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Northeast Houston Vein Center Offers Tips on How to Treat Achy Legs

Humble, TX (PRWEB) April 27, 2015

Sitting or standing for long periods of time can cause the legs to ache and feel tired, and for those whose occupation requires them to be sitting while they are working, such as receptionists and taxi cab drivers, or to be on their feet for most of the day, such as teachers and hairdressers, the discomfort can be more severe and longer lasting. These people suffer from a condition known as tired, achy leg syndrome. Dr. Madaiah Revana of Northeast Houston Vein Center is offering tips on how to treat this condition.

Some of the causes of achy leg syndrome include:

Peripheral Arterial Disease
Varicose Veins
Restless Leg Syndrome
Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Imbalanced Diet
Lack of Exercise
All of these lead to poor circulation in the legs. Through the veins, blood is returned to the heart as it circulates throughout the body. Because the heart is at a much higher position in the body, blood in the legs has to “pump” against gravity in order to reach it. Contractions in the leg muscles squeeze the veins and push the blood upward.

To keep the blood flowing up, and not back down, the veins contain one-way valves that only come into play when walking or being active. During long periods of inactivity, standing or sitting in the same position for a long time, the legs do not contract hard or frequent enough to force the blood upwards. When the one-way valves become damaged, they allow blood to leak backwards. As a result, the blood pools and gathers into the veins, causing them to have tension and heaviness, making them feel tired and achy.

Symptoms of the condition can include uncomfortable feelings in the legs towards the end of the day. Discomfort can turn into cramping in the leg, cold feet or a feeling of tension that leads to heaviness and pain and/or tiredness. Swelling in the ankles and itchiness and discoloration of the skin may appear. Rest usually eases the symptoms, but it does not eliminate them completely.

Most people who suffer from achy legs are instructed to wear compression stockings. Although these are helpful, they do not treat the underlying cause of symptoms. When compression stockings and leg elevation are not enough, there are alternatives that rid the problems for good.

At Northeast Houston Vein Center, Dr. Revana treats chronic venous insufficiency that causes achy legs using a newer technique called endovenous thermal ablation. This minimally invasive procedure uses high-frequency radio waves to create intense local heat in the affected vein. This treatment closes off the diseased vein and enables the blood to re-route itself to the other health veins. With minimal bleeding and bruising, this results in less pain and a faster return to normal activities, unlike vein stripping.

For more information about Dr. Revana and achy leg syndrome treatment, call 281-446-4638 or visit

About Northeast Houston Vein Center:

The experienced physicians at Northeast Houston Vein Center offer comprehensive vein treatment in the Houston area. They provide the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease. Since its establishment in 1978, the medical professionals at Northeast Houston Vein Center have been dedicated to going above and beyond for their patients. Treatment options are minimally invasive and the outpatient procedures will allow patients to resume normal activities the same day. At Northeast Houston Vein Center, patients can imagine a life free of venous disease. For more information, visit their website at

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Omaha, NE (PRWEB) February 10, 2015

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