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8 Reasons to Exercise in The Morning

What is the best time for us to exercise? This is a popular question that is being asked again and again. For me, I would say exercising in the morning is the best. In fact, there are many experts say that the most important factor in a successful exercise or weight loss program is exercise first in the morning.

But Why Morning? Here are the 8 reasons:

1. Exercise early in the morning can “jump start” your metabolism. That means you body is activated and you can burn more calories through out the day.

2. Since your metabolism is raised, you are feeling “energized” for the whole day!

3. Many people find that morning exercise can reduce their consumption on food. This makes them less hungry and consume less calories.

4. Morning exercise can motivate you by letting you feeling that you are in a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

5. The morning air is fresh. When you exercise, you can breathe in more fresh air into your body and get healthier.

6. After hours of sleeping, your body has more energy and you can exercise easier compared to exhausted body in the evening.

7. You can wake up earlier because you have a goal to exercise. This lets you have more hours for your day!

8. Some reports show that exercise can increase our mental acuity which can last 4 to 10 hours after exercise. So if you exercise in the morning, your mental can work better for the whole day.

Maybe you are busy in the morning. Please try your best to allocate time for the exercise. Even a short 10 minute walk is better than none.

Personally, I choose to jog on my new Reebok 8100 ES treadmill. It can let me exercise even I stay at home. This can greatly increase my motivation to workout and lose more pounds. Folding treadmill can be a good choice for you as it won’t take out too much of space. Maybe you can consider to get one for yourself.

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