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Home Exercise Programs – Helpful Things You Ought To Know

Fitness is a growing concern among the millions of overweight people in this country today. But with only 24 hours on the clock, it can be a challenging task to fit a workout regimen somewhere within the 8 hours of work, 6 hours of sleep, 3 hours of meals, 2 hours of house chores, 2 hours of helping the kids do their homework, 2 hours of getting stuck in traffic and 1 hour of leisure time to ourselves. Obviously, there isn’t going to be time for a workout unless you take an hour here and a few minutes there in your already cramped schedule. Going to the gym from home or work is getting to be such a challenge that most don’t even bother to start with a fitness program.

If this situation describes you, then engaging in a home fitness program can be your best bet. Home fitness programs are offered by a variety of gyms and online fitness clubs to meet the fast growing demand for workouts that busy individuals can actually follow and do at home. Step-by-step instructional guides, videos and meal plans make a home fitness program “doable” even without a trainer on-hand to help.

One of the coolest advantages of home fitness programs is that it develops a singular determination on the part of the individual to actually change his or her life for the better. There’s no one else in the room but you and the instructional guide. No one else can gauge your success except you alone. You are accountable to no one but yourself if you don’t do a routine just because you feel lazy. For most individuals, this sense of self-responsibility is a far stronger motivation than the sight of other sweaty bodies or the pep talk of a coach in a gym setting.

Home fitness programs are also developed by those who have already made a name for themselves in the industry. They’ve studied, practiced and literally breathed fitness ever since the moment they became aware of the importance of exercise to the human body. And you stand to benefit from what they know in that home fitness program. Of course, if you’re unsure of the reputation of a particular workout you plan on buying, do a little detective work by looking up blogs or reviews in various forums over the net.

Finally, nothing beats home fitness programs if only for the comfort it gives. Working out at home is not only convenient, it saves you time (which is a precious commodity in your hectic lifestyle), money on gas and other incidental expenses on the gym and gives you unparalleled comfort. You can always re-do certain moves if you’re doing it wrongly (and most programs guide you through the movements and points out potential errors that beginners usually do). You can choose your own music and won’t even have to worry if your workout clothes aren’t new. Plus, you know you’re using your own equipment (if they’re needed) and won’t have to worry about contracting some sort of virus or bacteria which you can bring home to your kids.

The list could go on and on about the cool advantages of home fitness programs, but those given above are the main reasons why individuals decide to go on one. Yes, there are only 24 hours in a clock, but with home fitness programs, squeezing in some time for exercise should not really create much of a stir in your already predetermined schedule.

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Home Workout Recommendations ? What You Need to Know About Home Exercise Programs

Many people are clueless when it comes to home workouts. They do not know where to begin and think that they will have to seek professional help by going to a gym. It is however possible for you to get fit from home without professional advice as there are plenty of free information sources on the Internet that will be able to guide you through a great workout routine.

But first, you will need some good guidance on how to approach a home workout program. Below are certain points that you will have to consider.

What is your current fitness level?

This is a very vital step in the process.  If you have been doing training on and off, you can begin with exercises that are of intermediate complexity. If you are however just starting up and have never worked out before, you will find that even the easiest exercises are quite difficult to do. Understanding your current fitness level will allow you to pick an exercises routine that will be most appropriate and most realistic for you.

What are your goals?

Everyone has a different fitness goal. Some will want to lose weight; some will want to gain weight and increase their muscle mass. Every goal will need a different approach. You will need to find a workout schedule that will be most aligned with your fitness goals. A weight loss goal will most probably need a workout that is heavy with cardio exercises while a weight gain exercise will require workouts that involve a lot of weights.

What is your realistic availability when it comes to workout time?

You have to be very realistic when you are picking a workout routine. Do not pick something that is fancy and that will require you to spend 90 minutes a day. That will just be a waste of time as you will never follow it. If you have a busy schedule and can only afford to spend about 30 minutes a day, pick an exercise schedule that will take up just that amount of time. You will also have to commit yourself to your workouts and be sincere about it. Health and fitness goals need time to achieve and there are no easy solutions that will bring you overnight results. Sincerity is one of the major contributors to success when it comes to your fitness goals and you have to be very firm in your mind about doing these exercises regularly.

What exercises to do and how to do them?

You will find an umpteen number of sites that will give you workout schedules with videos and descriptions of the exercises. After picking one that is appropriate for you, try to follow it as closely as you can. Most gyms will allocate a personal trainer who will be trained to give you very specific instructions and correct you if you doing an exercise the wrong way. You however do not have that luxury when you are working out at home and you will have to pay extra close attention to video manuals or DVD’s that will guide you through a workout routine.

In conclusion, a great home fitness program is quite easy if you know where to look for information. One such site that will give you great guidance on your home fitness exercise workouts is mentioned below.

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Know Your Fitness Level

Do you know what helps people to stay motivating themselves to workout? Although there are many factors, a single main thing is simply noticing their own improvement. This is because noticing something improving fuels a pleasure centre of the brain, and makes you feel great. Even the negative motivation, for instance finding putting on the weight after having a big party, is good. It beefs up your commitment to the exercise. Most people who are working out for a while already know this intuitively, but for beginners, it is easier to view it in quantities and assess the improvement from one week to another. What are the simple ways to test the level of fitness? Yes there are. Below are a few fast checks you can try.

Three Minutes Step Test

Although you need to enhance all aspects of your fitness to improve your health, the cardio fitness is the one of most crucial factors of your health. Do this assessment frequently, say monthly. As the name implies it will require just three minutes. Set up a step bench and also a timer with a second hand. Step up and down for three mins at steady pace. Right after three minutes, check your pulse on your neck, or on your wrist for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or one minute. Then wait for two minutes, and count once again for the same amount of time. Subtract the second heart beat count from the first, and record the difference. Larger the difference, better the fitness level. As your fitness level gets better, you may want to shorten counting time span.

Push Up Test

Do you know the easiest all round upper body strength work out? It is the old style push ups! It strengthens not only your chest, but also your back, your arms, and your stomach muscles. As for beginners, just count up how many times you can perform push ups before you cannot do any more. For women, you may want to begin with kneeling position pushups (girl’s pushups). Once you can perform about 30-40 push-ups, then prepare a timer and execute push-ups as quickly as you are able to (still with a proper posture) for 30 seconds, and write down the number of pushups you could do. When you hit the plateau, increase the time period to one min. You’re really in a excellent shape you’re able to do 100 push-ups in one minute!

Crunch Test

Abdominal area muscles is important for every physical activities you do, even just sitting on a desk chair. Though the crunch test won’t give you a whole image of the core strength, it is a good quick check. There’s lots of ways to perform crunches. Choose one you prefer most. Perform the crunch for one minute as quickly as you are able to, but without losing a correct posture and the range of the motion. Count numbers of crunches you executed (or when you failed to do any more if it is less then one min), and write down the numbers.

Lunge Test

It is well recognized that if you have robust thighs and leg, you typically live much healthier life when you get old. There are some guys who exercise really hard on their upper body, but completely ignore legs. That is not great for their overall health! As before, get a clock with a second hand. Stand both feet together, and target a spot in front of you on the floor. Lunge forward to the place, then return to the initial posture, Then lunge with another foot. Repeat till you cannot perform any longer or one min is up. Count the numbers of steps you could do, and record it. Make sure that you keep the right posture; otherwise you might injure the knees!

Sit and Reach Test

Although many people, especially men, entirely overlook flexibility, it should be a part of your fitness. Unfortunately, it is difficult measure overall flexibility of your body by one test, as most of us possess a good range of flexibility one way but not other direction. Nevertheless the flexibility of the hamstrings is often a good pointer of general flexibility of the body. This test ought to be done following warming up your body (say after your cardio exercise session). You should not stretch muscles without warming them up! Sit down, and stretch out both legs forward and keep the legs straight (without totally locking up your knees). Gently reach forward as if you reach to the toes, hold the posture at least for 20 seconds. If you are not flexible, gauge how far you can reach with both hands. In case you are flexible, assess how far you can reach with your nose. Measure the distance from the heels.

Have fun with the workout!

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Know the Essential points before taking to an exercise program.

Health is wealth and now with increasing complexities of life people has started understanding the importance of upkeep of health too. Exercising fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen minutes in the evening can improve the way that you feel. Some people believe that the only way to exercise properly is by jogging outdoors or by going to a gymnasium or club. This way of thinking only makes it easier to skip exercising when the weather is bad or when you don’t feel like changing into suitable attire.

When it comes to fat loss and exercising, it’s all about burning calories and raising your metabolism. How many calories you should aim to burn depends on where you’re at physically, ie; age, weight, gender, existing activity levels, time allowances, and daily caloric intake. It’s a necessity to structure your exercise program around your diet because the only way you will lose fat is if your body is burning more calories than you give it through food each day.

You can exercise effectively at home with very simple equipment in the time that it would take you just to go to a gym. It is better if you exercise when your stomach is not full, such as before breakfast and one hour before going to sleep.

If you’re just starting out in exercise, it’s important that you build into it slowly to allow your body to adapt to the demands of sport. Maybe try exercising on two consecutive days, but have a rest on the third day. If you just keep going, without any rest, your body will soon start to fatigue and you’ll find it difficult to complete any exercise sessions.

When you exercise at home, you don’t need to impress anybody. All that you need is a set of dumbbells, a foam rubber mat, and a towel. Place the rubber mat on the floor and cover it with the towel. The towel keeps the rubber mat clean and can be washed when necessary. It is very much necessary to dress comfortably when you exercise. Your clothing should give you complete freedom of movement. An old T-shirt and some gym shorts will work just as well it should not pull or chafe, and it should allow perspiration to evaporate to keep you from getting soggy. Your shoes and socks should be soft and fit properly to avoid blisters when you walk or run.

Recovery after a total body work out is very important. Ensuring the body is fully nourished and hydrated is vital for good recovery. It is most important to replace fluids after exercise and to replenish energy stores by eating the right foods at the right time.

Remember the saying slow and steady wins the race .same goes with anybody workout program. Start slow but keep it steady is what all you need to do.

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How Well Do You Know Your Friends? Social Card Game WHOM, Launching on Kickstarter, Helps You Find Out

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 20, 2015

All those postings and photos, but how well can anyone possibly know someone through social media? The engaging social card game WHOM helps answer that. Created by award-winning industry creative Joey Caroni, a team of artists and a ton of late night play sessions, WHOM is a completely new take on card games that pits friends against friends in a game of secrets and big reveals. In WHOM, only the best friends will come out on top.

WHOM has completed pre-production and is now pre-selling the game on Kickstarter.

“WHOM has been in process for a long time and was born from my desire to get to know my friends better,” Joey Caroni said. “WHOM games are always very revealing and result in many funny ‘aha’ moments among friends. At the end of every game, players leave knowing their friends better, and usually being pretty shocked at the results.”

In a high tech world where interactions with friends are largely fleeting and more about, perhaps, what we eat or going to the gym, game nights among friends are seeing a huge resurgence. WHOM is designed to take a typical game night and not only make it incredibly fun but also really insightful. It is the perfect conversation starter and can be played with old and new friends alike. WHOM launched a Kickstarter to meet the minimum quantities needed by their suppliers to ship the card game.

For a $ 25 pledge, Kickstarter backers can get the full game at launch this summer. Each set includes 50 full-color WHOM question cards (4.75 inch x 4.75 inch), a premium magnetic box, card stand and 50-sheet score pad.

WHOM also created some innovative additional rewards for larger pledges, which include the limited WHOM “Selfie Package” where a WHOM artist will draw you directly into a future piece of game art.

Key Features:

Beautifully Illustrated – Original artwork by eight noteworthy and talented artists.
Expansions – Booster decks of 50 additional cards featuring all new art and questions
Bonus Questions – Call out friends in a popular vote to see which one best fits each description
Friend Score – The total number of questions guessed right for a player. Soulmate status or work on that friendship? WHOM shows!
Easy Fun – Hysterical, revealing and downright disturbing fun in four steps.

How to WHOM:

1. Draw a card and read the question and all of the answers out loud.

2. Choose an answer for yourself and make a best guess for each player. Then, write them on the scoresheet.

3. Take turns revealing answers. Each correct answer earns a point!

4. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

In the future, there are plans for a WHOM mobile game (already in development) and other multimedia products, but getting the physical card game to consumers is WHOM’s priority now.

Art assets are available here:

About WHOM

WHOM is an illustrated party card game with hilariously revealing questions that test how well a person really knows their friends and what they really think about you! WHOM was designed as a game to play with a significant other, best friend, coworkers, the gang from high school, family or even someone you’ve just met. In an age when people share everything in social media, WHOM makes the universal human experience of getting to know someone a fun and rewarding challenge, with points! For more information, please visit

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