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Obesity and Fitness Camps

A good percentage of the fat men in the world today suffer from obesity. Obesity is the condition when the fat percentage of the body increases. Obesity is dangerous. If you have symptoms of obesity in your body then you should try to reduce weight. The symptoms of obesity are not hard to miss. You will have excessive body weight and also you would have body flab all over our body. You should focus on your diet and try reducing weight as soon as possible in a systematic manner. Otherwise obesity can even lead to death.

There are many cardio vascular problems that are related to obesity. Not only do you become less athletic but your arteries and veins start to accumulate fat. This hinders the flow of blood and oxygen. Also obesity can alarmingly increase the amount of cholesterol in a persons body. This will lead to many cardio vascular diseases. Therefore, if not acted upon quickly, this can easily lead to a more serious condition of the body and eventually death. Obesity cannot be eliminated. However, there are many ways in which it can be controlled.

To control your obesity, you should first look up your diet. The diet that most people follow today defiantly does not help to control obesity. All the calories and the fats that come from the fast food that we eat today contribute to obesity. Therefore if you want to live a life that is longer and healthier, you should defiantly look to curb obesity.

There are many fitness camp available today that will help you to combat obesity. These camps are not only meant for children but working adults as well. Most of the times, these camps take people in as batches so you can choose to take some time off work and go for such camps.

When you enroll in such a camp, the regular routine and life activity will help you to reduce your weight and get back in shape. If you are in danger of obesity, then it is highly recommended that you join such a fit camp. These fit camps emphasis on the two main things that is most essential for staying healthy. These are a proper diet and daily exercise. If you think that dieting is all that you need to reduce weight then you cant be more wrong. You should not starve yourself to death.

You need to take nutritious food in appropriate quantity and you need to control the way you eat. Also you need to make sure that you have enough physical activity so that most of the food that you eat can be digested easily. There are many fitness camp for adults today that will suit to your routine. These camps will have personal trainers that will look up your requirements and take special care of your needs. Also these camps will emphasize on weight reduction and workouts that will help you become fitter. Also activities like aerobics, tai chi, yoga will help you become mentally stronger and will result in your overall development and weight loss.

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New Childhood Obesity Op-Ed co-written by Bill Clinton Correctly Emphasizes Prevention in Kids, but Omits the Adult Solution, says Dr. Feiz and Associates

Changes to school lunches will help fight obesity in the long-run, but many currently obese adults need immediate solutions.

A June 30 CNN opinion piece written by former president Bill Clinton and American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown argues for a variety of ongoing programs aimed at lowering childhood obesity. Los Angeles based weight loss surgery center Dr. Feiz and Associates agrees that initiatives aimed at encouraging more nutritionally sound school lunches and increased fitness are extremely important for lowering the terrifying rates of childhood obesity. However, the center also notes such procedures as the gastric sleeve may be the only way to deal with severe obesity when it comes to individuals for whom preventive efforts have come too late.

Dr. Feiz and Associates agrees that prevention is always preferable to a safe but admittedly aggressive treatment such as a weight loss procedure. At the same time, the clinic adds, the emphasis on prevention and relatively small lifestyle changes such as the #Commit2Ten campaign, encouraging children and adults to add 10 minutes of daily activity to their daily routine, can create a false sense that severely overweight individuals can overcome their obesity simply by taking up a few modest lifestyle changes.

The struggles of a person trying to lose 10 or 20 pounds can be difficult enough, but should not be compared with the battle to lose as much as 100 pounds or more that many severely obese people must wage, notes Dr. Feiz and Associates. Specifically, bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has often discussed the importance of the hormonal aspects of obesity. Dr. Feiz often notes that ghrelin, a powerful hunger hormone, appears to be more present in the bodies of obese people, and its presence increases the more weight a patient loses. The doctor adds that procedures such as the sleeve gastrectomy, which significantly reduces the production of ghrelin by removing approximately 80 percent of the stomach, make it far easier for severely obese people to unlearn the bad eating habits they learned in childhood.

People who may have only struggled with a few additional pounds often have a hard time understanding the nature of severe obesity, says Dr. Feiz and Associates. While efforts to encourage children and adults to trim unnecessary calories and exercise are important and extremely laudable, more proactive efforts are needed once preventive efforts have failed and severe obesity has set in, says the weight loss clinic.

Individuals who may be interested in learning more about weight loss surgery with Dr. Feiz & Associates may call 310-817-691. They can also visit the bariatric surgery center online at

Weight Loss Program for Kids from Kurbo Health Helps Local Teen Beat Childhood Obesity Odds

Gainesville, Florida (PRWEB) March 09, 2015

Childhood obesity is an undeniable epidemic in the US today, with recent statistics showing at least one in three children in America are severely overweight or obese – and that number is rising. However, there’s at least one local Gainesville teen who is bucking these odds with the help of an innovative new weight loss program for kids called Kurbo.

Twelve-year-old Meg McDermott, who was afflicted by an intestinal illness last year that kept her from exercising and led to weight gain, has turned her health and body image around over the past year with use of the Kurbo app and digital coaching program. Not only did Meg reduce her BMI (body mass index) by more than seven percent, she has gained confidence and also inspired her mom, Carol, to get fit and lose weight herself.

Kurbo is the first mobile weight loss program for kids and teens designed specifically to help kids, teens and their parents learn to eat healthier and lose weight if needed. It’s based on Stanford University’s renowned pediatric weight control program, and follows the well-known “Traffic Light Diet” food classification system, which encourages users to consume fewer “red foods” (i.e., processed foods high in sugar and fat), more “greens” (most fruits and vegetables) and “yellows” (e.g., whole grain breads, dairy products, lean meats, etc.) in moderation. In addition, Kurbo users receive feedback and encouragement via text messages and weekly phone or video chats with a personal coach.

Within the Kurbo app itself, features include the food and exercise tracker, as well as fun games, budgeting tools, helpful videos, weekly challenges and progress screens. Users also receive virtual coaching (SMS text messages and notifications providing feedback and recommendations based on tracker entries), as well as personal coaching in the form of weekly phone calls or video chats with a live coach.

Kurbo Works: 90% Success Rate by Users

Meg McDermott is not the only child to find success using Kurbo. In fact, in the first pilot program for 65 children ages 8-17 years old who completed the Kurbo program between March and July 2014, users experienced a significant reduction (0.26) in their body mass index by (BMI). Of this group, 90% of the children either maintained or reduced their weight, and of those who reduced their weight, 58% reduced their BMI by over 3% and 20% of these reduced their BMI by over 7%.

In addition to weight loss and BMI reduction, at the end of the Kurbo program, kids reported higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, improved feelings of self-control, more physically active lifestyle, and reduced conflict between kids and parents over food and exercise. (For more on Kurbo’s outcomes, visit

About Kurbo

Kurbo is the first mobile weight loss program for kids and teens. Based on Stanford University’s renowned and research-based Pediatric Weight Control Program, Kurbo is the only system combining personalized coaching and expert advice with mobile apps for food and activity tracking to promote healthier eating and exercise habits for children and their families. Kurbo Health is part of Rock Health, a full-service seed fund for digital health startups. The company has offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto. For more information, please visit