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Sitraa Health Announces the Launch of a Healthy Grocery Marketplace

Edison, NJ (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

Sitraa, Inc. (, a Edison, NJ based technology and healthcare company focused on finding healthy solutions to combat chronic care diseases, announced the launch of Healthy Grocery Market Platform – – to help users conscious of finding healthier groceries. Sitraa Health Market Platform uses a number of search and recommendation tools, its own nutritional database, an online grocery platform and a network of registered dietitians. All the nutritionists on Sitraa Market are registered dietitians with active credentials and they advise users and patients in finding healthier groceries and food products.

Sitraa’s Co-Founder & CEO Mr. Sekhar Divakaruni said, “2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans is very clear. We need to change our eating habits. Sitraa Health Platform focuses on the western diet, which is the root cause of chronic diseases. Research shows that food is a key driver of chronic conditions. The current retail market model that just automatically sells every conceived food product, without having a qualified dietitian to advise the buyers, is not working. Sitraa Health gives a platform for users and patients to receive personalized advice from registered dietitians on virtually anything; feedback on everyday groceries, answers to a specific product query, and advice on healthy dining out and activity. Sitraa uses technology-driven personalized counseling to help users and patients buy healthier foods and change their eating habits gradually. User can refer a grocery or food item to a registered dietitian with just two clicks.”

Mr. Sekhar said “Sitraa Health Market is a unique ecommerce platform that can be implemented for any retail partner in a matter of weeks. Sitraa creates its own content and customizes search and recommendation tools based on the user. Sitraa believes its technology and service can significantly contribute to improving the eating habits of our communities.”

According to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines issued by the US Government (, about half of all American adults—117 million individuals—have one or more preventable, chronic diseases, and about two-thirds of U.S. adults—nearly 155 million individuals—are overweight or obese, According to the American Diabetes Association, there are 29 million Americans who had diabetes in 2012 with an additional 86 million considered pre-diabetic.

About Sitraa

Sitraa, (, is an Edison based technology and healthcare company focusing on finding solutions to chronic indications. Sitraa Health is supported by a network of hundreds of Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists, Certified Diabetes Educators and other care providers, a virtual telehealth module and a marketplace platform where patients and health conscious users identify healthier products with help from their dietitians.

Company Contact;

Shamira Green

Email:support at

Phone: 973-786-1200

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uBiome Seeks Academic Partnerships with the Launch of the uBiome Academic Consortium

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) May 07, 2015

uBiome is launching this global consortium to bring together talented researchers worldwide, with an emphasis on under-represented areas. This consortium is intended to complement, not replace or compete with, efforts like the IHMC and NIH Human Microbiome Project. There is no charge to participate in the consortium and membership is available to scientists worldwide. Membership in the consortium includes many benefits, including:

Speaking opportunities at conferences and event invitations

Grants — up to $ 100k total in microbiome kits for exceptional research proposals

Early access to publications

Job listings for graduate students

Resources for continuing education

Discounts from partners

Free uBiome kit

“Collaboration is the fuel of research. We aim for this consortium to promote bonds among academics worldwide and allow all researchers to advance the state of research more quickly. We can accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and understanding of the impact of the microbiome on human health,” noted Jessica Richman, co-founder and CEO of uBiome.

uBiome’s scientific advisory board includes Dr. Joseph DeRisi, HHMI Professor of Biochemistry at the University of California at San Francisco and Macarthur Genius Award Winner; Dr. Jonathan Eisen, Leading Microbiome Researcher and Professor of Microbiology at the University of California, Davis; Dr. Larry Smarr, Leading Quantified Self Researcher and Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego, and many other noted researchers.

