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Nootropic KOIOS Announces Partnership with Complete Nutrition

Denver, CO (PRWEB) November 10, 2014

According to Natural Ingredients, brain food is listed as on of the top growing niches in supplementation. “Cognitive health is likely to gain momentum in the years ahead as consumers seek new ways to stay focused and alert or look for products addressing memory loss. Many consumers are simply looking to maintain their current state of cognitive health as well as prevent or slow down further decline.”

“Complete Nutrition prides themselves on carrying only the best products and delivering a lot of value to their clients. We are honored that they have chosen us to be their nootropic of choice and we look forward to a very healthy relationship with them,” said Chris Miller. “We are excited about carrying one of the markets top nootropics,” said Dave Lakin, President of Complete Nutrition, in Denver Colorado. Being in the supplement industry now for over 10 years I can tell you that brain health is the next frontier in supplements. It’s going to help many of our clients achieve total wellness and we are looking forward to carrying the product.”

Started in 2004, Complete Nutrition is now one of the fastest-growing franchises in the nation. Complete Nutrition eliminates the clutter and focuses on providing personal service, less intimidating store environments, and truly great products to help people live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. Staff members are athletes, certified personal trainers, nutritionists, and other people with experience in the fitness and health supplement retail industry.

We strive to create something different from the typical nutritional supplement store. As one of the fastest-growing franchises in the nation, our growth is a clear sign that people want something different, too. Our goal is to be the leading consultant and partner in life change for our customers.

At Complete Nutrition, we focus on four ideals: hydration, supplements, balanced diet and exercise. We want to help provide everything you need to make a personal commitment to these ideals. Once you make that commitment, we can help you accelerate results by continuing to provide education on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

“Koios is one of the best made and highly rated nootropics on the market, said Dave Lakin, so we are proud to carry it.” Breaking Muscle, one of the worlds largest fitness blogs, did an independent review on KOIOS, and said it was one of the best supplements they have tried. According to Doug Dupont, official reviewer with Breaking Muscle, “ Nootropics have always been interesting to me, but not every formula I’ve tried is as strong as Koios. If you’ve been interested in this type of supplement, this is a good one to check out.”

“The Brain is a very important part of the body because it controls most of the body functions. If the brain is not functioning effectively then the whole body will be at a risk of not operating properly and will effect your over all health and fitness,” said Chris Miller, CEO of KOIOS.

Koios boosts brain function by delivering more blood flow, oxygen and neural connection to the brain. Users feel enhanced focus, concentration, increased cognitive awareness and all day mental clarity and energy.

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