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Summer Body Slim-Down: 5 Ways to Avoid Quitting Gym Memberships this Summer

Chino Hills, Calif. (PRWEB) June 03, 2015

Fit Body Boot Camp is America’s fastest growing and most popular boot camp fitness program. The company helps thousands of individuals across the country lose weight and live happier, healthier lives. To encourage more people to hit the gym and get the fitness results they want the company has released these five tips for getting the most out any gym membership:

Tip #1 – Don’t do it Alone

The hardest part about committing to gym memberships is saying motivated and on track. Attempting to overcome these challenges alone is often extremely difficult.

The best way for anyone to stay motivated and inspired is exercising with friends who hold each other accountable and professionals who can teach and encourage.

Fit Body Boot Camp overcomes this obstacle with its class format and personal trainers. These two elements allow bootcampers to stay accountable by exercising with friends and stay motivated with the instruction of professional trainers.

Tip #2 – Can’t Out-Train a Bad Diet

Exercise alone cannot bring real results without proper nutrition and diet. But most gyms or fitness centers offer come kind of nutritional guidance for clients seeking such assistance.

All Fit Body Boot Camp training packages offer nutritional consultations and advice at no additional charge. Getting this sort of help is the best way to learn healthy habits and ensure weight loss results.

Tip #3 – Mix it Up Every Day

One of the most common reasons why most gymgoers end up quitting their gym memberships is sheer boredom. Everything starts off exciting, but repetitive workouts get old fast!

Try mixing things up and using all the resources a gym has to offer. Fit Body Boot Camp does this by planning completely new and unique workouts every single day. This allows bootcampers to target different areas of the body, avoid weight loss plateaus, and never get bored with Boot Camp.

Tip #4 – Don’t Waste Time

On the simplest level most people quit going to the gym simply because they can’t stand being there. It’s not an enjoyable atmosphere for many but there’s an easy response to this situation: spend less time at the gym.

Many believe they must spend hours at the gym every day in order to see results when, in reality, a 30-minute workout is plenty of time to get in shape and drop pounds— as long as it’s the right kind of workout, that is.

Fit Body Boot Camp workouts are only 30 minutes long yet because of their intensity and because of the Afterburn effect, Fit Body Boot Camp workouts burn hundreds of extra calories during and after a workout.

Tip #5 – Choose the Best Option

What many first time gymgoers don’t realize is that the world of fitness contains a plethora of options for getting in shape and losing weight. An ordinary big box gym membership simply isn’t right for most people.

The best way to avoid quitting the gym is choosing the right fitness option in the first place. When someone starts with the option that’s best for them their less likely to get discouraged, lose motivation, or get burned out.

Explore every available option and choose the best fit.

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About Fit Body Boot Camp:

Fit Body Boot Camp is a family of indoor fitness boot camps with the global goal of engaging 20% of the world’s population in a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020. Fit Body Boot Camp was founded and is operated by Bedros Keuilian, fitness business and marketing expert.

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To learn more about the boot camp franchise visit: Celebrates 2015 with Complimentary Memberships & Mobile Workouts

Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) February 02, 2015

Today, in an effort to help a wider population interested in improving their overall health and weight loss goals, announced that they have removed all fees to use their top ranked online fitness program. Each complimentary membership will include diet plans, various personalized fitness tools as well as access to thousands of workout routines and exercises designed by certified personal trainers.

The company initially grew to some 45,000 members and has gone on to help a notable 150,000 people since then. has set its goal to reach their one million member target by the end of 2015 by once again offering their website features, resources and services free of charge.

Not everyone has the time or resources available to go to a local gym or fitness center and if you live remotely, then distance could be a factor as well. has taken all of these things in mind and provided its members with an easy way to achieve their healthy body goals all while from the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, the website has been redesigned, now accompanied by detailed video demonstrations and a new mobile friendly interface, allowing users to view and complete routines on their smart-phones or while on the go.

When comparing to traditional face-to-face personal training, research has even determined that the internet can be just as effective as a therapist lead intervention for aiding in weight loss and changing health related actions when provided in a behavioral and interactive format.

More About is a dynamic fitness and nutrition based website that was launched in 2001, initially as a free service, though it later became a fee-based provider. The company’s goal is to assist with increasing health awareness and changing lives one member at a time. Since the initial launch of its website, it has grown to 45,000 users. Presently, has serviced over 150,000 users with the hopes of continuing that progress throughout the current year.

Contact: Matt Johnson,, (360) 601-0482

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