The human body is composed of 10 trillion human cells, but there are ten times as many microbial cells as human cells — the 100 trillion that together form the microbiome. These microbes are not harmful, but rather are co-evolved symbionts, essential partners in our physiology. Like the rainforest, the healthy human microbiome is a balanced ecosystem. The latest research suggests that the correct balance of microbes serves to keep potential pathogens in check and regulate the immune system. Microbes also perform essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins.

uBiome’s technology provides a simple and affordable toolkit for researchers. It is committed to the success of it’s current academic partners, while also hoping to inspire novel applications by improving accessibility to research and supporting discoveries about the microbiome. uBiome currently collaborates with dozens of universities on academic research, including Harvard, Stanford, UCSF, University College London, and the Garvan Institute (Australia).

uBiome’s research partnerships include studies of the human gut, mouth, skin, genitals, nose, and gingival sulci. Dr. Jeremy Horst, a post-doctoral researcher at UCSF and practicing dentist, participated in a recent study to better understand the role of bacteria in periodontal disease and caries. “Our work with Dr. Horst and others has inspired us to reach out to the broader academic community,” said Dr. Zachary Apte, co-founder and CTO of uBiome. “We’re excited to extend our reach and collaborate with a more diverse group of academic partners.”

uBiome provides participants with a catalog of their microbiome through a self-collected sample that is then processed in their state-of-the-art laboratory in San Francisco. The service details the microbial composition of various populations on the body, explains what is known about each type of microbe, and relates the participant’s microbiome information to the latest scientific research on the role of the microbiome in health, diet, and lifestyle. The global academic consortium aims to help researchers advance knowledge of the microbiome at a more rapid pace.

Barnabas Health Teams Up With Celebrity Chef Sam Talbot To Launch “Life Is Better Healthy” Cooking Video Series

West Orange, New Jersey (PRWEB) May 05, 2015

Barnabas Health, the state’s largest not-for-profit health care system, today announced the launch of a new healthy cooking video series starring celebrity chef Sam Talbot. Talbot, a season two semi-finalist on Bravo’s Top Chef, teamed up with Barnabas Health to showcase recipes and dishes that promote wellness and healthy living. In support of the series, Barnabas Health is also re-launching an enhanced Wellness Website and the videos will be showcased on social media.

“Building healthier communities is a crucial part of Barnabas Health’s mission,” said Barry H. Ostrowsky, President and Chief Executive Officer, Barnabas Health. “As we become more intimately involved with our communities’ wellness in places where people work, live, and play, we will be providing education programs that will yield measurable behavior changes and health outcomes. This video series is another way for us to impact the well-being of the communities we serve.”

Diagnosed at a young age with Type 1 Diabetes, Talbot lives with a deep understanding of the impact food can have on a person’s life. This perspective has allowed him to develop unique recipes highlighting the importance of eating right and cooking healthy.    

Talbot is featured in 11 videos with Barnabas Health dieticians combining the science of nutrition as it relates to healthy eating and wellness with the art of cooking.

“Partnering with a health care system like Barnabas Health has been a wonderful opportunity to fulfill my mission to showcase the special blend of science and the art of cooking while promoting health and wellness, said Talbot. “The videos and unique recipes were designed to make cooking enjoyable and help educate families on the importance of nutrition and eating healthy.”

The “Life is better healthy cooking series with Sam Talbot” was designed to help educate families on how to eat healthier in a fast paced, fast food environment. The series also highlights the importance of making healthy choices of fruits and vegetables instead of highly processed, fast and convenient foods. These recipes are simple, quick, nutritious, and inexpensive.

The 11-episode series includes videos on breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking, fast food, processed food and balanced diet as well as episodes featuring seasonal foods and recipes.

Content for the videos were developed by Talbot in conjunction with Barbara Mintz, RD, Vice President of Healthy Living and Community Engagement for Barnabas Health.

In addition to the ‘Life is better healthy’ cooking videos, the enhanced Wellness Website also features healthy recipes, health quizzes, diet and exercise tips, age-specific guidelines for appropriate health screenings and tests, as well as health blogs and an A to Z health library.

“This website and the new, interactive content featured were developed to promote healthier eating habits and healthier living,” says Ms. Mintz. “Our goal is to help the community become more informed about the importance of healthful eating and the positive impacts it can have on their overall health and wellness.”

