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PEAR Sports Develops Interactive Fitness App For Lindora Weight Loss Patients & Others Seeking To Improve Their Health

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

PEAR Sports, the leading developer of audio-based coaching technology, is partnering with Lindora, the largest medically supervised weight loss program in the U.S., to introduce an interactive personalized training app that offers users customized exercise plans while tracking their progress. Scheduled for release on April 8, the official Lindora Lean for Life! Fitness App goes beyond others in the marketplace, as it offers real-time audio fitness coaching and motivation through the user’s iPhone. In addition, it keeps them on track, motivates them and records their progress.

The exercise plans were developed by fitness leaders Robert Reames, head trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle consultant for “The Dr. Phil Show,” and Jenny Hadfield, celebrated author and authority on running and regular columnist for They focus on heart rate-based training, which has long been acknowledged as one of the most accurate and effective methods for helping users reach their goals.

The Lindora Lean for Life! Fitness App offers a library of customized exercise plans for those at any fitness level and delivers real-time stats like time, distance, heart rate, current zone, pace, calories burned and more. It also allows users to track and share their progress and results.

“The workouts are based on how your heart responds to exercise,” said Reames. “The Official Lindora Lean for Life! Fitness app guides you step by step, telling you when to speed up or slow down, provides useful tips to improve your form, explains the purpose and benefits of the workout and keeps you motivated. Another great feature is you don’t have to calculate or remember any numbers to perform your workouts effectively as the app will do it all for you.”

“Lindora has more than 40 years of experience helping patients lose weight through a proven treatment program involving proper diet, managing stress and moving more,” said Anthony Tavaglione, director of product management and operations, who added that the app is the “logical extension” of Lindora’s one-on-one, personalized approach to patient care. “The official Lindora Lean for Life! Fitness App was designed to make the ‘moving more’ part of that formula easier, more fun and more effective. Our expert, world-class coaches will guide users through each workout giving them all the encouragement and tips they will need to make it fun and effective.”

“We’re delighted to offer a game-changing new tool that will make it easier and more fun for people to become and stay active,” said Lindora President and CEO Cynthia Stamper Graff. “This app is engaging, easy to use and will have a really positive impact on those committed to losing weight and becoming more active.”

PEAR SPORTS: With a vision to make the latest in training science accessible, PEAR Sports introduces an intuitive technology that guides users through every step of their fitness journey. With over 500 unique workout programs, users can experience interactive audio workouts, personalized trainings and have access to some of the world’s most talented athletes and fitness experts. By handling all the measurements and data for the user, PEAR keeps the user focused on the goal. The interactive software empowers users to train smarter for better, faster results. For more information, visit

LINDORA: Lindora combines diet, moderate exercise and motivational tools to help patients become Lean for Life. Its success is due to a structured diet plan that allows for rapid weight loss; intensive support; and a 12-month follow-up maintenance program that provides patients with the eating and coping skills necessary for long-term success. Since 1971, Lindora has helped more than 750,000 people lose 15 million pounds, 79% of whom have kept off the weight. For more information, call (800) LINDORA or visit

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eReflect Highlights Interactive Vocabulary Games In Ultimate Vocabulary 2015

New York City, NY (PRWEB) January 16, 2015

eReflect, the designer of vocabulary software Ultimate Vocabulary™ 2015, recently published a post giving details on more than 8 of the compelling and highly interactive vocabulary games people can play using the program. These games allow users to build their vocabulary while having fun. Ultimate Vocabulary™2015 is a polished and feature-packed vocabulary program. that combines instruction, activities, exercises, and games to make learning more fun, eReflect says. Games are a surefire way to ensure that users put in the time on acquiring a new skill or knowledge to make it one that is truly mastered and solidified. Vocabulary development is no different; by practicing vocabulary knowledge through fun games, users will be able to significantly improve word retention. As eReflect stated today, “If you have trouble remembering new words or don’t really know when it’s best to use them, one way to overcome this is by playing vocabulary games. Vocabulary games help you build your vocabulary and at the same time remember the words you play with. It’s all a matter of knowledge mastery through fun.”

eReflect explains some of the vocabulary games users can play on Ultimate Vocabulary 2015, including Hangman, Vocab Match, Word Finder, and Word Recall. Another game, Unscramble, is one of the most popular games in the vocabulary builder. In this game, the user is asked to figure out the proper order of the displayed letters in order to create a valid, English word. The word comes from one of the user’s targeted word lists, making it an easy way to learn and review new vocabulary words. To motivate players, the game awards them hint helps if they want some help when they cannot guess the scrambled word at first.

Crossword is a classic vocabulary game also available in the program, and it’s one that helps people master vocabulary knowledge through interactive play. Hangman is another program on Ultimate Vocabulary™ based on a popular pencil-and-paper version of a game. In the software’s version, the user is provided with a word definition that helps them figure out the word using the letter prompts. In this way, users learn how a word is spelled while they’re also reviewing the definition of the word, which helps provide a more complete learning experience.

For the full list of word games available on Ultimate Vocabulary™ users can check eReflect’s latest blog post here.


For more information on how you can benefit from Ultimate Vocabulary, please visit its official website,

About Ultimate Vocabulary™

Ultimate Vocabulary provides a proven and powerful platform, built to improve anyone’s vocabulary.

The interactive self-improvement system provides more learning tools than any other program on the market, as well as more information on words.

The Ultimate Vocabulary software provides each and every user with a personal computer tutor. Providing a step-by-step guide to learning a powerful vocabulary, Ultimate Vocabulary is the learning tool everyone can benefit from.

Of course, the software is also backed by eReflect’s iron-clad money back guarantee.

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