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Know Your Fitness Level

Do you know what helps people to stay motivating themselves to workout? Although there are many factors, a single main thing is simply noticing their own improvement. This is because noticing something improving fuels a pleasure centre of the brain, and makes you feel great. Even the negative motivation, for instance finding putting on the weight after having a big party, is good. It beefs up your commitment to the exercise. Most people who are working out for a while already know this intuitively, but for beginners, it is easier to view it in quantities and assess the improvement from one week to another. What are the simple ways to test the level of fitness? Yes there are. Below are a few fast checks you can try.

Three Minutes Step Test

Although you need to enhance all aspects of your fitness to improve your health, the cardio fitness is the one of most crucial factors of your health. Do this assessment frequently, say monthly. As the name implies it will require just three minutes. Set up a step bench and also a timer with a second hand. Step up and down for three mins at steady pace. Right after three minutes, check your pulse on your neck, or on your wrist for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or one minute. Then wait for two minutes, and count once again for the same amount of time. Subtract the second heart beat count from the first, and record the difference. Larger the difference, better the fitness level. As your fitness level gets better, you may want to shorten counting time span.

Push Up Test

Do you know the easiest all round upper body strength work out? It is the old style push ups! It strengthens not only your chest, but also your back, your arms, and your stomach muscles. As for beginners, just count up how many times you can perform push ups before you cannot do any more. For women, you may want to begin with kneeling position pushups (girl’s pushups). Once you can perform about 30-40 push-ups, then prepare a timer and execute push-ups as quickly as you are able to (still with a proper posture) for 30 seconds, and write down the number of pushups you could do. When you hit the plateau, increase the time period to one min. You’re really in a excellent shape you’re able to do 100 push-ups in one minute!

Crunch Test

Abdominal area muscles is important for every physical activities you do, even just sitting on a desk chair. Though the crunch test won’t give you a whole image of the core strength, it is a good quick check. There’s lots of ways to perform crunches. Choose one you prefer most. Perform the crunch for one minute as quickly as you are able to, but without losing a correct posture and the range of the motion. Count numbers of crunches you executed (or when you failed to do any more if it is less then one min), and write down the numbers.

Lunge Test

It is well recognized that if you have robust thighs and leg, you typically live much healthier life when you get old. There are some guys who exercise really hard on their upper body, but completely ignore legs. That is not great for their overall health! As before, get a clock with a second hand. Stand both feet together, and target a spot in front of you on the floor. Lunge forward to the place, then return to the initial posture, Then lunge with another foot. Repeat till you cannot perform any longer or one min is up. Count the numbers of steps you could do, and record it. Make sure that you keep the right posture; otherwise you might injure the knees!

Sit and Reach Test

Although many people, especially men, entirely overlook flexibility, it should be a part of your fitness. Unfortunately, it is difficult measure overall flexibility of your body by one test, as most of us possess a good range of flexibility one way but not other direction. Nevertheless the flexibility of the hamstrings is often a good pointer of general flexibility of the body. This test ought to be done following warming up your body (say after your cardio exercise session). You should not stretch muscles without warming them up! Sit down, and stretch out both legs forward and keep the legs straight (without totally locking up your knees). Gently reach forward as if you reach to the toes, hold the posture at least for 20 seconds. If you are not flexible, gauge how far you can reach with both hands. In case you are flexible, assess how far you can reach with your nose. Measure the distance from the heels.

Have fun with the workout!

Kaoru Sanjo is a freelance writer who often contributes fitness and health related articles. If you are interested in his fitness related writings, please check out his fitness articles at

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The Next Level Fitness Solutions For Personal Trainers

The Next Level Fitness Solutions For Personal Trainers

Personal trainers now have a way to learn how to separate themselves from the rest of the pack and stand out in the fitness industry and dramatically improve their business and increase their income. They now have a different alternative to the same old marketing schemes and old school business building ways that are available to them. There is now a company that is cutting edge, using techniques that been proven and used by the most successful people in the fitness industry as well as many other fields as well.

That company is The Next Level Fitness Solutions.

The Next Level Fitness Solutions is a company that specializes in teaching personal trainers and other fitness professionals how to dramatically increase their business focus, client retention, repeat business, income and recognition. But The Next Level Fitness Solutions is certainly not another marketing company that teaches the same old tricks of the SEO trade. They take a different approach altogether.

The Next Level Fitness Solutions focuses on the personal trainer as an individual as well as his or her business within the fitness industry. They work with personal trainers to first help them determine their individual idea of success and build their individual goals based on that idea. They show them how to stay laser focused on those goals daily. Personal trainers and other fitness professionals also learn how to create their niche, their specialty, which will separate them from the hundreds of thousands of other fitness trainers in the industry and, therefore, dramatically increase their marketing efforts and flood them with the type of clients they desire.

The Next Level Fitness Solutions also teaches personal trainers how to create not only a web presence, but also a web presence that dramatically increases leads and profits by defining them as the expert in their field. Once the personal trainers have clearly defined themselves, their business vision and their ideal client they then learn how to effectively market themselves as THE Fitness Professional of choice.

Darrin Nicoli formed The Next Level Fitness Solutions to help dramatically impact the results being obtained by personal trainers and other fitness professionals in the fitness industry. He has combined his knowledge, expertise and proven experience as a fitness professional, business consultant and personal development trainer. Darrin has a passion for helping others and brings an entirely new approach that is much needed in the fitness industry.

Darrin Nicoli has designed individual programs as well as a comprehensive Personal Trainer Mentoring And Coaching Program for The Next Level Fitness Solutions that incorporate personal development training, leadership building, defining a business niche, defining your perfect client, defining yourself as the expert in your field, creating a web presence to dramatically increase your leads and profits, effective marketing, adding additional streams of passive income within your current business and much more.

With proven leadership skills from the US Army, 13 years of proven success building business in the corporate world and utilizing personal development techniques that have dramatically improved his life as an individual as well as the lives of his clients, Darrin Nicoli and The Next Level Fitness Solutions is a breath of fresh air for personal trainers across the fitness industry who want to dramatically improve the results they have been achieving with “conventional” marketing and have a true desire to take their business to The Next Level.

Be sure to visit the main web site for much more information on how The Next Level Fitness Solutions can change you from just another personal trainer into a specialized expert in your field who is sought after by the clients you want to train. From there you can also join their free fitness networking community where you can gain more fitness, nutrition and business building insight from The Next Level Fitness Solutions as well as other personal trainers and fitness professionals. It is a place you can invite all of your clients to which will give you one place to market to all of your clients at the same time. Also sign up for The Next Level Fitness Solutions e-newsletter series to gain insight on the programs used to dramatically increase your business results.

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