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10 Most Effective Ab Workout

These ab workouts are the most effective way of strengthening the muscles.

1.  Windshield Wipers – Lie on your back with your arms stretched on each side. Lift the legs without bending the knees until the body is in 90% position. Move the legs from left to right and vice-versa, doing the action like that of the windshield wipers. Repeat the process up to 10 times.

2.  Knee Tucks – Using an exercise ball, place the body into a plank position wherein the shins are over the ball. Roll the ball forward to the upper body. The abs will be tightened this way.

3.  Front Plank over the Ball – Place the elbows on a flat bench while the feet is resting on an exercise ball. Allow the body to be parallel to the floor by contracting the abs. hold on to this position up to 60 seconds.

4.  Ball Crunches – Lie on the ball with the mid lower back. Place both hands behind the head. Lift the torso by contracting the abs. Curl up with the ball steadily remaining on its place. Repeat up to 10 times.

5.  Reverse Crunch – Lie down on a flat bench. Bend the knee to form 90% and the upper leg should also be 90% to the torso. Hold on to the upper part of the bench above the head. Roll the body up until the knees reaches the elbows. Hold the position up to 3 seconds. Do these ab workouts up to 10 times.

6.  Knee Drops – Lie on the floor with knees bended up to 90% and the upper legs bended up to 90%. Place the ball between the knees. Stretch the arms on each side with palm facing upwards. Move the legs to left side until it almost reach the floor and go to the other side. Let the abs contract throughout the process and do this without lifting the shoulder.

7.  Long Arm Crunch – Lie on the flat surface. Place the arms over the shoulder closed to the ears. Bend the knees while feet lay flat on floor. Contract the abs and then lift the shoulder blades. Lower it back to the floor and repeat up to 12 times.

8.  Elbows and Toes Plank – Lie down with face on the floor. Lift the body supporting the weight with the elbows and toes. Keep the body straight. Hold to the position up to 60 seconds and repeat up to 5 times.

9.  Russian Twist – Sit on a declined chair. The legs must be firmly placed over the pads. Position the body unto 90%. Stretch the arms with the hands clasps together. Keep the back straight and begin moving the arms from left to right side without bending it. Repeat this in a moderate speed within 60 seconds.

10.  Bicycle Exercise – Lie with back on the floor. Put the both hands to the head with fingers firmly pressed over the head. Simultaneously rotate each knee like cycling on the air while lifting the opposite shoulder. Repeat these ab workouts up to 3 sets with 12 repetitions each.

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Getting the Most From Your Workout

When it comes to muscle and fitness advice, few sources actually hit the mark as it pertains to a reasonable, competent way to tailor your post workout meal and consistent eating plan. Average Joe hard-gainers everywhere are constantly blocked from reaching their genetic potential through these faulty advice channels, when instead they could be receiving constant, appreciable gains in both body composition and muscle growth.

The key to understanding how to manage your post workout meal to maximize growth, while also giving full weight to the importance of your daily eating habits, is to realize that your workout days are in many ways different from your recovery days, and should be treated as such. This realization first comes with knowledge of the physiological processes that occur when you fully exhaust a muscle or muscle group, and how this changes your biological processes for that day, and for many days to come.

The Workout Day

While a standard fat loss workout, that is designed to keep the heart rate low and constant, can prove effective at burning fat while offering significant cardiovascular benefit, the only way to cause new muscular growth is to engage in high intensity exercise. This tie between muscle and fitness is where the distinction is made between exercise and muscle building exercise. Any exercise that does not fully exhaust the entirety of a muscle group will not result in the positive hormonal cascades that lead to increased insulin sensitivity, health benefits, and the growth of new muscle.

With high intensity exercise comes a need for an increase in muscle building protein to provide for the regeneration of damaged muscle fibers and growth. An excellent example of a muscle building protein that is successful at both being present in the bloodstream during a workout, and being available to assist in recovery during the post workout window, is a supplement that contains branched chain amino acids.

Your post workout meal plan should also focus on the ingesting of simple carbohydrates to account for the deficit created when muscle are exhausted of their sugar stores during high intensity lifts. Simple carbohydrates such as dextrose are quickly absorbed by the body, resulting in a rapid intake of carbohydrates by spent muscles.

