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6 Methods to Reduce Exercise Injuries

Exercise injuries are commonplace. They are however easily avoided if you adopt this 6 step program to ensure your body is ready to undertake any exercise.

1. The warm-up

Imagine your muscles as plasticine, when they are cold and stiff they are more likely to break apart. Simple stretches for example, walking lunges, high knees or gentle arm circles are one of the best methods to warm-up your muscles before undertaking any exercise.

2. The surface

Undertaking some training on a surface which is unstable significantly strengthens your smaller muscles thereby helping you to stabilise your joints and enhance your overall body control. Becoming used to training on an unstable surface ensures you are far less likely to develop any injury. Alternatively, practising with a Swiss ball or a power plate are all very tried and tested methods to incorporate into your training regime.

3. Core strength

For the most part, exercise movements require a transfer of energy from one section of the body to another. This force will always first travel through your core. Should your core muscles become weak or tired, less energy can be transferred through it and therefore this places more stresses on other areas of the body potentially resulting in injury.

4. Footwear

Choosing the right trainers for your exercise is a great way to avoid any injuries. Many injuries are caused by wearing inappropriate footwear for the exercises you are undertaking and exercise trainers are designed to support and grip your feet during exercising. Most of the professional retail outlets involved in the exercise market are able to offer you the most suitable footwear in the exercises you are undertaking therefore, speak with an individual and advise them what sport and/or exercise you are requiring your footwear for.

5. Flexibility

Having a flexible body translates into a greater range of motions freely available within your joints. Flexible joints are far better for absorbing any shocks and warm down static exercises will help with your flexibility as will attending a yoga class.

6. Listen

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Your body has inbuilt mechanisms to alert you when you are overdoing it. Injuries occur when people are not listening to their body telling them to slow down. Overtraining, lifting too many weights, or overstretching can all cause exercise injuries.

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