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Relationships Matter: Harris Allied Offers Streetwise Job-Hunting Tips

NEW YORK (PRWEB) March 19, 2015

With bonus season winding down, spring typically sees more job-search activity than at other times of the year. Employees who were disappointed by their year-end bonuses or who have been considering a job change look for opportunities with firms offering a better career path and compensation package. This is especially true in the financial services and high tech sectors where competition for tech talent is especially dynamic in the first and second quarters of the year, say experts at Harris Allied, a Manhattan-based executive search firm.

“How you conduct your job search today can mean the difference between just getting a job and finding a position that you really thrive in. Although much of the job-search process is automated today by job boards and applicant-tracking systems, today’s job seekers need to do more than post their resumes online and wait for the phone to ring. The ‘streetwise’ job seeker knows that getting the right job now is largely contingent on relationships and their professional networks,” says Kathy Harris, managing director of Harris Allied. “This is especially true with jobs at the highest levels of an organization.”

Harris offers job seekers a few suggestions for a “streetwise” job search:

Make a wish list. Take the time to think about what you really want from a job and company. Think about the size of the firm or department that you ideally want, as well as the culture, business exposure and professional development opportunities. Use this as a guideline to start your search. Research companies you’re interested in and might want to work for. Review job descriptions you find on career pages and identify specific roles that interest you. If you know someone who works at one of your target companies, schedule lunch or coffee to find out about the reality of working for the firm.
Align with people that can help you. Take a good look at your network. Who works at one of your target firms? Who knows people that work at that company? Do you socialize or workout with any of these people or are you connected on LinkedIn? Do you know the recruiters that work in that company’s industry?
LinkedIn may be one of your most valuable tools. Research your target company on LinkedIn and keep current with company news, including job postings. Consider joining and actively participating on industry trade group pages that include employees from your target company. Make sure your profile is up to date and includes keywords that recruiters would use to find someone with your skills.
Create a brand new resume. Don’t revise an existing resume. Write a new one with your new desired position or company in mind. Resumes are not a one-size-fits-all document. Use keywords and bullets to draw attention to key points and make the resume searchable online.
Make friends with recruiters. Create a short list of recruiters whom you know and want to work with. Job seekers can also find recruiters online and through professional networking groups. Ask your contacts for referrals to new recruiters within your industry. Ask to meet them in person and review their websites and LinkedIn profiles in advance. Make sure they are professional, have relationships at your level, and specialize in your market. Ask for feedback on your interview style and discuss recommended changes to your resume. Also keep in mind that recruiters will be able to tell you about jobs that are not posted online and searches that are confidential. Many high profile searches are never made public until the candidate has been hired.
Stay anonymous when you need to be. Be smart about how far and wide you network, especially if you are currently employed and your employer does not know you are looking. Have conversations with people in your inner circle that you trust, but ask them to be discreet. Also, be careful when you go on an interview if you think you already know anyone at that company. You don’t want to blow your current job before you find the next one.
“A streetwise job seeker will also get creative and go above and beyond to land the position that they really want. I know a candidate recently that was intent on working for a specific company. She offered to come in for a two-day working interview for free to show the prospective employer what she could do. She said, ‘If I am a fit, then hire me.’ And they did,” notes Harris.

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