“At Barnabas Health, ‘Life is better healthy’ is not just our motto – it’s our way of life. We incorporated that philosophy into this website redesign and truly made it all about the people we serve and gave them access to resources they can use to achieve optimal health,” added Ms. Mintz.

For more information or to explore the new website, visit

# # #

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FitClick Announces Launch of Innovative Talk-to-Track Diet App for Mobile Users

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) May 05, 2015

Diet and fitness service FitClick has just released its Talk-to-Track mobile app, which uses innovative voice-transcription auto-tracking technology to track a user’s calorie intake. The FitClick Talk-to-Track app allows users to count calories by audibly recording foods using their smartphone’s keyboard mic.

As the only diet app with the company’s patent-pending natural language analysis technology, Talk-to-Track is able to interpret spoken or typed diet entries to identify food items and calculate calories. Talk-to-Track can track a user’s calorie consumption over the course of days, weeks, and months.

The innovative FitClick Talk-to-Track app stands out among all other calorie-counter apps for its dynamic technology and unparalleled ease of use. As James Mrowka, President and Co-Founder of FitClick, states, “By allowing users simply to state the food they’ve eaten, our app is much easier to use. Other apps require users to enter each food item individually, search long lists of food options and enter food quantities. With our app’s voice-to-auto-tracking technology, users can track meal items and quantities all at once, without ever needing to use their mobile keyboards. Talk-to-Track has reduced diet tracking from a tedious multi-minute process into something that is done in mere seconds.”

The Talk-to-Track app also leverages learning technology, allowing the app to recognize common foods and quantities a user eats for highly accurate tracking.

The FitClick Talk-to-Track app can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS phones, and maintains no additional features that require purchase. In addition to tracking calories, the FitClick Talk-to-Track app also breaks down food by carbohydrate, protein, fiber, and fat content for a comprehensive look at nutrition. Users can also customize the app’s daily calorie goal to meet specific weight loss objectives.

About FitClick

FitClick, a business unit of Genesant Technologies, is a free social fitness community with online resources for diet, fitness, and weight loss. Founded in 2009, FitClick features a host of content and tools related to health and fitness in addition to its new Talk-to-Track app, including free diet plans, calorie counters and food journals, BMI and body fat calculators, healthy recipes, exercise demonstration videos, workout trackers, and more. For more information, visit

A New Self Improvement Blog Launch. Learn To Relax At

United Kingdom (PRWEB) May 18, 2015

Everyone handles a certain amount of stress in their lives each day, and needs to find ways to relax. Darren Webb is a successful blogger from the United Kingdom, who describes himself as being on a magical journey, “helping others have a more stress free, relaxed life.”

Webb’s blog,, features self-help articles that strive to help people identify stress in their lives and find healthy ways to manage it. A recent article, for example, focused on different summer activities that could help someone improve both their body and mind. Webb discussed the benefits of exercises like Cross Fit, outdoors activities like hiking and surfing, and self improvement techniques,such as meditation which certainly help learn the reader to relax.

The blog also features articles from other sources, such as an article from the blog Dumb Little Man about why adults sometimes refuse to grow up, and what to do about it. Jessica Sangmeister suggests that adults move through a three step process to identify the areas in which they are refusing to grow up, choose to change their mindset, and then make the necessary change.

As part of the ever growing self improvement industry in the western world, Darren Webb’s new blog features some of the best posts about personal betterment and empowerment that can be found on the web. With gorgeously sourced graphics, approachable and understandable language, and easily digestible information, those looking for guidance in a variety of personal situations can reach out and learn more about how to make positive life changes at Your Mind School.

While many life coaches strive to meet with their clients face to face, not everyone finds that kind of contact comfortable or feasible. By using the blog as a vehicle for transformation, those interested in Your Mind School’s philosophy of self-change can explore freely at home. Should prospective clients want more information about what Your Mind School offers, Darren welcomes contact through the blog about any topic.

