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Studio South Fitness in Sarasota Continues to Innovate Personal Training

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) April 23, 2015

Recognizing Sarasota’s growing affluent population and health consciousness, Studio South Fitness responded. In early 2015, they moved to a site three times the size of their original location, opening the first luxury personal training facility. They’re serving the downtown business district and its luxury condo dwellers.

In April, the company’s insight was confirmed by data in a Time magazine article on Gallup’s annual Well-Being Index. The Sarasota tri-city metro area earned the number one spot in the US, in a metric that includes physical health, financial stability and community activity.

First with Onsite Health Services

Studio South has flipped the typical business model upside down, concentrating on personal training rather than gym memberships. They’re also innovating in their industry by incorporating top-tier health services into their onsite lineup. Members have easy access to the support they need to prevent and resolve sports injuries and recover from surgery. The Studio’s highly accredited personal trainers collaborate with an orthopedic physical therapist and licensed massage therapist to offer a package of healing benefits.

Bryan Regar, the only board certified orthopedic physical therapist in Sarasota and an instructor at Kaiser, now offers the FIT4TheFairway™ program at Studio South Fitness to golfers and anyone who needs physical therapy to gain strength and flexibility. “Unfortunately, it’s standard that people suffer pain from an injury far longer than necessary,” he says. “They run into delays and snags in the healthcare system. I can help them get on the road to recovery right away.”

Entrepreneur Elaine Linker is a classic example. After an excruciating nine-month recovery from a hip replacement, she was still in pain and “walking like a duck.” Her renowned orthopedic surgeon insisted the problem was not the new hip apparatus and didn’t know why she wasn’t healing. Linker flew to New York to consult another top surgeon, but with no better result. She was devastated.

Finally, a friend suggested she see physical therapist Bryan Regar at Studio South Fitness. “He immediately pinpointed the weak parts of my leg,” Linker said. “Bryan told me how we were going to stabilize and strengthen the part that was causing the pain and imbalance. Thirty days later I am pain free and can play on the ground with my grandchild—a prime goal of my hip surgery.”

Kelly Ireland, owner of Gunsmith Gallery in Sarasota, ended up in the hospital for an appendectomy when he went for his first physical in 10 years. After the surgery, his concierge physician, Dr. Todd Horiuchi, recommended personal training at Studio South at least three times per week to quickly improve his health. Ireland admits it’s working. “If I don’t have a personal trainer, I know I won’t exercise as I’m not self-motivated. I know I need this,” he says.

Attracting the Highest Caliber Personal Trainers

In a move that’s nearly unheard of in the industry, rather than compensating her trainers as independent contractors, Studio South Fitness owner Tiffany Liashek puts her trainers on a generous salary. Even her part-time personal trainers earn thousands more than the industry average. “That’s how we attract the highest caliber of personal trainers,” she says. “Our staff has extensive professional education, experience and multiple certifications. We take care of them financially so they can provide the best care for our clients exercise needs.”

Celebrating the New Luxury Personal Training Facility

Studio South Fitness is holding their grand opening on April 30, 2015 at 55 S. Palm Ave in downtown Sarasota, Florida. Call (941) 365-4584 or email kevin(AT) to schedule a tour and request an invitation.

About Studio South Fitness

Studio South is Florida’s only personal fitness training provider to be fully staffed by FMS-certified (Functional Movement Systems) trainers. The personal training staff holds more than 135 years of experience, 96 certifications and 59 years of college education, bringing a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience to a customized fitness program. Studio South was honored by the Chamber of Commerce for its community involvement and won a Best of Sarasota 2014 award.

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