The Recovery Day

Your off days differ from those in which you challenge your muscles, in that your need for carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates, is greatly diminished. Instead, you should focus on increasing your fat intake, especially your saturated fat intake, to make up for the created deficit in carbohydrate. This is, of course, while keeping protein constant and keeping total calories even, if not diminished.

It’s important to note, that even if you choose to engage in a fat loss workout during an off day, consuming an increased amount of fat will not block the ability to burn fat stores. In fact, eating enough fat bolsters fat burning during exercise if sufficient carbohydrate is present in the diet.

When it comes to muscle and fitness advice, few sources actually hit the mark as it pertains to a reasonable, competent way to tailor your post workout meal and consistent eating plan. This tie between muscle and fitness is where the distinction is made between exercise and muscle building exercise. For more detail visit us at:

Most Effective Exercise For Burning Calories

If you are trying to lose weight then there is no doubt that the best way to do so is with diet and exercise. There are lots of options for both diet and exercise, but the diet is a bit more clear cut (eating healthy isn’t that hard to understand) but for exercise.. There are so many programs and work outs all promising great results. But which exercise are the most effective for burning calories? The answer to this question may surprise you.

Many believe that jogging or other cardio work is the best for burning calories. While many other people feel that weight training produces best results. The truth however is that the best results are produced by performing exercise that are hard for you to do. Obviously which exercise are hard to do depends on each individual. But let me explain why this is so.

Doing an exercise will burn a certain amount of calories, the amount is not set in stone and varies (sometimes greatly) from person to person. The harder an exercise to do the more energy is needed to perform it, the more calories will be burned. However, as you do that exercise over and over, your body adapts and it becomes easier to do it, thus less calories will be burned. This is actually the reason why jogging can produce great results in the beginning but for most people will produce no visible results after a while.

The best way to avoid this is by constantly switching exercise. Doing this will keep your body from adapting and will guarantee that you always burn a lot of calories. So think of an exercise you find hard to do, it might be push ups, it might be squats, or perhaps it’s running at higher speeds or for longer time. Then do those exercise until they become easy, then switch to something else that you find difficult.

You should also check out: Best Exercise To Lose Weight and what common mistakes to avoid to maximize weight loss by running for lots of useful tips and ideas on exercise and diet for weight loss.

The Most Fun Fitness Fads

It wasn’t that long ago that the only kind of training you could do was things like sit ups, push ups, jumping, running plus climbing. People could furthermore, occasionally lift heavy things. As time went on, however, new items were made to work out specific parts of the body in different ways. Today, rather than simply relying on the old standbys to stay in shape, there are any number of different types of equipment for exercise to choose from. This article is going to look at a few of the more promising fitness equipment that is being released to the public.

The Ugi is kind of like a stability ball, a medicine ball and a stuffed animal, all concurrently. The ball comes in loads between six and twelve pounds and a video that teaches purchasers of the Ugi ball how to do a variety of exercises all during a thirty minute workout. The ball is good for exercising pretty much every part of your body without your having to worry about getting bored. Pretty much the only real bad issue is the price–it’s just about a hundred and fifty collars–but because it works all of the parts of your body you might think the price is reasonable.

For females who have iPhones and also wish to get healthy, the Nike Training Club app is a good thing. The application is really a zero cost one. It comes filled up with nearly a hundred distinct workouts that are created for the sole purpose of helping women of every fitness level get in shape. The only things you will need to do is a training dependant on your current fitness level and the amount of time you have to exercise and then follow the instructions that the app gives to you. It allows you to listen to the music contained on your phone while also hearing your trainer’s advice and, the more workout routines you do, the more achievements you are going to unlock and the more useful this app is going to become. And did we already mention that it is free of charge?