Explore to find out what it can offer, subscribe to the blog, and contact Darren Webb for more information about what he can do to help.

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Sitraa Health Announces the Launch of its Chronic Care Platform

Edison, NJ (PRWEB) April 17, 2015

Sitraa, Inc. (, a Edison NJ based technology and healthcare company focused on finding new care platforms to combat chronic care diseases, announced the launch of NutritionPlus, a technology and localized chronic care system to help patients with chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney disease and fatty liver disease etc.

Sitraa Health’s chronic care platform comprises a telehealth virtual system, ecommerce platform and a network of healthcare providers like registered dietitians, diabetes educators and behavioral therapists. Sitraa Health is a trusted partner of ACOs, physician practices, hospitals, insurers and employers in dealing with the chronic care epidemic.

Sitraa’s Co-founder/CEO Sekhar Divakaruni has said, “Current care model that addresses just the symptoms of chronic conditions with multiple medications is not working. Sitraa Health’s new path is standard of care + NutritionPlus. NutritionPlus focuses on the root cause of chronic conditions- Western Diet. Research shows diet and meal plans, calorie counting don’t work for patients with chronic indications. NutritionPlus is a long term service intended to educate patients and help change their eating habits. NutritionPlus provides not just medical nutrition when the patient is with the physicians and care providers, but also guides them with patient’s everyday living like buying healthier groceries and dining on the right type of foods. Sitraa Health uses technology driven remote counseling and a local personalized relationship to address underlying cause for a chronic condition to improve clinical outcomes.”

Mr. Sekhar said “Sitraa Health already has a national footprint and can partner with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), hospitals, healthcare systems, primary care and specialty physician practices that treat patients with chronic conditions, insurers and employers. NutritionPlus can significantly contribute to improving clinical outcomes as outlined by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Sitraa is open to contractual and shared savings based relationships with ACOs and other providers”

According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the percentage of CMS beneficiaries affected with chronic condition is staggering. The Medicare beneficiaries affected with Hypertension-58%, Hyperlipidemia -46%, Arthritic disorders-30%, Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)-30%, Diabetes-28%, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)-16%, Alzheimer’s/Dementia- 16%, Blood Pressure/Hypertension-14% and Depression-14%. This is in addition to 15 million Medicare beneficiaries who are considered obese with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 30. According to the American Diabetes Association, there are 29 million Americans who had diabetes in 2012 with an additional 86 million considered pre-diabetic and 153 million Americans are overweight or obese.

About Sitraa

Sitraa, (, is an Edison based technology and healthcare company focusing on developing new platforms for chronic indications. Sitraa Health is supported by a network hundreds of registered dietitians, diabetes educators and other care providers, a virtual telehealth module and a marketplace platform where patients and health conscious users identify healthier products with help from their dietitians. When the patient is ready to buy, they are forwarded to a partner store.

Company Contact:

Shamira Green


Phone: 973-786-1200

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Wild Calling Announces the Highly Anticipated Launch of Xotic Essentials Grain-Free Dry Dog Foods

Greeley, CO (PRWEB) March 19, 2015

Wild Calling, the Greeley, CO based pet food company known for offering only the highest quality dog and cat foods, is excited to announce the launch of their newest line of grain and gluten free dry dog foods – Xotic Essentials. The company began shipping products to independent pet retailers on March 16, 2015 furthering the fast growing startups quest to provide quality grain-free, protein-rich diets for companion pets.

Xotic Essentials offers three single source protein diets to help limit allergies caused by protein sensitivities – Kangaroo Meal Recipe, Rabbit Meal Recipe & Bison Meal Recipe – all 100% grain free. Xotic Essentials is one of only a handful of diets featuring exotic meat proteins.

Wild Calling’s diets are especially unique because of their high protein content and unique GlycoEdge carbohydrate concept. GlycoEdge was developed by Wild Calling to provide dogs and cats with consistent energy and a low glycemic diet. This innovative technology combines balanced levels of quick (tapioca), moderate (sweet potato) and slow (lentils) release carbs to help limit glucose and insulin spikes common in many grain and gluten free diets. According to the family-owned, family-run company, Xotic Essentials is “a rare breed of dog food.”

