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Mini Trampoline Exercise For a Lean Body

Getting a lean body is easily achieved when you exercise on a mini trampoline. Bouncing on a mini trampoline works all of the muscle groups for one of the best total body workouts available. It will tone and shape your body with regular use. Exercising with a mini trampoline (also called a rebounder) burns more calories than performing regular exercise. It is also easier on your joints. The mat of the rebounder absorbs most of the impact which alleviates injuries to ankles and knees.

Exercising on a mini trampoline is fun and never boring. There are so many different workouts you can do. You can jog, jump, dance, twist and do any number of other moves. You can do all of this while watching TV or listening to music.

You will find that exercising on a rebounder will quickly firm and tone your entire body. I have found that it also reduces cellulite and tones up flabby areas such as arms, legs and even sagging facial skin. It will boost your metabolism and increase your endurance.

There are numerous health benefits from exercising on a rebounder. It gives all of your cells a workout and flushes waste and toxins from your lymphatic system. Your immune system is strengthened and cholesterol levels are lowered.

You should start out slowly when you begin exercising on a rebounder. Even those who exercise regularly will find that the rebounder works many different muscles than normal exercises do. On the first day just start with a short five minute workout and then increase your time every day. The final goal is a thirty minute workout 3-5 days a week.

Always remember to warm up first with a slow bounce. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and gently bounce while keeping both feet on the rebounder mat. Warm up for about two minutes. The same gentle bounce should be done for two minutes for a cool down.

After your warm up you can begin bouncing, jogging, dancing, twisting, doing jumping jacks or whatever movements you want to do. Mix it up – have fun with it. You will be burning lots of calories and toning your body. Before you know it, your mini trampoline exercise program will fully tone and firm your whole body. You will be lean and healthy.

Please don’t waste your money buying a cheap rebounder. They don’t last very long. The springs break and can cause serious injury. The mats on the cheap ones don’t give you a soft, springy bounce and they can cause damage to your joints.

Invest in a good quality mini trampoline for your exercise routine. It will last a lifetime.

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Lean Mean Workout Tips

Ever fancied bodies like Matthew McConaughey or LL Cool J’s? Have you always wanted to be buff? Well, you know what to do, follow workout tips coupled with the right food and the right attitude. If you do this with the most precision, you’d be ready to fire your guns sooner than expected. So, let’s get started.
Before you dive in and work out, do some warm up and stretching first. Take on some low-intensity work outs first. A good 10 minutes would be enough. If you’re a yoga or Tai-Chi enthusiast, they fit in the category, so go ahead and do that. Spend 5-10 minutes of stretching with emphasis on the parts you wish to focus on. Why do you have to do this? Your body temperature should be elevated before an intense workout to avoid unwanted injury. In human words, so you won’t experience pain from almost every part of your body the next day. And remember to cool down after training.

Change your workout routines once in a while. Your body will not just change when you do something it hasn’t done before, it will also adapt to that change. As the body learns to adapt and cope with whatever force you apply on it, every hit won’t be the same. Turns out, the point of saturation also applies to our bodies.
If it’s weight-training that you’re after but wish to do some cardio exercises, remember to do the latter first. The cardiovascular exercises engage large muscles in the body, and when you do that first, odds are you will be exhausted in the weight-training.
Challenge yourself and do difficult exercises. Do not be satisfied with exercises that only benefit certain parts in your body. Man up and do multi-joint movements. They’re a bit tricky and would take time to execute it properly.

However, your efforts won’t go to waste as it promotes the utmost growth in multifaceted muscles like legs and chest area. Examples of multi-joint exercises are squats, deadlifts and leg presses. In terms of repetition, a good 8-20 would be great.

Don’t work out too much! I’m serious. If you think that pushing yourself more than more, it means better result, you’re wrong. It is actually better if you ease in than rush in. You wouldn’t want to be bed-ridden the next day. Also, recovery is as important as all the aspects of your workout. Your muscle fibers will only begin rebuilding after the training. When you’re a rookie, you can only lift weights 3-4 times a week, do not work on the same muscle region consecutively, and if it’s still is painful.

Eat breakfast and eat after training. Yes, breakfast is still important even in working out. That’s the only fuel that will help you go through the day and the workout you have planned. Your breakfast should be full of carbohydrates coupled with protein.
With a fit body, you’d be feeling more confident about yourself. No more shying away, my friend. One more thing, chicks dig it! So what are you waiting for? Do the regimen mentioned in the workout tips and be the best that you can be.
For more surefire workout tips, read Shane Jeremy James’s Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight. There’s a whole chapter dedicated for that. And you know what that means? Hello gorgeous abs!

Rosalie Smith has been writing about health and fitness for almost 10 years, and she loves sharing her knowledge with others. For more tips about effective way of losing weight Click here> where you’ll get access to many other helpful tips, including a FREE mini-course on effective way of losing weight.

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Pharmamuscle and personal trainer join forces to publish lean muscle mass programme

(PRWEB UK) 31 October 2014

The free six-week programme will see James Owens updating a blog on to give an insight into what it takes to gain lean muscle mass through exercise, healthy eating and regular sports nutrition.

A four part introduction to the programme has already been published and will soon be followed by six weekly blogs that chart James Owens progress as he increases his body’s lean muscle mass.

All of James Owens training schedule, Pharmamuscle supplement intakes and dietary plans will be published upon completion of the programme, giving fitness fanatics and those wanting to get healthy a real chance of increasing their muscle mass.

To celebrate the launch of the programme, will be launching a competition next week in which one lucky winner will receive one large tub of Pharmamuscle Wheymax hydrolysed whey protein isolate, worth £79.99.

The Pharmamuscle brand is built on three principles; innovation, science and quality. From its Wheymax hydrolysed whey protein, to its Opti-Glutamine Powder, every product uses 100% pure ingredients to provide a premium health and fitness product.

Marketing manager Geoff Blaine, said: “We have teamed up with experienced personal trainer James Owens to show just how effective our products can be when combined with a healthy diet and strict exercise regime.”

“Furthermore, we wanted to provide a useful case study and programme that would be freely available to all. This includes men and women from all backgrounds and at all levels of fitness.”

“Our products are also approved by the Vegetarian Society and the premium ingredients contain no artificial binders or fillers.”

James Owens said, “Over a number of weeks, I’ll be blogging about the entire process of my training regime, from the initial planning stages and goal setting, right through to the concluding week of analysis. I’ll be posting weekly updates about my exercise regime, will be publicly reviewing my diet and will offer recipes, tips and tricks for those trying to gain lean muscle mass.”

“Best of all this is based around simplicity. There will be nothing fancy, you don’t need to be an experienced lifter, there will be no complex training protocols, no hardcore meal plan, no training two times a day, it is a plan that most can follow and build into their daily routine.”

You can view the six week programme by visiting Social media users can also track the progress of James by following him on Twitter at @JamesOwensPT or by following @pharmamuscle.