Why do people are convinced you can’t work out with a game? People appear to are convinced it is not truly possible to get into shape just by using a Wii Fit game but the honest truth is that even the little bit of exercise that you can get by using that Wii Fit is much better than not getting any exercise at all. Not only is there the Wii Fit, you can find other game titles for the Wii, the Xbox 360 (especially with a Kinect) as well as the PlayStation 3. There are all kinds of ways to get in good shape by playing a video game, just look at The Biggest Loser for Wii, Dance Party for XBox Kinect, Get Fit with Mel B for PlayStation 3, Wii Cheer, Punch Out and more!

The simple fact is that you can find new fitness fads released every day. More and more folks are finding products and marketing them online. These days you can find biodegradable yoga mats, sweat towels that contain anti-bacterial properties and every other manner of bells and whistles. The simple fact is that working out can be enjoyable while it is hard too. With these types of new inventions, exercising can often be an enjoyable experience!

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Why Most Exercise Workouts Programs Fail?

Training guides, videos, e-books, health recovery programs and lots of others revolve around the various use of exercise workouts for weight loss, bodybuilding and physical recovery. There are many reasons for combining exercise workouts in a viable routine to follow on a current basis. And it is often because of the diversity of physical training programs that people don’t know what to choose.

The advertising pressure in commercials is really high, and people react to it differently. If you read fitness or wellness magazines, you will see that there are tips on exercise workouts, weight loss plans, sports and diets in almost every issue. Not all the suggestions available in publications prove successful. Who is to blame and why results are late to appear?

Sometimes exercise workouts are totally insufficient for weight loss, if you don’t pay attention to other factors like diet and rest. Or there may be performance mistakes, lack of training consistency and incorrect diet, which also undermine weight loss and bodybuilding efforts. Exercise workouts are efficient when you back them up with the right nutrients, a balanced lifestyle and good night rest. The training routines bear the influence of each of these.

Define the criteria that help you establish which exercise workouts are right for you. Run some medical tests, analyze your eating and sleeping habits and evaluate your emotional balance. People who are optimistic, positive in attitude and self-confident are usually more successful in achieving their training goals, regardless if they try to lose weight, grow muscle mass or stay fit. Exercise workouts are efficient in a certain context in particular, and in relation with the elements enumerated above.

Do not take up exercise workouts you’ve heard of without thinking everything thoroughly and creating an action plan. You will have to decide on the intensity and frequency of the training, with or without equipment, and on the alternations of the exercise workouts to prevent the installation of the plateau phase. You should also be aware of the risks that come with too intense training, hence, it is better not to over-train and push your limits too hard, because that could do more harm than good.

how to get to sleep

BaseHealth Launches Worlds Most Comprehensive Genomic API

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) June 02, 2015

BaseHealth, the precision health and medicine company, today announced the launch of the BaseHealth API, a set of five calls that gives developers the ability to integrate genomic data and comprehensive health assessments into their health and wellbeing applications. The API adds genomic precision to any modern health and wellbeing offering.

The BaseHealth API is built on the BaseHealth assessment engine, which leverages genomic data in combination with clinical and behavioral analysis to provide personalized, evidence-based health assessments. The assessment engine is backed by 5 years of extensive chronic disease research and modeled on validated data from over 20,000 peer-reviewed papers. It currently includes data on specific risk factors for more than 40 common complex diseases as well as information on 17 drug responses and 9 food responses, with more research being added to the platform regularly.

“The BaseHealth API marks the first time in human history that genomic data is on-call for developers across the globe,” said Prakash Menon, CEO of BaseHealth. “We’re putting these services in the hands of developers who will use them to dramatically improve outcomes, drive better patient-centered care, and manage risk on the individual and population level.”

There are five initial services offered to developers with the BaseHealth API:

Anonymous Assessment – input a subject’s genetic, diet, lifestyle, and environmental information and BaseHealth returns a risk profile for that subject for a requested disease, including:

Disease risk level at age 65
Current odds for the disease
Achievable odds for the disease
List of risk factors for each disease and the odds associated with each risk factor

Curated Content – input the name of a disease and BaseHealth returns information about the disease that includes:

Associated genes/variants
Risk factors ordered based on their impact on the disease
Actions that could reduce the disease risk
Statistics about the disease and its prevalence

Drug Response – input genetic variations and BaseHealth returns information on drug response analysis including:

Effect of the genotype (e.g. Average, Increased, Decreased)
Attribute that the genotype effects (e.g. Drug effect in lowering blood pressure)
The number of variations that contribute to this effect
The list of variations that contribute to this effect
The ethnicity on which this effect is found

Food Response – input genetic variations and BaseHealth returns food response analysis including:

Effect of the genotype (e.g. Average, Increased, Decreased)
Attribute that the genotype effects (e.g. Vitamin D Levels)
The number of variations that contribute to this effect
The list of variations that contribute to this effect
The ethnicity on which this effect is found

Personalized Assessment – returns various types of information about members already on the BaseHealth platform with the members’ authorization

“This is a remarkable moment in the world of precision medicine,” said Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of BaseHealth. “The launch of the BaseHealth API opens the floodgate for innovation across the healthcare ecosystem. Developers in healthcare now have the world’s most robust health assessment engine at their fingertips.”

The BaseHealth API is free up to 1,000 calls per month. Above 1,000 calls, the cost begins at $ 0.10 per call and decreases based on volume.

The BaseHealth API is available to developers everywhere starting today. To learn more, visit:

About BaseHealth:

BaseHealth is a precision medicine company that adds genomic data to modern health and wellbeing offerings. BaseHealth was founded in 2011 by an interdisciplinary team of leading clinical geneticists, healthcare executives, software engineers and physicians in Silicon Valley, California.

To learn more, please visit:

BaseHealth. Precisely.

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How to Stay Motivated and Get the Most From Your Exercise Program

If you’re like most people, exercise is not on the top of your list of favorite ways to kill time. Sure, we try to convince ourselves that we actually find hours on the treadmill or elliptical machine to be peaceful and relaxing. But the truth is, we’d rather be sitting on the couch with a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream. But the stark reality is that the number of people who are either overweight or obese is growing worldwide. In fact, according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest projections, by 2015 approximately 2.5 billion adults will be overweight (body mass index, or BMI, of 25 or higher) and 700 million will be classified as obese (BMI of 30 or higher).

If you are in this group, or on your way to being in this group, there are some serious health issues you need to be aware of, including increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. So what can you do? Two things: diet and (gulp) exercise. Yes, there’s no getting around it. Whether you want to improve your overall health or just look better in those tight jeans, you’ve got to exercise. We’ve all been there, we start out with the best of intentions, gung-ho to get fit. We hit the gym, pound the pavement and crank up the cardio. But somewhere along the line we hit that darn wall. These are some tips to help you stay motivated and burst through that wall like it wasn’t even there.

1. Have an Explicit Goal “I want to lose some weight,” is an ambiguous and an indefinable statement. You could lose two pounds or twenty pounds and not know if you’ve reached your goal. Be specific with your goals. Determine your target body weight and identify a number of pounds you need to lose to get there. Other goals could include a target BMI or waist size. The point is to be specific and realistic. As you get closer to reaching your target, you will remain motivated to keep going. You may even reach your goal and keep going because you have now made exercise a part of your daily routine.

2. Develop a Strategy Most of us can’t rely on willpower alone. To lose weight and keep it off, you need a solid strategy consisting of both diet and exercise. They are two sides of the same coin and the two necessary ingredients for successful weight loss. You need to incorporate these into your daily routine. With food, you need to make a plan (maybe weekly or monthly) for what you are going to eat each day. With exercise, same thing. Think through your schedule and slot in exercise “appointments” and stick to them. If you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled and something else comes up, you’ll most likely say, “sorry, I can’t make it because I have a doctor’s appointment.” You need to treat your exercise appointments the same way.

3. Baby Steps Big goals may get us excited at first. But our excitement usually turns to frustration soon after we set out on our way and that big lofty goal looks a million miles away. It’s important to not bite off more than you can chew. Getting back to the first tip above, make your goals explicit and attainable. Then, as you achieve your goals, you continue to adjust them, enabling you to consistently meet milestones and create a sense of accomplishment.

