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Home Workout Recommendations ? What You Need to Know About Home Exercise Programs

Many people are clueless when it comes to home workouts. They do not know where to begin and think that they will have to seek professional help by going to a gym. It is however possible for you to get fit from home without professional advice as there are plenty of free information sources on the Internet that will be able to guide you through a great workout routine.

But first, you will need some good guidance on how to approach a home workout program. Below are certain points that you will have to consider.

What is your current fitness level?

This is a very vital step in the process.  If you have been doing training on and off, you can begin with exercises that are of intermediate complexity. If you are however just starting up and have never worked out before, you will find that even the easiest exercises are quite difficult to do. Understanding your current fitness level will allow you to pick an exercises routine that will be most appropriate and most realistic for you.

What are your goals?

Everyone has a different fitness goal. Some will want to lose weight; some will want to gain weight and increase their muscle mass. Every goal will need a different approach. You will need to find a workout schedule that will be most aligned with your fitness goals. A weight loss goal will most probably need a workout that is heavy with cardio exercises while a weight gain exercise will require workouts that involve a lot of weights.

What is your realistic availability when it comes to workout time?

You have to be very realistic when you are picking a workout routine. Do not pick something that is fancy and that will require you to spend 90 minutes a day. That will just be a waste of time as you will never follow it. If you have a busy schedule and can only afford to spend about 30 minutes a day, pick an exercise schedule that will take up just that amount of time. You will also have to commit yourself to your workouts and be sincere about it. Health and fitness goals need time to achieve and there are no easy solutions that will bring you overnight results. Sincerity is one of the major contributors to success when it comes to your fitness goals and you have to be very firm in your mind about doing these exercises regularly.

What exercises to do and how to do them?

You will find an umpteen number of sites that will give you workout schedules with videos and descriptions of the exercises. After picking one that is appropriate for you, try to follow it as closely as you can. Most gyms will allocate a personal trainer who will be trained to give you very specific instructions and correct you if you doing an exercise the wrong way. You however do not have that luxury when you are working out at home and you will have to pay extra close attention to video manuals or DVD’s that will guide you through a workout routine.

In conclusion, a great home fitness program is quite easy if you know where to look for information. One such site that will give you great guidance on your home fitness exercise workouts is mentioned below.

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Consumer Credit Bureau Disputes Processes Need to be Re-Examined According to New Bridgeforce Report

Chadds Ford, PA (PRWEB) May 19, 2015

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently announced that large consumer reporting agencies are now required to submit accuracy reports that will detail consumer dispute statistics by furnisher relative to their peers. This regulatory focus coupled with increased media attention, should serve as an indicator that consumer reporting agencies and data furnishers need to transform the way in which credit bureau disputes are addressed and resolved. It is too often that disputes are handled as a back office operation with little to no direct customer interaction the risk for confusion and the potential for a negative customer experience.

In the new white paper titled “Reinventing the Credit Bureau Disputes Customer Experience,” Bridgeforce provides the framework for a customer facing approach with an emphasis on two-way communication. According to Bridgeforce, “the key to effectively handling credit bureau disputes is empowering the customer throughout the process–they should be able to understand where the dispute is within the resolution process and provide additional information and value-added feedback.” This new model would ultimately lead to a reduction in dispute volume while capitalizing on an opportunity to provide a positive customer experience during a period of uncertainty.

“In the credit reporting ecosystem, disputes are a sign of risk,” said Michelle Macartney, Managing Director of US Practice. “Data furnishers are in a position to utilize the customer facing approach to turn risk into an opportunity by better serving their customers and differentiating themselves from their peers.”

To download the paper, go to the Bridgeforce knowledge library for free access. Click here to sign up.

About Bridgeforce

Bridgeforce is a specialized multi-national consulting firm serving a variety of clients involved in almost all aspects of the consumer and small business lending and payments space. Over 75 percent of Bridgeforce consultants come directly from client-side leadership positions across multiple parts of the credit lifecycle. Combined with subject matter expertise in operations, technology, strategy and regulatory issues, Bridgeforce has the knowledge and experience to make the hard choices in developing and implementing best-fit solutions that are both achievable and lower the risks of execution to ensure sustainability. Bridgeforce success can be attributed to a culture fostering innovation and evolving experienced-based best practices recognized within the industry. For more information, visit

Vera Vasi Shapewear Eliminates Need for New Year’s Resolutions

Lawrenceville, Georgia (PRWEB) November 21, 2014

The holidays will be a little more merry and New Year’s can be celebrated without the need for the same old resolutions, all thanks to Vera Vasi shapewear. The premier body-shaping, skin-toning shapewear in the world, Vera Vasi offers comfortable and flattering garments perfect for holiday travel and special occasions. With its own patented fabric, the versatile Vera Vasi shapewear can be worn from airplane to party, morning to night.

“With the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to remind holiday travelers and party-goers that cool and comfortable shapewear is a must-have for every holiday wardrobe,” said Vera Watkins, creator of Vera Vasi Shapewear. “For holiday travelers, our shapewear provides compression for the legs, keeping them comfortable during flights without swelling or cramping. The wrinkle-free shapewear also keeps your body cool and dry, making it the perfect under garment to wear from a morning meeting to a night on the town.”

In addition, Vera Vasi shapewear helps flatter holiday evening attire.    With several fashionable colors and styles available, shapewear options can complement any holiday wardrobe. With no visible lines and a smooth silhouette from the back and bra area down to hips and waist, the patented fabric actually eliminates odor and keeps the core energized, helping support better posture during a busy season.

Vera Vasi garments have a gathered seam at the buttock to highlight roundness, and the garments have upgraded, comfortable flat seams and bust and buttock cups molded to avoid compression those areas.

Vera Vasi shapewear is extremely versatile. The VerAmor bodysuit can be worn with shorts for a morning workout then covered with a sweater dress and boots for the office.. The garments are so comfortable they can even be slept in.

For more information or to view the line of VerVasi products please visit


Vera Vasi ™ Shapewear, manufactured by the Marena Group, Inc., a manufacturer of medical-grade compression garments, was founded in 1994 by Vera and Bill Watkins. Production began out of the couple’s home garage and by 2001 the company received the Small Business Exporter of the Year award from the state of Georgia. Marena continued to expand, receiving accolades and awards from industry experts and agencies, and was named apparel manufacturing Grand All Star of 2006 by Apparel magazine. Today, Marena and its vast array of products are widely recognized as the world’s leading compression garment manufacturer with representation in 79 countries around the world. For more information, please visit