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The Academy of Home Staging and Design Announces New 5-Day Interior Decorator Certification Course in Los Angeles, Ca

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

The Academy of Home Staging and Design is proud to announce it’s latest innovation in Interior Decorating training. According to Kim Kapellusch, owner and creator of several design certification courses including home staging, the program is designed as a perfect marriage of business and design fundamentals in a tactile learning setting and takes less than a week to complete the certification.

The course takes students of all levels through 5 consecutive classroom days of progressive experiential learning with hands-on projects and exercises, multiple guest speakers and intensive business acumen to complete the Interior Decorator Certification. Students will learn all aspects of running and starting an Interior Decorator business immediately upon completion. Says Kim Kapellusch of the 5-Day Decorating Certification program, “With average design training typically taking 2-4 years of college, streamlining the massive amount of content needed to be covered was a feat of absolute proportions. We are so proud of what we have developed and to be able to provide so many people who are interested in design, personally or as a career, the option to pursue that dream in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional training.”

This fast track program will feature design training that teaches students about materials, design principles, architecture and history, window treatments, lighting design and much more. The program not only teaches student about today’s design trends and requires several class projects, but it also touches on important aspects such as business acumen and how to communicate with future clients and land multiple jobs in the design industry. Every student that completes this course will become certified and graduate the program with all the business documents needed to launch a design business.

The 5 Day Interior Decorator Course will begin on October 5th- 9th 2015 in Los Angeles, Ca. Any student who signs up before July 1st will save $ 500. Seating is limited.

For More information about The Academy of Home Staging please click here. To register for The Interior Decorator Course please call 800-574-5576

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Interior Design Services Procurement Category Market Research Report from IBISWorld has Been Updated

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 22, 2015

Interior design services have a buyer power score of 3.3 out of 5, indicating market conditions that are somewhat favorable for buyers. Low market share concentration, which has fueled competition among suppliers, combined with moderate product specialization and low supply chain risk has worked in favor of buyers. “With a wide selection of suppliers available, no vendor accounts for a substantial portion of market share, and buyers can pit suppliers against one another to obtain the best pricing,” says IBISWorld procurement analyst Kiera Outlaw. “Moreover, the large pool of available suppliers keeps product specialization at a moderate level, which also benefits buyers.” Finally, low supply chain risk ensures that buyers will not experience a shortage in supply or disrupted services.

Unfortunately for buyers, interior design service prices have been rising during the past three years. Strong price growth during the period largely resulted from increasing demand as the economy returned to growth and facilitated a surge in construction activity. “With the economy on the mend, corporate profit rose and the number of businesses increased, all of which contributed to strong demand for interior design services,” adds Outlaw. “In light of stronger demand, suppliers increased their prices, which has hurt buyer power.” Furthermore, the low availability of substitute services also undermines buyer power. Buyers can develop an in-house design team, but those employees can lack crucial knowledge of design services, such as adhering to building codes and regulations.

In spite of rising prices, price volatility has been low and is expected to remain low during the next three-year period. Low price volatility allows buyers to confidently secure their interior design services without fear of prices rising unexpectedly. However, prices are forecast to rise further in the next three years, and buyers are encouraged to secure their interior design services now rather than later. For more information, visit IBISWorld’s Interior Design Services procurement category market research report page.

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IBISWorld Procurement Report Key Topics

This report is intended to assist the buyers of interior design services. Providers of these services take building codes, health and safety regulations, traffic patterns, floor planning, mechanical and electrical needs, as well as interior fittings and furniture into consideration to design and run projects in interior spaces for clients. This report focuses on interior design for commercial buildings, rather than residential homes.

Executive Summary

Pricing Environment

Price Fundamentals

Benchmark Price

Pricing Model

Price Drivers

Recent Price Trend

Price Forecast

Product Characteristics

Product Life Cycle

Total Cost of Ownership

Product Specialization

Substitute Goods


Quality Control

Supply Chain & Vendors

Supply Chain Dynamics

Supply Chain Risk


Competitive Environment

Market Share Concentration

Market Profitability

Switching Costs

Purchasing Process

Buying Basics

Buying Lead Time

Selection Process

Key RFP Elements

Negotiation Questions

Buyer Power Factors

Key Statistics

About IBISWorld Inc.

IBISWorld is one of the world’s leading publishers of business intelligence, specializing in Industry research and Procurement research. Since 1971, IBISWorld has provided thoroughly researched, accurate and current business information. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, IBISWorld’s procurement research reports equip clients with the insight necessary to make better purchasing decisions, faster. Headquartered in Los Angeles, IBISWorld Procurement serves a range of business, professional service and government organizations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit or call 1-800-330-3772.

Weight Loss Resort Reveals San Diego’s Healthiest Interior Design Makeover

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) January 07, 2015

Southern California’s premier weight loss and fitness resort, PFC Fitness Camp partners with Internationally recognized Interior Designer, Susanna Samaniego of 4 CORNERS International Design Concepts to complete the weight loss resort’s full wheel of wellness—that is to create the absolute healthiest atmosphere for clients in PFC Fitness Camp’s Omni La Costa Resort and Spa headquarters.

