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Newbie Workout Routine

If you are new to working out, then this workout routine will be good starting point for you. I still use this workout routine from time to time when I want to change things up a bit and it will help you build and tone your overall body. So when you are ready to get started hit the gym up and follow this routine.

Newbie Workout Routine

Monday: Chest/Triceps

Tuesday: 30-40 minutes of cardio

Wednesday: Back/Biceps

Thursday: 30-40 minutes of cardio

Friday: Legs/Shoulders

Saturday: Day off or 30-40 minutes of cardio

Sunday: Day off

Chest Workouts:

* Flat Bench Press

* Incline Dumbbell Press

* Incline Dumbbell Flies

* Decline Dumbbell Press

Triceps Workouts:

* Dips

* Seated Overhead Tricep Extensions

* Rope Cable Press-Downs

Back Workouts:

* Pull-Ups (use the weighted pull-up machine if needed)

* Seated Rows

* Bent Barbell Rows

* Single Arm Dumbbell Rows

Biceps Workouts:

* Dumbbell Curls

* Preacher Curls

* Rope Cable Hammer Curls

Legs Workouts:

* Squats

* Standing Calf Raises

* Lunges

* Seated Leg Curls

Shoulders Workouts:

* Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

* Lateral Raises

* Front Dumbbell Raises

* Upright Rows

This is a basic workout routine that should help you get started. When doing these workouts, I do 8-10 reps and 3 sets for each exercise. Also I recommend increasing the weight while decreasing the reps as you progress through each set. Use enough weight so that your muscles are completely fatigued by the last rep of last set. This will ensure muscle growth.

Also if you are trying to loose weight while building your muscles it is important to incorporate cardio within your workout routine. However if you are already skinny and are trying to bulk up then you do not need to incorporate the cardio component within your workout routine. You can simply rest your body on the cardio days.

Important: It is vital to have at least one day where you completely rest up your body and do no exercise what-so-ever. Your muscles grow during rest periods and not while they are being worked out. If you do not rest your body, you risk the chance of over training which will do you no good.

My name is Ronek Bhatt. I am 22 years old and a fitness enthusiast. I started working out 5 years ago and since then have dedicated numerous hours learning and researching about fitness, bodybuilding, diets, and other sources of healthy living.

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