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Fitness equipment covers many categories and fitness gift ideas are widespread for the fitness exercise community.  Taking into account the current harsh economical climate and the huge selection of fitness exercise offers then this could be the ideal time to find a fitness gift idea bargain. The traditional fitness equipment e.g. treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine, weights bench, weight training equipment etc are still very popular and sought after items along with the newer fitness vibration machines, ijoy fitness exercise machine and Arc trainers. Conventional and contemporary fitness gift ideas from a few pounds for a dumbbell set to many thousands for the state of the art commercial fitness equipment you would expect to see in the highest class gym.

So whether you want a stepper, yoga equipment, a Pilate’s machine, sports watch or some fitness exercise gloves there are fitness gift ideas for every price range and level of enjoyment. Depending on the fitness equipment requirements and the area (s) of need e.g. stomach the choices are evident including the sit up bench, ab belts, the Perfect Sit up, pull up bars or the ijoy machine and the vibration fitness machine. Children, ladies and men can find fitness gift ideas in the fitness equipment and sports/recreation genre e.g. Sports shoes, sports rackets, snooker table, pool table, table tennis table or even a bicycle for the whole family.

If you are on a very tight budget and you are looking for fitness gift ideas that will not break the bank then the fitness exercise DVD’s may be an option, sports/fitness gloves, cycle computer, sports watch, heart rate monitor, dumbbell, kettlebells, yoga equipment, gym ball, resistance equipment, ankle/wrist weights etc can be found at a reasonable price. Even the tennis racket, badminton racket and squash rackets can be found at a very reasonable price. Fitness equipment, sports/recreation for all generations under one roof from the scooter, skateboard, longboard, rollerblades and ice skates to the waterrower, ijoy machine, Pilate’s machine and weight training, fitness exercise for all.

If you are worried that you, or a relative/friend does not drink enough then the Hydracoach (as seen on TV) maybe another option in the fitness gift ideas innovations. This 600ml drinking bottle monitors what has been drank throughout the day and notifies you if you haven’t consumed enough liquid. This handy bit of fitness equipment is a fantastic gadget, so less worry about fitness exercise dehydration. The Hydracoach is also very affordable. These are just some of the fitness gift ideas that may help in the search for the ideal fitness exercise present. Fitness equipment/Sports Recreation can cover many categories

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