4. Monitor Your Progress Keep a daily, weekly or monthly log of your activity. When you first start out, you will be able to walk or jog so far, or lift so much weight, or do x number of sit-ups. If you write it down each day, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can do after only a few weeks of your regimen. This is an incredible way to keep yourself motivated by being able to see how far you have come in a short period. Just be cognizant of the fact that over time, your progress will be less than it was when you started but it is still a great sense of achievement to look back and see what great strides you have made since you started.

5. Construct a Realistic Timeline You’ve identified your goals. Now it’s time to set a timeline. How far do you want to go in a month? Six months? A year? Having a timeline creates that extra amount of positive pressure you need to keep on track. It’s all too easy to procrastinate but if you have a target date, you can’t procrastinate forever and reach your goal. It may even be a good idea to pick a date that coincides with an important event, such as a wedding or reunion.

6. Reward Yourself When you reach a milestone you deserve a reward. You’ve worked hard to get there and you should enjoy the moment. So attach rewards to your goals and you will be that much more motivated to get there.

Kelly Richards is NOT a fitness or diet guru. He is just a regular guy who likes to eat food that’s probably not the best for a healthy lifestyle. As a result, like many of us, he has fought the battle of the bulge on a regular basis. This article documents effective strategies based on real-life experience.

Sport-Tiedje Names Octane Fitness Zero Runner

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn., USA (PRWEB) February 17, 2015

The unparalleled Zero Runner from Octane Fitness, LLC has been given the Gepard award for most innovative product of the year from Sport-Tiedje, one of Europe’s largest specialty fitness retailers. Debuting in 2014, the Zero Runner offers all the benefits of running but eliminates the stressful impact to the body.

“The Zero Runner is totally unique, and gives exercisers a way to run without repetitive stress to their bodies,” said Sebastian Campmann, managing director at Sport-Tiedje, which is based in Germany and has 22 stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. “It has created a new category of zero-impact running, which will greatly benefit many people worldwide.”

The annual awards from Sport-Tiedje are determined by a jury of 25 people, including store managers and department heads, who evaluate hundreds of products to select winners in four categories: best supplier, best product, best service and most innovative product. Sport-Tiedje will present the award to Octane Fitness at the FIBO Trade Fair in Cologne, April 9-12.

Sport-Tiedje has more than 30 years of expertise in the fitness equipment business, with 270 employees and 6000 fitness products represented.

“Our partner for seven years, Sport-Tiedje is clearly a leader in the industry in Europe, and we are honored to again be recognized by these experts,” said Leo Schreuders, managing director of Octane Fitness’ subsidiary in Rotterdam. In 2010, Sport-Tiedje named Octane’s Q37 series of standing ellipticals the most innovative product.

Zero-Impact Running

The Zero Runner uses mechanical hip and knee joints that replicate human biomechanics in running, with independent pedals allowing runners to replicate their natural running gait, just like outside. Users control their motion throughout their run, and the Zero Runner follows the runner’s movement through the initiate, pull-through, lift and extension phases.

The Zero Runner offers multiple benefits:

    Run without impact – runners can add mileage without risking overuse and injury
    Race preparation – longer runs can combine miles or kilometers outside with Zero workouts to maximize stamina, maintain form and reduce impact
    Active recovery – the Zero Runner enhances conditioning but eliminates joint stress and “junk miles/kilometers”
    Cross training – CROSS CiRCUIT®, which combines running with strength training and flexibility intervals, provides the exercise selection, and runners focus on improving overall performance
    Longer career – the Zero Runner removes the harmful pounding that can limit a runner’s longevity
For more information and videos of the Zero Runner, see

Octane Fitness Background

Relentlessly fueled to reinvent zero-impact cardiovascular exercise, Octane Fitness has perfected the elliptical machine, introduced a new category with the xRide® recumbent elliptical, designed strength-infused cardio with the unique CROSS CiRCUIT®, created exercise in a new direction with the LateralX®, reinvented running with the Zero Runner® and is leading smarter training with SmartLink™. Defined by standout innovations, and driven to deliver more effective, efficient and rewarding workouts, Octane is engineering elliptical domination.