Wild Calling’s packaging may be the most artistic in the industry, and their formulations are product of much thought, care and consideration, something the company calls ‘The Art of Nutrition’. The company has assembled a team of the most knowledgeable pet nutrition experts to help formulate the highest quality diets available for companion pets. Xotic Essentials is no exception.

All Xotic Essentials diets are formulated to promote health in all ages and breeds of dogs.

Visit to learn more about Wild Calling! Pet Foods and their new line of Xotic Essentials dry dog foods.

Wojo Nutrition Announces the Launch of the First Line of Single Serving Liquid Supplements Formulated to be Added to Any Drink and to Fit the Unique Needs of One’s Day

Overland Park, KS (PRWEB) February 23, 2015

Wojo Nutrition announces the launch of their six liquid single serving supplements formulated to be added to any beverage and designed to fit the needs of one’s day.

At Wojo Nutrition, they don’t see the multivitamin as a one size fits all solution to one’s nutritional needs. Every day is filled with its own challenges, and every challenge has its own solution. This is why they’ve developed a line of six liquid single serving supplements that can be added to any beverage and are each specially formulated to tackle a distinct problem head-on.

From stress-filled board meetings to draining to-do lists to that pre-workout boost, with Wojo Nutrition users pick the convenient, travel-ready supplement to suit their special needs for the day and add it to their favorite beverage. Its light taste blends instantly with any hot or cold beverage for a quick pick-me-up that’s easy on the palette and can be taken at any time.

“Wojo is also a great alternative to solid form vitamin and supplements,” said Wojo Nutrition Founder Carol Knowles. “Our different formulas fit the needs of its users whether it be for energy, focus, mood and more this is what makes Wojo so beneficial and unique.”

Each single serving formula begins with a base of 6 B vitamins that are essential to healthy nerve and cell development. It’s then enhanced with a blend of herbal extracts and naturally derived amino acids and vitamins specific to its intended use. As an added health benefit, all of their offerings are free of sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavorings, and chemical masking agents.

Currently, there are two products available for purchase. wojoENERGY is their proprietary formula, which provides balanced, feel good energy and support throughout the day, while wojoCALM is a soothing way to remove stress before it gets out of hand.

This summer they’ll be releasing four new offerings including wojoFOCUS, wojoSUN, wojoWELL, and wojoMOOD.

“I hope that people may reach for a Wojo before they make the decision to reach for a pharmaceutical product or sugary energy drinks,” said Knowles.

Wojo Nutrition will be showcasing their line of products at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, running from March 4th-8th.

Founded in June 2012, Wojo Nutrition spent over two years developing their special formulas before bringing them to market in 2015.

“I launched Wojo as a way to provide men and women with a supplement that lets them focus on their journey, not just surviving from day to day,” said Knowles.

“Sometimes that means harnessing more energy, focus, or a better mood to face what’s ahead, and that’s where Wojo gives the body and mind a gentle nudge in the right direction.”

For additional information please visit or contact Nicki(at)veteranpr(dot)com.

Find More Workout Press Releases to Launch Comprehensive Dietary and Supplement Guide Roadshows

Singapore (PRWEB) December 31, 2014

One of the main segments in is in dietary supplements. Members are now able to find out all the different types of ingredients, types of best supplements in the market and how they can benefit health in general. As part of this expansion exercise, will be offering more information and resources so that members can be more well-informed.

In offering the best products and services to members of, there will be new and attractive new products available. will be embarking into a smart partnership program with top supplement companies.

This membership is designed to provide members with the opportunity to promote vitamin products through various methods.

Such methods are all specially designed for effectiveness which includes roadshows, online campaigns and many others. There will be occasional promotions which can help members to learn more about vitamins as well.

