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Avenidas Encourages Discussing Elderly Care During the Holidays

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2014

The holiday season is here, and that means it’s time for many families to come together, especially those that live far away. Sometimes, holiday visits can be an eye-opener to changes in a loved one’s condition and health needs. Avenidas encourages family members to take the necessary steps to give loved ones the proper care and help that they need.

Seniors often downplay their challenges, so loved ones may not be aware of the challenges they are facing until they see them in person. Many older adults fear the loss of their independence and worry about becoming a burden on their families. It’s important to be open with loved ones about the care they need and decide on a solution that works best for everyone.

The Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center offers affordable daytime care for aging parents, spouses and loved ones. It is both an adult day care and an adult day health center. Loved ones enrolled in the adult day care program enjoy transportation, exercise, activities and socializing. If more help is needed, the adult day health program provides additional support such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

The facility offers older adults the safe and comfortable environment that they need, with proper supervision and stimulating activities. Avenidas supports participants with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke and other chronic conditions.

This holiday season, everyone should make sure their loved ones are getting the care they need to live safely and comfortably. For more information about Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center, visit

About the company:

Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center is a program of the non-profit agency Avenidas. It seeks to create a community that supports and celebrates older adults and provides a wide range of support options, information and services that enable people to stay active, maintain their independence, help their aging parents or care for a spouse. Avenidas’ innovative programs and compassionate staff help enrich the lives of more than 6,500 mature adults and their families each year. Avenidas serves the mid-Peninsula communities of Palo Alto, East Palo Alto, Stanford, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Atherton, Portola Valley, Woodside and Mountain View. For more information, please visit

Liporidex is the Healthy Trick to Keeping Weight Off During the Holidays

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

The holidays are officially here and Americans nationwide are taking advantage of a new tool in the fight to easily keep the pounds off. Weight conscious celebrities, athletes and fitness professionals are all using Liporidex, a new, breakthrough product that’s already brought lasting success to thousands of people.

When product creator, Emeka Okwuje, MD, a lifelong athlete and expert of human physiology, was struggling with his own weight, he discovered that the current prescription and OTC options on the market were woefully inadequate – they were neither safe nor effective. Frustrated with what was available, and shocked by the low margin of safety that many products on the market had, he felt compelled to create his own. Based on his clinical experience and love for health and fitness, Liporidex was born.

Liporidex are the world’s first family of synergistically combined, all natural, MD formulated fitness enhancing formulas that are so safe and effective that they can be used consistently every day for months without raising safety concerns.

Dr. Okwuje dedicated years researching how natural ingredients could effectively induce safe and meaningful weight loss. What he found in part accounts for the incredible success of its users. When asked about how Liporidex fans achieve these fantastic results, he shared, “It’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a magic pill. Those who are having great success have done the tough work themselves, and I’m so very proud of each and every one. All that we did was develop a safe and effective tool that’s able to make their journey easier while maximizing their results. Liporidex makes it uncomplicated to stick to reduced calorie diets, boost your metabolism and give you extra energy.”

One such success story is that of Evalyn’s. Shortly after Christmas 2012, what started out as any typical day for Evalyn quickly took a turn for the worse as her husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while relaxing in his recliner. Evalyn had to think quickly, call 911, and perform CPR on her husband.

Like so many Americans, Evalyn struggled with the motivation and determination to lose weight. But, it wasn’t until her husband’s heart attack that Evalyn truly took a serious look at her own health and the importance of reducing her own weight. With the combination of Liporidex and daily walks, Evalyn lost over 100 pounds.

Liporidex is a revolutionary brand and product. It is an innovative and emphatic answer to those who have struggled with weight loss. The result is a base of passionate customers that rely on Liporidex’s effectiveness to enhance their lives. Shortly after the first dose is absorbed, the all-natural compounds go to work; helping increase metabolism, decrease appetite and ultimately reducing one’s weight and fat content.

Those struggling with weight loss need to make a change immediately, for their health’s sake. Motivation is everything, and Liporidex can help motivate those that need it, to lose weight and focus on the things that matter most to them. Whether for the holidays or after, taking a step towards improving your health now will pay off later, and the only thing one has to lose by trying Liporidex is that excess weight they’ve been carrying around.

About Nuretix Research Labs, LLC:

Liporidex was created by the doctors and scientists of Nuretix Research Labs, LLC. Nuretix Research Labs, LLC is dedicated to the research, development and production of high quality, safe and revolutionizing nutritional supplements. They provide an innovating selection of doctor formulated, scientifically researched, and proven all-natural fitness formulas that adhere to their core ideals of promoting health, vitality and longevity. The supplements are formulated to enhance a healthy and active lifestyle for every one of all fitness levels. Whether powering through a workout, or just powering through the day, Liporidex offers the flexibility and convenience that moms-on-the-go, busy professionals and active individuals need to super-charge their fitness needs. Visit to view their line of fitness formulas.


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