When one thinks of health, the obvious thought is typically a healthy mind, healthy eating, and a healthy dose of exercise… but what about the effects of keeping a healthy home? Could a healthy home lead to weight loss? Or even better, optimal health? Recent studies show there is a direct correlation between clutter and stress as a proven contributor to weight gain and making healthy decisions. PFC Fitness Camp has helped over 3,000 individuals lose significant weight through behavioral health, nutrition, exercise, and now environment as the health-centric resort reveals it’s own interior transformation with design cues from San Diego’s must-have designer, Susanna Samaniego.

“Health is a state of well-being,” states designer, Samaniego “in which numerous components are in balance with one another: Mental, Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Environmental—which is where I come in. A home base needs to be a daily retreat of tranquility after the hectic hours of life. Everything from lighting to paint color can affect sleep, motivation, energy levels and overall health.” The internationally sought after designer illustrates her 5-step prescription for a healthy home in PFC Fitness Camp’s own headquarters, commonly known as Center Court.

Order – Clean Space, Clean Mind: Humans have a habit to collect, accumulate and save a variety of stuff. Clutter heightens stress, collects dust, and effects efficiency. In fact, most experts agree that clutter can be a contributing factor to one’s compliance to exercising, eating well and maintaining other healthy behaviors. In an effort to lead by example, PFC de-cluttered every square foot of the resort’s Center Court. Almost all administrative paperwork is now digital, books, magazines, and other health literature have a home in PFC’s new THINK – EAT – MOVE library, white boards are mounted to the wall opposed to the previous, obtrusive roller, and each client is assigned their own locker so-to-speak to keep miscellaneous personal items off of chairs, tables and floors.

Color – The Orange Effect: Orange is the color of happiness, confidence and energy. it is the best emotional stimulant. It strengthens the appetite for life, connects to the senses and helps remove inhibitions. PFC’s main brand color is orange chosen specifically for the psychological impact behind the bold hue. Susanna incorporates the energizing color tastefully throughout the building in office soffits, ceramic accents and custom-designed bathroom signage with appropriately illustrated stick figures lifting weights. A soft white covers the main walls to maintain the building’s mediterranean essence, and a warm grey gives the traditional beams a modern update.

Nature – Bring the Outdoors In: Houseplants do more than beautify a space. According to, Research shows that plants inside a home can produce numerous physical and mental health benefits. Plants naturally fight pollutants caused by compounds in paints, furnishings and building materials, they can enhance cognitive function, increase self-esteem and reduce anxiety. Samaniego brings life to the multi-functioning room with refreshing Fiddle Leaf Fig indoor plants. The lush, sculptural eye candy lines PFC’s rest area as a natural wall for privacy, greets guests at the main entrance and adds purifying CO2 throughout various areas of Center Court.

Lighting – The Mood Booster: Lighting has proven to have a large affect on emotions, such as happiness and sadness. Adequate lighting naturally evokes positive feelings, and dark, the opposite. Natural light specifically can be healing to the mind, body and soul, and exposure to it has many mood boosting health benefits. Samaniego stripped the walls of the once heavy, draped curtains to reveal more of Southern California’s highly sought after sun and the building’s incredible french doors which lead out to the full-length patio overlooking La Costa’s iconic Tennis Courts. Additionally, track lighting was updated and positioned purposefully to gently brighten the building.

Personalize – The Ultimate Comfort Zone: A home that reflects the individual residing in it automatically produces a feeling of comfort—it’s welcoming, familiar and restorative. Susanna brilliantly personalizes the healthy retreat turning coastal, PFC destinations like La Jolla’s Torrey Pines and Swami’s Beach to life in the form of large format wall graphics produced by local photographer Pete Katcov. Perhaps the most breathtaking moment of “comfort”, however lies in the oversized custom art of San Diego’s Ponto Beach, created by photographic artist, Jeff Lewis. The San Clemente-based artist boasts national recognition for his innate ability to capture that special, single split second in time and turn it into stunning, almost optical allusions for the eyes to explore.

PFC’s renovated Center Court is open for business just in time for the wave of weight loss resolutions. For more information on 2015 rates, please visit

Whether weight loss tops the resolution chart this year or fitness in general—remember, home is where health begins.

About PFC Fitness Camp

A luxury fitness and weight loss resort nestled in the coastal foothills of Carlsbad, California at Omni La Costa Resort and Spa, PFC Fitness Camp holds the gold standard in fitness and weight loss, with a science-based program designed and tested by top physicians and health experts in the industry. Dedicated to providing an unprecedented experience, PFC Fitness Camp offers a comprehensive approach to Behavioral Science, Nutrition and Fitness, for a full wheel of wellness that has resulted in thousands of sustainable weight loss and life-transformations for individuals around the world.

About 4 CORNERS International Design Concepts

San Diego’s coveted residential and commercial interior design team, 4 CORNERS International Design Concepts is a sister duo lead by San Diego natives, Elaina Myers and Susanna Samaniego. Splitting time between North County San Diego and Bali Indonesia, the sisters boast a portfolio of award winning designs from beach bungalows in the far east to million dollar estates on the west coast. With access to import from the unique markets of Bali, the sister’s effortlessly illustrate worldly travel to local living—a signature look seen frequently on Fox 5 Design Segments, style blogs and numerous interior design publications.

For more information visit

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