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Horizon Fitness Ex 69

The Elliptical Machines, popularly called as Elliptical Trainer or Cross Trainer are stationary exercise machines. They stimulate stair climbing, walking without giving causing pressure to the joints .They offer non-impact cardio vascular workout. Elliptical Machines work our upper body with handles and lower body using peals. This, Elliptical machine’s charm lies in its low impact cardio and workouts involving both upper and lower bodies without causing excessive pressure.

Although, Elliptical Machines are not a non-impact exercise machines, little impact is comparably insignificant to other machines. One can able to vary the intensity of the machine from light to high intensity based on the preference of the user.

Elliptical Machines are continuously improving over the years. Horizon Fitness is one of the leading manufacturers of Elliptical Machines. Horizon Fitness Ex 69 is the modified version of Horizon Ex68. This elliptical trainer has sturdy body and its weight is over 200 lbs. Thus, without worrying about any movement, sliding or tilting you can work on this machine. It is total home gym equipment. It is entirely constructed of steel and so it is a quality elliptical machine. Horizon Fitness Ex 69 smooth and quite operations appeals many fitness lovers.

Horizon Fitness Ex 69 has a variety of accessories. They are handy and trendy. Thus, you can enjoy the fun filled workout sessions. You can enjoy your favorite music by just plugging in your mp3 player and the on board speakers help you to hear the songs as per your mood. Moreover, a small ventilation fan makes you to have a cool breeze while you are working out.

The workouts in Horizon Fitness Ex 69 are excellent. By using various programs, you can modify your workouts as hard or easy. It has 20 resistance levels. Thus, you can ramp up your workout. Hence, you can change workout intensity often to shock your body into responding. There are three settings in this elliptical machine. It is very easy to set new inclines.

Concisely, Horizon Fitness Ex69 is very comfortable, sturdy, easy to arrange and hassle free machine. This is a quality piece of exercise equipment that is worthy to its price.

Look at the best elliptical machines reviews. Horizon fitness ex 69 is the best I recommend in all.