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Creating a Fitness Newsletter

The obesity epidemic in the United States and other countries have highlighted importance of providing information to people on how to maintain good health by eating right and getting plenty of exercise. As a fitness facility or expert, you can boost your company’s profile while still providing your customers with the information they need to be successful in their weight loss efforts. Besides this, a fitness newsletter can be an income generator that generates a steady stream of clients and cash. With the technology available today, creating a newsletter is very easy. Here are a few tips to assist you in developing a newsletter your fitness customers will love.

Offer clients more than one way to receive your newsletter. Sending a newsletter by email is going to be the cheapest and fastest way to reach your target market. However, some of your clients may not have an email address or want to give it out. You should also offer to send the fitness newsletter by mail or to pick up a copy at your place of business. Offering multiple ways to receive your newsletter will maximize the reach of your advertising. If you are intent on capturing their email address, be sure to direct them to your website where they can sign up for email notifications.

There are several ways you can design your fitness newsletter. The type of information you include and how you arrange it will depend on your motivations for providing the newsletter. If you are looking to attract more clients to you, then you want to use as much space as you can to advertise the products and services you offer. Try to choose articles that fit your business and encourage people to contact you for more information. If you are using the newsletter to make money selling advertising space, then be sure to leave space open on each page for ads.

There are several ways you can find content for your newsletter. You can write the articles yourself. If you are not a writer or don’t want to spend your time producing articles, you can get free content from online article directories. You can also solicit articles from businesses who want to advertise in your fitness newsletter. Another popular option is to hire a freelance writer to produce content for you. Providing a newsletter to clients who want to lose weight and stay healthy is a great way to build your customer base and make money.

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AIS Newsletter Finds Four Key Reasons for Lack of Interest in Small Business Health Options Program

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 16, 2015

Since the beginning of the year, the Department of Health and Human Services has offered regular enrollment updates for federally facilitated exchanges, but has been silent about the state of its Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). Some industry observers contacted by Atlantic Information Services, Inc.’s (AIS) Inside Health Insurance Exchanges (HEX) wonder if SHOP will ever attract interest. For its April issue, HEX identified four key barriers that could have led to limited participation in SHOP.

(1) The small-business tax credit isn’t attractive enough. The maximum credit is available only to the smallest small businesses (10 or less) with lower average annual wages per worker ($ 25,000 or less), and without real financial incentives, private insurance exchanges will appear to be the better option.

(2) There’s a lack of employee choice when it comes to choosing a plan in SHOP. In most states with federally facilitated exchanges, employers aren’t given the choice to choose a plan on the program, due largely to calls for a delay from state regulators who worried that a poorly functioning employee choice program would lead to delayed payments to carriers, misinformation, consumer confusion and adverse selection, HEX says. Chris Condeluci, a principal at CC Law & Policy in Washington, D.C., who worked for the Senate Finance Committee during the crafting of the health reform law, told HEX that SHOP is “clunky” and “glitch-riddled.”

(3) SHOP faces competition from private exchanges. For most small businesses, private exchanges offer more options and better features, such as decision-support systems, education tools and end-to-end transactional services, Condeluci tells HEX. They also offer full employee choice for medical coverage, and offer ancillary products and services such as vision, dental, life, financial and payroll, increasing their attractiveness.

(4) Once employers have to give up their grandfathered, non-ACA compliant plans, enrollment on SHOP is expected to increase slightly, HEX says, but the majority of employers are expected to explore their options with a broker or move to a private exchange.

“The underlying market isn’t so broken that employers are crying out for a solution,” Rosemarie Day, president of Day Health Strategies and former chief operating officer of the Massachusetts exchange, told HEX. “What they want is dramatically lower premiums, and that’s not what SHOP offers.”

Condeluci worries that more tax dollars will be funneled into SHOP “until we come to the realization that we spent billions of dollars on SHOP, which was a failing exercise.”

Visit to read the article in its entirety, which also reviews some of the most successful state-based exchanges in Utah, California and New Mexico.

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