About Sport-Tiedje

Sport-Tiedje, which has its headquarters in Schleswig (Germany), is Europe’s largest retailer for home fitness equipment, and at the same time, one of the most prestigious online retailers for fitness equipment worldwide with 22 stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. The company also supplies gyms, companies, institutions, sport clubs, hotels and physiotherapists with professional equipment. The offering includes fitness products of renowned manufacturers as well as high-quality own brands totaling to over 6,000 products. In the fiscal year 2013, the company generated a turnover of EUR 45.8 million. Sport-Tiedje employs approximately 270 people. For more information, visit

# # #

Find Octane at Images are available; contact Julie King at 1.847.638.1582 or jking(at)octanefitness(dot)com. For more information, contact the company at 1-888-OCTANE4 (1-888-628-2634) or Octane Fitness, CROSS CiRCUIT, LateralX, xRide and Zero Runner are registered trademarks of Octane Fitness. All other trademarks are protected by their respective owners.

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Getting the Most out of A Fitness Video

Getting the Most out of A Fitness Video

Home exercise can be more fun when done with fitness videos. In fact, more people are hooked on buying exercise videos because of its vast range of availability. However, some people may doubt the advantages offered by fitness videos. If this is the problem, then they must know some of its great benefits.

• Fitness videos are created for home exercises. Doing workouts at home provide a lot of benefits than going to the fitness gyms. First is the flexibility of schedules. People can do their workouts anytime without worrying how to deal with the crowd of exercisers in a gym. They don’t need to wait for the equipments, meet every scheduled class, or wear appropriate clothes for the exercise. Each fitness video can be used as many times as they want without any fees. But every time you go to a fitness gym, they are required to pay the price. They can also cut mileage expenses for driving cars from their home to a fitness gym.

• Fitness videos are available in a wider range of different types of workouts including strength workouts, aerobic workouts, combination of these first two workouts (circuit workouts), stretching, yoga, and even mental exercises like meditation. These workouts are also available in different styles which include step aerobics, dance aerobics, Pilates, jump rope, and kickboxing.

• Fitness videos are flexible. There are fitness videos for beginners, moderate exercisers, or advanced exercisers. People can also choose videos for particular purposes including workouts for children, for pregnant women, for seniors, and for individuals affected by back pains.

• Fitness videos without requiring any fitness equipment. In addition, fitness videos using equipments such as rubber tubing, stability balls, mini-trampolines, aerobic steps, body bars, free weights, or multi-stationed home gyms are also available. Take note, there is always an available fitness video for any equipment.

• Purchasing fitness videos are easy. These items can be found on the internet, department stores, and catalogs on fitness equipments. Shopping is very convenient and effortless. However, keep in mind these three tips:

– Get fitness videos according to the workouts you really enjoy.

– Select fitness videos that will meet your fitness goals. For example, your objective is to overcome stress then tai chi or yoga videos are good for you; if your goal is weight loss, then aerobic videos perfectly suits you; if you have previously done aerobics exercises, then more advanced dance choreography videos is perfect.

– Consider the space for doing the exercise. Choose fitness videos that are fitted to the area. Aerobic videos need a bigger space compared to yoga videos. Doing aerobic exercises needs forward, diagonal, or backward movements. While doing yoga simply needs one spot to stay.

• Fitness videos are good tools for helping people get the right amount of workouts even at home. Structured routines are given and provide various types of exercise in various intensity levels.

• Fitness videos are effective if followed. People just waste their money if they purchase fitness videos and just simply watch it and do nothing. They need to get up and do what must be done.

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Grant-funded school fitness center in Meriden aims to keep kids active
MERIDEN — Washington Middle School unveiled a new $ 100,000 fitness center this week. The fitness center is equipped with workout machinery, a Bluetooth audio system and two Xbox Kinect systems. “It's a beautiful facility,” Principal Ray Southland said …
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Pole Dancing Grows In Popularity As Women Give Fitness Trend A Try
FARMINGTON HILLS (WWJ) – Pole dancing. Many people associate it with exotic dancers, but more and more women are doing it as a way to get fit and build confidence. Pole fitness studios are popping up around the area, including Studio 88 in Farmington …
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