky Liners® is a leading manufacturer of automotive aftermarket products designed to protect the interior, and exterior of your truck or SUV. At the core of its diverse product line-up is the Husky Liners brand of custom fit floor liners, including front seat, rear seat and cargo area. The company also manufactures heavy-duty floor mats, custom molded mudguards and a wide assortment of quality products designed to help extend the life of your vehicle. All products are manufactured in the USA and most come with a hassle-free lifetime guarantee. For more information, visit: