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16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts

16 Killer Chest Exercises for your Chest Workouts

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Killer Ab Workout

Insane ab Routine

3 sets of 25 reps on the crunch machine

100 full twists on the twist machine,

3 sets of 25 reps on the crunch machine

1 set 50 reps on the crunch machine


After a month you are going to feel your strength has raised enough that you may modify your ab plan

to this:

Machine crunches: 3 sets of 35 reps with weight

Machine twists: 200 full twists with weight

Crunches on vertical bench: total 50 reps with weight

Crunches on incline bench: total 50 reps with weight, continue to total failure


On the vertical bench I can only do 35 reps in a row, I just continue with sets until I reach 100, same goes for the incline crunches I dont get the 50 in a row but, I do several sets to reach the 100 mark. Then I more set after that until I cant do one more rep.


I suggest you begin slowly and dont perform anything that provokes discomfort, thats the reason why I opt for the crunch machine, it allows me personally change the actual level of resistance so I can easily steadily work my ab muscles without having fear of damage, this worked nicely for me personally, for those who have strong ab muscles already as well as wish to make them stronger you’ll be able to jump directly into my own 2nd routine which I believe is actually more balanced. But for me the vertical bench crunches would have killed me with pain, so I switched it up because pain isnt always good.

Hope this can help, however if you wish to strengthen your own ab muscles, do not work them every single day. Such as any other muscle mass, they require time for you to recover.

With that in mind, rollouts tend to be yet another excellent physical exercise you may enjoy. I love to use an abdominal wheel (the really simple type that appears like a tricycle wheel having a handle in the middle); however you might like to place 35 pound plates on each end of a barbell to make a roller. Kneel on the ground directly behind the roller. Take hold of it. Allow your self roll forward so you are in a altered pushup position, together with your arms perpendicular towards the floor.(Don’t go too far forward you want to work your abdominal muscles, not screw up your back. ) Push the hips upward to be able to pull yourself back. I did one measly set of 35 of these today, and my abs are currently burning. When you can effortlessly do a lot of rollouts from your knees, try them from your feet. From your feet they are going to be a lot harder but I find them to be the most effective thing


I also forgot to add there is an alternative to the twist, which would be picking up a 45 pound plate and holding it with one hand parallel to your body ( it helps if you stand in front of a mirror, I find it easier to see if you are doing it with perfect form, which is really all that matters. ) now what you are going to do next is keep your other arm parallel to your body also, and lean bend to the side keeping your body and back straight make your finger tips touch the side of your knee and then bend to the other side. What youre going to see in the mirror is those dreaded love handles everyone wants to get rid of crunch. Do about 50 without stopping; you’ll start to feel a slight burn. Then do the same thing with the weight on the other side. Personally I do sets of anywhere from 50 to 100 and I do about 5 or 6 sets for each side but you’ll have to come up with your own sets I suggest 10 sets of 25 on each side.

Hope this helps and remember for more workouts like this keep reading my blog or follow me on twitter.


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