Members who join the website and will be able to start promoting vitamin products as early as the first week upon registration. On top of that, they are encouraged to find others to join Nutritionfamily in order to enjoy rebates.

This roadshows are designed specifically for members of in which the can plan their health programs based on their own convenience. This is because this plan is designed to be extremely flexible where members can decide and plan what supplements they want to start with, what they want to achieve and when they want to improve their body in terms of health.

Meanwhile, members can enjoy the benefits of promoting the dietary supplements. This will enable them to be the walking testimonies of the products which will help them in garnering the portal more members. In others words, members of can enjoy great health while acquiring more health knowledges.

In this launch, distributors are invited to join and be part of its worldwide network of consumers. This will help members to expand their reach and become part of this health conscious network that runs across the country, region and globally as well. Besides being able to reach more customers and network, members can now enjoy the benefits of health sciences with access to all the research and development information of the supplements.

Through this new network, associates can now interact with other members and share resources in terms of disease facts, medicines and surgeries. On top of that, they can learn more about the traits and characteristics of each of the products of the health sciences which will complement them in promoting the dietary supplements.

A comprehensive and reliable online system will be made available for the members who join For new members, they can register through at no charge. They can choose to be a consuming customer and start promoting health products in order to enjoy rebates and vouchers. Additionally, the online system is an ordering system which will allow distributors to lock-in their products either for single purchases of monthly auto-orders. The auto order function ensures that distributors receive their ordered vitamins and supplements on a 4-weeks cycle which helps them to stay eligible for rebate. Besides that, it ensures that they will continuously receive their supply of the dietary supplements without having to worry about stock and inventory shortage.

Develop Your Personal Brand As a Leader Workshop to Launch February 26-27, 2015 in Newport Beach, CA

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) November 04, 2014

On February 26-27, 2015 Glenn Llopis Group (GLG) will be hosting its popular workshop program – Develop Your Personal Brand As Leader in Irvine, CA. Glenn Llopis, a nationally recognized thought leader, bestselling author and contributing writer to Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Huffington Post will facilitate this high-impact two-day program that teaches business leaders to develop/manage their leadership brand identity to maximize their workplace influence and overview performance.

According to Llopis, “the uncertainty of the post-2008 economy has demanded more from the workforce. All too often, leaders have been forced to sacrifice their own identities in the rush of business necessity. Leadership can no longer live in a highly-structured, overly-defined box of silos, but rather must move into an interconnected, boundary-less ecosystem of diverse minds, ideas, and ideals – where it’s more about the role your personal brand plays rather than your job description alone. As such, leaders are now eager to reclaim those personal identities as the economy improves and opportunities return. In order for organizations to recruit and retain top leadership talent, they must enable them with a leadership brand identity that matters.”

Based on a survey conducted by the Glenn Llopis Group (GLG), less than 15% of leaders have truly defined their personal brands and less than 5% are living them consistently at work each and every day. Through group-think situational analyses, case studies and pre-work assessments, participants will:

•Learn how and why personal branding is no longer about self-promotion, but about trusting yourself to be a more effective leader and make your voice and identity respected

•Seamlessly deliver their most genuine executive presence that represents who they are and what they stand for

•Align their leadership role and responsibilities to more authentically amplify and create greater impact and influence

•Create their personal brand leadership value proposition

•Manage their personal brand by continually refining the answers to four critical questions that serve as the foundation for their ultimate workplace success and significance

•Experience GLG’s “speed branding” exercise where workshop participants obtain real-time feedback and valuable insights from their peers

Prior GLG workshop participants that have included leaders from Fortune 500 clients such as Home Depot, Coke, Catamaran, State Farm, Target, Walmart, Pepsico, and many others have described the workshop experience as “awakening, transformational, eye-opening,” with a 100% approval rating.

For more information about how to attend the workshop and/or sponsorship opportunities for your corporation, please contact Vice President of Client Relations, Annette Prieto-Llopis at aprieto(at)glennllopisgroup(dot)com or at 949-387-2609.

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